The Dodecahedron: Or a Frame for Frames

The Dodecahedron Or a Frame for Frames The Dodecahedron or A Frame for Frames is a kaleidoscopic novel of sorts Twelve stories of seemingly different genres cohere into a book of astonishing literary dimension

  • Title: The Dodecahedron: Or a Frame for Frames
  • Author: Paul Glennon
  • ISBN: 9780889842755
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Dodecahedron, or A Frame for Frames is a kaleidoscopic novel of sorts Twelve stories of seemingly different genres cohere into a book of astonishing literary dimension.

    One thought on “The Dodecahedron: Or a Frame for Frames”

    1. I kind of feel I should just leave it there. But no, I won't. I had good fun with Paul Glennon's The Dodecahedron. This series of twelve interlinked stories, structured like a dodecahedron in which each shares five referential "sides" with its contiguous stories, and thrice-repeated phrases create "vertices" among story-triads, functions like a giant Sudoku puzzle and kept me reaching for my pen and subsequently for my computer to track the appearances and reappearances of various motifs. While [...]

    2. Brief thoughts originally published 20 April 2012 at Falling Letters.Sometime in late 2010, probably in December, I discovered book blogging. I went browsing through a lot of blogs, trying to find the ones that appealed to me. One of the blogs I looked at reviewed Canadian fiction, something I feel obliged to read more of since I am a Canadian (unfortunately that doesn't mean I actually do read more Canadian fiction real rule is read whatever the heck I want). Anyhow. I can't remember the blog a [...]

    3. According to the author's Afterward, the idea for The Dodecahedron, or A Frame for Frames grew from his thoughts about the "geometry of short story collections." In most cases, he observed, the stories follow a continuity similar to that of the novel, progressing through a series of developments until a resolution in the final story. Instead of this "cyclical" geometry, Glennon wanted to produce a unified collection where each story could nevertheless stand on its own and linear order was irrele [...]

    4. I was assigned The Dodecahedron in a university English lit course I despised, the professor of which had a way of ruining any piece of literature she taught. Naturally, I was dreading the point in our syllabus where we reached this book. Said professor introduced the book to us by saying that when she had contacted the publisher for copies for the class, she was scoffed at and told that a first year university class would not be a suitable demographic for the book at hand. I was preparing mysel [...]

    5. Writing fiction is a little like making a necklace from found objects. You find a few interesting ideas lying around, you string them together in a pleasing pattern, and you have a short story. In this book, the author has carefully formalized and extended that process, reusing particular ideas in each story so that, if you were to trace out which ideas were in each story, they would weave the net of a dodecahedron. That is, there are twenty reused tropes, each of which shows up in exactly three [...]

    6. I read this book for the first time a number of years ago, lent my copy to a friend and never saw it again. I stumbled upon it recently in a fated visit to my favourite used bookstore, and I am so happy that I did. Reading the first paragraphs was like shaking hands with a long lost friend. I slipped effortlessly into the circuitous narrative and longed, as I had on my first read, to build my own 3D version of this brilliant collection of interwoven short stories fashioned on a dodecahedron. Pau [...]

    7. Great book. Each short is strong enough as a stand alone, but when put together, it's amazing what he's done. Each story changes the perspective of some before it, and, in some cases, some after it. Fantastic read.

    8. my favourite fictional book, and has been through several rereads. just so much here for every taste, and levels within levels to unravel.

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