How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart

How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart From best friends to bride and groom Clay Gregory s known Megan Briggs her whole life and he s been plenty worried about her while she s been getting medical treatment Now she s back home and hiding

  • Title: How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart
  • Author: Donna Alward
  • ISBN: 9780373177608
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • From best friends to bride and groom Clay Gregory s known Megan Briggs her whole life, and he s been plenty worried about her while she s been getting medical treatment Now she s back home and hiding away on the family ranch.Knowing the stubborn cowgirl won t accept his help willingly, he invites her to a family wedding to help himavoid his aunt s matchmaking He plans toFrom best friends to bride and groom Clay Gregory s known Megan Briggs her whole life, and he s been plenty worried about her while she s been getting medical treatment Now she s back home and hiding away on the family ranch.Knowing the stubborn cowgirl won t accept his help willingly, he invites her to a family wedding to help himavoid his aunt s matchmaking He plans to remind Meg she s still the girl who can beat him in a horse race But as she steps out in her curve hugging red dress, her skills on a horse are suddenly the furthest thing from his mind

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    1. A wonderful book! Donna took a very sensitive subject and turned it into a romance. Cancer touches each of us in some way and I totally related. This is an award-winning story. Very touching. And the love story between Clay and Meg was so tender.

    2. I have identified with the fact that Donna Alward writes romances that practically seeps with bittersweet emotions until towards the very end which of course delivers the reader with a happily ever after that is that much sweeter because of the fact. Though not highly sensual in nature, Donna Alward still manages to deliver sexual tension of the toe curling variety amidst all the deeper and messy emotions she makes her characters confront, and that is one reason why I would continue to read her [...]

    3. Note: This review, and all my reviews, comes from my blog - Romantic Rose's Bookshelf (romantic-rosesblog)I do so enjoy the emotion in Alward’s stories. The drama is so vivid it’s almost surreal, and yet somehow I’m still able to connect to the characters. In How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart Megan Briggs has just returned home after receiving treatment for breast cancer. With one breast removed and her hair gone thanks to chemo, Meg is feeling less than pretty when she runs into neighbor Clay [...]

    4. When you go into a Harlequin romance, you can't expect it to be anything but what it's going to be. Harlequin is almost a genre unto itself. This was a cute, quick, feel-good read. Generally, a romance like this takes two people who are completely incompatible (a pet peave of mine), makes them fight for 200 pages, and then lets them have a hasty hook-up at the end. This book is no different, except I think Clay and Meg might actually be compatible.Because Alward focused on the romance (though th [...]

    5. Meg yg sudah menjalani kemoterapi, telah kembali ke kota kecilnya. Meg menyangsikan Clay, teman akrab abangnya, akan benar-benar tulus mencintainya. Apalagi setelah Meg kehilangan salah satu payudaranya. Dapatkah Clay membuktikan bhw dia adalah pria yg tepat bagi Meg.Novel ini mungkin tadinya mau menggambarkan perjuangan seorang wanita pasca kanker payudara. Tapi yg terjadi malah sosok Meg ternyata malah minder abis-abisan dan bersikap pengecut terhadap perhatian Clay. Meg berusaha menutupi kele [...]

    6. Megan Briggs was away from the ranch for a year getting treatments for breast cancer. Now she is home and wants everybody to treat her normal but she has changed and people around her are aware of changes in what they feel for her.Clay is best friends with Megan's brother and has the ranch next to theirs family ranch. Clay spoke harsh words to Megan about her running away last year. He came over to tell her sorry and see how she was doing.Clay has a hard time when dealing with cancer. He saw his [...]

    7. This is a reunion story of sorts as well, friends to lovers. Clay and Megan shared a special friendship as children after Clay's dad died of cancer and his mother abandoned the family during his long illness. So when Megan developed breast cancer, this was going to trigger a few hot buttons for Clay. He'd decided that marriage was not an option considering his own experiences so when he realises his feelings for his buddies little sister are more than friendly, he isn't going to be happy.Megan o [...]

    8. Don't let the title and cover fool you, this isn't a light piece of fluff. There's quite a bit of emotional depth in these pages. Meg and Clay are just two big balls of issues. Meg is dealing with the scars from her fight with cancer - both the physical and emotional ones. She's determined to live her life to the fullest, and yet at the same time she's scared. Scared that next time she might not make it. She's also scared that Clay won't be the man she needs him to be. She needs someone she can [...]

    9. Megan Briggs has just returned to her family ranch after being gone for the better part of a year. She left the ranch to have medical treatments and she has distanced herself from all those she grew up with. She is basically hiding out on the family ranch working on her physical strength while ignoring everyone else. Or at least she tries until Clay Gregory shows back up. Now Clay is trying to bring out the woman he knew.But can Clay overcome his past? And can Megan believe in the strong woman s [...]

    10. Though the protagonists occasionally frustrated me, I enjoyed this read about a young cancer survivor trying to get her life back on track while wrangling with her attraction for her sexy rancher neighbor. Full review in Oct at mangamaniaccafe

    11. Easy and SweetA year of Megan Briggs' life has passed, a year away from her family and friends, living in Calgary to be close to the doctors as she fought the cancer that took her breast and damaged her self image. She went through the treatments, the pain, the sickness, and the loss on her own. And it left more than physical scars.Now Megan has returned, ready to pick up her responsibilities and help her family as they struggle with the ranch in a bad economy. She has a plan, and dreams. What s [...]

    12. Three and a half stars.Donna Alward's How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart is a solid friends-to-lovers story. Clay and Megan have been friends for eons, and it's fun to see Clay finally see Megan in a new way. Megan's had feelings for Clay for ages, but kept them under wraps.I enjoyed Ms Alward's setting, as we return to Larch Valley. Past characters in the series appear in this story as well, but it also stands alone well.

    13. This was a really good read. Definitely a bit of a tear-jerker though. Emotions, great characters, ups and downs, a few laughs and a perfect HEA. Great for reading anytime and anywhere. Sweet and hopeful feeling. Enjoy

    14. Ceritanya sweet bgtTentang seorang penyintas kanker payudara fan harus kehilangan salah satu payudaranya.Karena merasa tubuhnya sudah tidak sempurna lagi dia merasa minder dan berusaha menjauhi orang2 yg dia sayangi,termasuk cinta pertamanya yg kebetulan adalah teman dekat kakaknya dan menutup hatinya rapat2Dibuku ini diceritakan bagaimana dia akhirnya mulai membuka hatinya sedikit demi sedikit untuk kembali menjalin hubungan dengan teman2 dekatnya,meraih impiannya dan juga cintanya

    15. Jujur, saat pertama kali baca kata penyintas, saya lupa total kalau artinya adalah survivor hahaha Yup, tepat sekali, buku ini berkisah tentang seorang penyintas. Lebih tepatnya penyintas kanker. Daaaan fakta bahwa buku ini mengambil tema tentang kanker sebagai tema sampingan (tentunya tema utamanya adalah percintaan Megan dan Clay) hampir membuat saya memasukkan buku ini ke kategori "dijual-lagi-saja". Kenapa? Karena saya takut jadi emosian pertama (alm) Papa penderita kanker paru dan branch st [...]

    16. Meg has recently come home after having left so she could fight her battle with breast cancer away from her family. She felt that she was protecting them by leaving and now that she is healthy again she is ready for things to go back to normal. But things don't go exactly as Meg expected. She is being micro-managed at every turn and she is being treated with kid gloves. The only one who sometimes treats her like old times is her brothers best friend Clay, who also happens to be the man that Meg [...]

    17. When I started reading this, I was expecting a nice light hearted romance and instead it had quite a more serious storyline to it.If I had realised, I am not sure I would have read it.Cancer for me is a sore subject and especially breast cancer as I have lost family members to it and so I always find it quite hard to read about.I am not sure of the age of the main character of Megan either but she seemed quite young and I know its not that common for someone who is that young to have breast canc [...]

    18. How A Cowboy Stole Her Heart is a short, sweet story about a young woman whose survived breast cancer and the young man who stole her heart when she was eight. This is an easy, warm-hearted romance that can be read in a few hours. The heroine is Megan Briggs, she has just returned to her family's ranch after undergoing a mastectomy and chemo. The cancer is gone, but so is her confidence. The family treats her like a china doll and she wants to move on. When she left; Clay Gregory's could barely [...]

    19. ★★☆☆☆ 2.5Sinopse (em inglês)Clay Gregory’s known Megan Briggs her whole life, and he’s been plenty worried about her while she’s been getting medical treatment. Now she’s back home and hiding away on the family ranch.Knowing the stubborn cowgirl won’t accept his help willingly, he invites her to a family wedding to help himavoid his aunt’s matchmaking!He plans to remind Meg she’s still the girl who can beat him in a horse race! But as she steps out in her curve-hugging [...]

    20. A distinctive different about this book from other book is that the story started from the aftermath of Megan's cancer ops which have added more emotional intensity in the already intensed story plot. The intensity was at its highest height when Clay saw Megan at his aunty's house and it was also at that moment when Clay realised that he loved Megan.Reading this book saddened me albeit the happy ending in the end because loves between two person was denied due to the circumstances that is beyond [...]

    21. I Spotted HOW A COWBOY STOLE HER HEART by DONNA ALWARD, at the store and couldn't resist. I'd read HER LONE COWBOY and PROUD RANCHER, PRECIOUS BUNDLE, by the same author and loved them.The cover of HOW A COWBOY STOLE HER HEART, along with the title and the blurb on the back cover, had me intrigued. The whole, fall for best friend, is one of my favorite storyline. However I was only able to make it to page thirty-five. There was little tension between the main characters, no introduction of any n [...]

    22. I really liked this one! One of the things I enjoyed about this book was what happens after you survive an illness. Yes, you are cured but you still have more than just bodily scars. In this story we get to see how Meg's illness altered everyone around her. And we were able to see how much it had messed with her emotions too. I liked Clay . I liked how complicated their emotions were and the fear each of them had. It was a nice romantic story.

    23. This was a great story!! Meg has just returned home to her family's ranch after going through treatments battling breast cancer and now she is learning to deal with the changes in her body and in her life She has to reconnect with her family and friends, but finds it hard and feels like she needs to show them she is strong and "perfect"This is quite the story Not the light and fluffy romance that I was expecting at all. I am looking forward to reading more by this author soon!

    24. I love a good cowboy story. When I saw this one, I thought to myself " I love the cover." After all, most of us girls pick a book by it's cover, don't we? However, I wasn't expecting such an emotional and deep subject. A nice read.

    25. Sweet story between man and survived-breast cancer-girl.But, idk, why after Heroine wear that red dress, he became--ok, more--aware of her being a woman, and not before. Oh! maybe before he saw that dress, he only saw her as bestfriend and after that a woman? Hmm, can do.*too late, Alice!Nice.

    26. Oh, I really wanted to relate to this heroine, and I can't really identify why I didn't. But I couldn't connect with her. I loved the idea of this story, and it was well written. I will definitely read more of Donna Alward's stories.

    27. Slow openingToo much dramaI hate when the character make their life so complicated and did not honest with their feelingHuft

    28. Ga terlalu greget antara hero dan heroine-nya apalagi sang hero yang rada plin-plan bikin gw makin gemes baca-nya

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