Escape: The True Story of the Only Westerner Ever to Break Out of Thailand's Bangkok Hilton

Escape The True Story of the Only Westerner Ever to Break Out of Thailand s Bangkok Hilton Among the foreigners jailed in the Bangkok Hilton one man resolves to do what no other has done Escape This is the true story of drug smuggler David McMillans perilous break out from Thailands mo

  • Title: Escape: The True Story of the Only Westerner Ever to Break Out of Thailand's Bangkok Hilton
  • Author: David McMillan
  • ISBN: 9789810575687
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • Among the 600 foreigners jailed in the Bangkok Hilton, one man resolves to do what no other has done Escape This is the true story of drug smuggler David McMillans perilous break out from Thailands most notorious prison After than a year in prison and two weeks before a near certain death sentence, McMillan escapes, never to be seen in Thailand again.

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    1. So I've given up on this one. I found that I couldn't get into it and it made me not wanna read. I'm not sure what it was, not a bad story and still curious how he escapes but I don't know if I'll ever find out, plain and simple I found it quite boring. Maybe one day I'll try and pick it up but for the moment on to better books.

    2. Well in the beginning I did like the book cause he told us about how he was caught and the first months in the prison. Even then I did not like the narrator that much but he got worse further in the book.Then I also got confused with all the names and I cannot count the times I had to do a search for a name. Glad you can search with a kindle)When the book got downhill was when he started to tell about what happened before he was caught. OMG very badly writing, very confusing. Apparently he thoug [...]

    3. The way it is written is very hard to get into and sometimes hard to follow, which can be frustrating. It's taking me longer to read than it would usually because of this. I want to find out the full story though so I am still reading it.

    4. Read on the Kindle, this book suffered from some layout bugs which meant it was difficult sometimes to quite follow what was going on: scene changes flowed on from previous paragraphs without a single break, jumping from the present to past in a very confusing manner.The book itself is fascinating, giving a peek inside a Thai prison from someone who has, indeed, been there. You get a feeling of the atmosphere inside the jail: probably not as clear as I'd have liked, but interesting nonetheless. [...]

    5. Not fantastically written but interesting to learn about life in Bangkok Hilton and how the guy managed to escape. Wished I'd never bought it though as I didn't realise that the guy was actually a drug dealer; I thought he was innocent. This coloured my reading and I was on the side of the authorities rather than the author - obviously not condoning the appalling treatment of prisoners though!

    6. Not a bad book. Interesting reading about the life in Bangkok Hilton.Even with a prison sentence, if you have the money, you can still live relatively in a good condition.

    7. A brilliant book about the escapades of David McMillan. I did find his writing style hard to read in parts, but a highly recommended read nevertheless!

    8. I usually love books of this genre but not this.Apologies to Mr McMillan if he is reading this but I found it poorly written and mind numbingly boring.All the other authors of this type of book showed remorse but not here at all.There are much better books out there

    9. Too draggy. I did the first five chapters or so then skipped to the end to read the escape which was that great either. Also i probably wouldn't want to buy these sort of books anymore. You consciously knew the trouble you'd get into yet gambled it and feel so proud to cheat the system.

    10. When you first pick up Escape you know that you are going to be in for a literary treat. David McMillan skilfully guides his reader through the arduous realities of a pan-continent drug smuggler who suddenly finds himself looking at a death sentence in Thailand's notorious Klong Prem prison. Escape is, refreshingly, not a diatribe against the harsh Thai justice system. Instead the author offers an incomparable insight into the relationships, wit and fights for survival that occurs day in, day ou [...]

    11. I thought this book was very interesting, and exciting even. it tells the story of a Western man who is convicted of drug trafficking (heroin) through the Bangkok airport, and is captured, sent to Klong Prem; The notorious prison of Thailand commonly referred to as the Bangkok Hilton. McMillan takes the reader along his journey and experiences through prison life in Thailand, ranging from the everyday social activity with the inmates, to the abuse suffered from the prison patrol. The Story focus [...]

    12. A potentially brilliant story which was ruined by the poorest standard of writing. It was a constant struggle to follow what was going on. A 10 year old child whose native language isn't English could have written better. The whole book was like a strange dream. You had a feeling of what was going on through little snippets here and there then all if a sudden there would be an incomprehensible transition to a seemingly unrelated topic. After awakening (finishing the book) I kind of had an idea o [...]

    13. I could not stand the writing style, and all the jumping around. The book only gets good in the end when he actually escapes prison."It's like the alpha monkeys say, "Come, climb up our tree, you're welcome. Even more welcome when we push you off!" - David McMillan (Escape, Pg.35)"Legs were the things that the prisoners had escaped upon so legs were what the prison guards took from Agarn and Benny when they were brought back to the jail. They were chained to a wall in a small cell and worked ove [...]

    14. Started 9/5/2012This book wasn't what I expected. LOTS of characters (unnecessary characters) that each had their own background story (unnecessary again) and it got really confusing. I found myself lost quite a bit. I felt there was A LOT of filler. So much backgroundt enough desciption of the horrors of Klong Prem. Maybe part of it was his style of writingrhaps it wasn't necessarily 'bad' writing, just different. Even when he was describing the actual escape at the end, I was having a hard tim [...]

    15. A nice story but poorly written.I find it extremely difficult to enter the story and the sequence was jumping up and down. I have read other jail stories like Hotel k, cocaine diaries and send them to hell. These books were much more well structured than this one. This book is just to hard to read for me.Nevertheless, it's has still it's merit-An interesting story.

    16. i picked this book from a book shop in Bangkok and i read it twice in one sitting ,its is about a man who gets arrested for drugs in bangkok and then he is thrown into thailands worst and most notorious prison and then it is the true story of he escaped from the prison , being the only westener to escape from this prison , i enjoyed reading this book alot,.

    17. Poorly written and hard to follow isn't it? I was hoping for a shantaram (itself not the most profound prose) and got the peasants version. Didn't bother to finish. Unfortunate because of the fascinating storyline.

    18. Another book about the punishment passed out those who are stupid enough to smuggle heroin out of Thailand. Still cannot figure out ho his escape was never later punished. And I bet the guy who backed out of the escape kicked himself for years after!

    19. The story was either not interesting or the writing was not catchy enough. I've read The Cocaine Diaries which holds the same topic-that book wouldn't let me sleep. In comparison, this book i hardly finished bcs i always fell asleep.

    20. Very interesting! A inside look at the minds and thoughts of prisoners in a foreign land. Another inside look at Thailand prisons.

    21. Was really hoping to like it and got about halfway through but due to too many characters and the poor way it was written I lost interest.

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