The Chamber

The Chamber Adam Hill is in his first year at a top Chicago law firm He volunteers for the toughest assignment any lawyer could ask for His prospective client doesn t want Adam or his law firm He is an unrepenten

  • Title: The Chamber
  • Author: John Grisham
  • ISBN: 9780099537076
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adam Hill is in his first year at a top Chicago law firm He volunteers for the toughest assignment any lawyer could ask for His prospective client doesn t want Adam or his law firm He is an unrepentent and outspoken racist with a violent past He is on Death Row for the murder of two Jewish children in a horrific bombing in 1967.Why would he take on Adam, a complete novAdam Hill is in his first year at a top Chicago law firm He volunteers for the toughest assignment any lawyer could ask for His prospective client doesn t want Adam or his law firm He is an unrepentent and outspoken racist with a violent past He is on Death Row for the murder of two Jewish children in a horrific bombing in 1967.Why would he take on Adam, a complete novice, to defend him And why would Adam want his case so desperately The answer lies in the past, in a twenty year old secret buried in the madness of another time.

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    1. I started reading this book in December. Why did it took me so long to finish it? Because of the topic: death row, KKK, racism plus I saw the movie before reading it. I am strongly against death row and I can't believe something so inhumane can be legal. These things are so horrible and painful to read and because of that I've read it only a couple of times a month. It made me feel so sad every time I read it. It's a great book, amazing writing, but really sad. You can't read it with a dry eye. [...]

    2. I thought this was one of the most impacting novels I have read for a long time. Grisham thoroughly explores the implications of the death penalty and creates a well-rounded and complex character in Sam Cayhall. You come to hate him and pity him, asking yourself whether he really deserves death and cheering Adam on as he tries to save him. A book I will never forget.

    3. The Chamber, John GrishamThe Chamber (1994) is a legal thriller written by American author John Grisham. It is Grisham's fifth novel. In 1967, in Greenville, Mississippi, the office of Jewish lawyer Marvin Kramer is bombed, injuring Kramer and killing his two young sons. Sam Cayhall, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, is identified, arrested and tried for their murders, committed in retaliation for Kramer's involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. Sam's first two trials, engineered by his Klan-conne [...]

    4. “Look at me," he said, glancingdown at his legs. "A wretched old man in a red monkey suit. A convicted murderer aboutto be gassed like an animal. And look at you. A fine young man with a beautifuleducation and a bright future. Where in the world did I go wrong? What happened to me?I've spent mylife hating people, and look what I have to show for it. You, you don't hate anybody. Andlook where you're headed. We have the same blood. Why am I here?”Oh My GodFantastic

    5. Grisham uses fiction to make a compelling case for the abolition of the death penalty.I wouldn't describe this as a thriller, or even a drama, the pace is painfully slow. Sam is languishing on death row having been involved with the KKK in his younger years. He is now an old man preparing for death in the gas chamber. Adam is his lawyer grandson with a fascination for the case and a familial bond which he doesn't quite understand. Managing to get assigned to Sam's case, he throws everything into [...]

    6. Just finished rereading this amazing book. This isn't one of Grisham's more popular stories however this book was a life transforming experience for me. Two issues this book forced me to deal with on my first reading in 1994: 1) How can people - any people, "Cluckers" (KKK), the Taliban, street gangs,Fred Phelps and congregation, boy soldiers of Sierra Leone, contract killers, even bullies, et al - be so cruel and mean and hateful? Where is compassion? How did they miss that piece of life? How c [...]

    7. Typically I am a Sci-fi/Fantasy reader, with a smattering of historical fiction thrown in. Really I'll read just about anything, but I have weakness for fairy tales. So when my dad recommended this book to me, and went as far as to buy it and give it to me, I was like okay But I decided to give it a chance because it's a book, and I like books.And my response was: Wow. I have read very few things as heart stirring and thought provoking as this book. Who could like a KKK member? Murdering people [...]

    8. I have strong feelings and opinions related to this book that delves deeper into the issue of "an eye for an eye" as it relates to the judicial systems of the day. A great side story about a member of the KKK after the civil war during the segragation conflict. Being from a rural southern area, riding around as a child with a father who always kept a "nigger knocker" under the seat, and having family that still refuses to grasp the concept of nonjudgmental equality, I really thought this book sh [...]

    9. 4.5 starsHow could Adam ever reconcile the past with the present? How could he fairly judge these people and their horrible deed when, but for a quirk of fate, he would have been right there in the middle of them had he been born forty years earlier?If Sam was lynching at such an early age, what could be expected of him as an adult?How in God's world could Sam Cayhall have become anything other than himself? He never had a chance.This is my first John Grisham novel, purchased for a dollar at a l [...]

    10. A well written book on the the subject of capital punishment. "Can you avenge a murder with the death of the murderer, and that too after lapse of many years?" is the question that was subtly raised throughout the book. From a legal point of view the book had merit as the story unfolds the defects of the methods that used to carry out execution thus showing a cruel side of the justice system. In this light, the book can perhaps seen as advocating for the abolition of capital punishment. However [...]

    11. I generally was not a John Grisham fan. I had read "Peligan Brief" many years ago and found it too detailed and too boring. This is not the way I felt about this book - so John Grisham, you have earned your way back into my reading library. The Gas Chamber is being prepared.time is running out - - Will this client be set free? John Grisham takes you through every emotion - - liking this client and even somewhat accepting perhaps of what he did - - to hating this guy and wanting to pull the gas l [...]

    12. I've read a couple of Grishams that had very rich and exciting plots, only to end abruptly, leaving the reader wanting for more.I'm happy to say that that's not the case with The Chamber. This story has both the thrills and the heart and it carried through to the end. It was an exciting read, and tugs at the heart at the same time; I almost cried in some of the scenes.I admire the character of Adam Hall, I wish there were more people like him in real life - those who would put the good of the fa [...]

    13. Too long, too technical (and I'm a lawyer). How do other readers feel about the loose end? It did make me think about the death penalty.

    14. In some metafictional world, I suppose, the painfully slow pace of this novel could be seen as an intentional strategy meant to reproduce the agonizing waiting that is involved in ensuring that a condemned prisoner keeps his appointment with the death house, but the book’s slackness is much more likely a simple reflection of the enormous difficulty Grisham encountered in telling a story whose ending was inevitable and which was, thus, incapable of producing any genuine dramatic tension. As it [...]

    15. Loved this book. Always enjoyed Grisham, and even though this book originally came out 20 years ago, its still relevant. You can almost feel the horror of being on Death Row, knowing you only have a certain time to live. Good characters, believable storyline.e end, almost made me cry which never happens! Please read this, I think everyone in America needs too.

    16. This is a brick about an asshole on a death row. Almost nothing happens in this book. A book to a fans of jurisprudence, I guess. Because complaining in a nicely worded manner to the court of law is why these people exist. I really don't want to read about paperwork and sad people who are sad, because one man has been a giant dick. You know what, I'll save you some time and here's the whole morale, without wasting time on this 500+ pager brick - don't be a dick to other people, "mkey".

    17. Though I haven’t read this book entirely, it so far is actually quite captivating. As a whole, it has kept hold of my attention. It also has a hint of humor in it, too. John Grisham having a background in law has put his knowledge and experience in his books. “The Chamber” is about a young, bright lawyer, Adam Hall, who joined the Kravitz & Bane firm solely to represent and defend his grandfather, the infamous ex-Klansman Sam Cayhall, who is in Death Row for the bombing of the Kramer [...]

    18. Never have i cried for literature in any medium than i did with this book. I hated Sam for keeping his secret up to his grave. I hated the fact that i was so deeply touched with this book. That now death penalty made sense to me! Up to the last few pages i expected a miracle, but then it didn't came. I cried with Adam and Lee and the rest who did not believe in death penalty. Im not a fan of Grisham after reading The Pelican Brief or was it Runaway Jury (although I liked The Client) but because [...]

    19. The chamber is one of my favorite books. The author, John Grisham, has a simple way of writing where in all of his books he addresses issues such as law , politic, racism. His books are definitely strong books that cover strong topics. The chamber basically talks about a man who is being convicted and executed because of something he has done a long time back. But his lawyer/grandson thinks otherwise. Slowly, he works out things until he reaches the truth. But after finding out the truth, he mig [...]

    20. This book was an emotional read right up until the very last page; I've laughed and I've cried. Whilst this story is fiction, it's all too real to me. Regardless of your view on the Death Penalty you should read this book. It will make you examine your thoughts and reasoning. Even if you're certain in your belief, just give it a chance, it really is thought provoking. I will write a full review of this when I'm able to, but in the meantime my thoughts above sum this book up. Well done, Grisham

    21. I wanted to give this book a 5-star rating because it gave an in-depth view of what it's like to be on death row waiting for the gas chamber, but it went on too long and could have been more exciting due to some other plot lines. It was very well written and kept my interest regardless.

    22. I loved this book. Never have I had such a distinct love/hate impression of a character before. It is long but you NEVER know how it will end. Its easy to finish it quickly.

    23. Honestly, I really liked this book. I knew John Grisham's opinion on death penalty, having read The Confession before, but this book is on an entirely different level.I am not going to discuss whether the death penalty is right or wrong. Grisham always chooses to show the flaws of the legal system, the inhumanity of death row, and the possibility that one of those Row inmates is probably innocent. It is inevitable that the reader will sympathize with the guy about to be executed.This book could [...]

    24. tidak pernah terpikirkan oleh Adam Hall, seorang pengacara muda berbakat dari chicago, bahwa dirinya akan dibawa oleh takdir keluarga. karir dan segala pencapaian yang dibangun selama belasan tahun ternyata untuk rahasia keluarga, atau bahkan mungkin aib keluarga. aib itu adalah kakeknya, Sam Cayhall, narapidana yang terancam hukuman mati. kasus pengeboman kantor pengacara Yahudi, Marvin Kramer menjadi dalang sebab Sam harus mendekam di penjara Parchman. tidak jauh dari Sam, kamar gas, sebuah hu [...]

    25. The Chamber was based on a man fighting on Death Row for the murder of an African American boy and blowing up a shop with a Jewish family.He soon realizes he has a nephew Adam, in Law to help him exonerate him from the heinous crimes.It is a compelling story and it shows the realization of how back in the day when they had signs posted that African Americans and Caucasians were not allowed to ride the same buses together and interracial relationships were forbidden.It truly is deep, touching and [...]

    26. Death penalty books are tough to read whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Grisham has a point of view, he did a good job of grappling with some of the thorny issues in this one.

    27. What a book! I loved it, it made me cry, laugh, and think! It has to be a great book to make me do all that lol. Wonderful book!!

    28. Every now and again I enjoy reading a John Grisham book; they`re easy to read and gripping. This was no different.

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