Cassandra High Performance Cookbook

Cassandra High Performance Cookbook None

  • Title: Cassandra High Performance Cookbook
  • Author: Edward Capriolo
  • ISBN: 9781849515122
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “Cassandra High Performance Cookbook”

    1. Not the first choice if you know nothing about Cassandra but definitely worth a read if you need to deploy a big data production Cassandra cluster for a web scale franchise. The author gives lots of good advise on tuning. Here you learn the ins and outs of node tool. He does a good job at demystifying data center and rack topologies. Finally, we take a tour through the various JMX metrics surfaced by Cassandra; what they mean and where are the danger zones to keep your Cassandra cluster humming [...]

    2. Comprehensive index to Cassandra operations and some obvious features I've managed to miss during the documentation readings. Probably the first Cassandra book I've spotted which covers so much integration aspects(good starter examples, but not in-depth guides though). Most recipes closer to the end of the book required more knowledge that I have, though that's easy to patch with Googling. The 'DevOps' thing is only possible because Ops guys write such books sometimes and Devs occasionally read [...]

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