Suth's Story

Suth s Story It is two hundred thousand years ago Suth and five other orphans are cut off from their Kin the Moonhawks and lost in the desert When they are captured by the mysterious people of the Monkey Kin it i

  • Title: Suth's Story
  • Author: Peter Dickinson
  • ISBN: 9780448417097
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is two hundred thousand years ago.Suth and five other orphans are cut off from their Kin,the Moonhawks, and lost in the desert.When they are captured by the mysterious people of the Monkey Kin,it is up to Suth to find the courage to lead his friends to freedom.

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    1. Finally!I've been searching for the name of this book for years and I've finally found it!I read The Kin series when I was in year 7 (11 years old) and I still remember it vividly. I read a combined version which had the whole series bound up together.I don't know really know why I liked this book so much, maybe it's just that the characters have such strong personalities and its such an interesting topic. Now that I have the details I'm definitely going to track down a copy at my local library. [...]

    2. For my full review please visit my blog:The Kin #1 Suth's Story @ From the Shadows I ReviewWow. I loved this book so much. The scene setting was incredible and the chapters being broken up with oldtales inbetween them really helped to keep the story fresh and added depth to the whole thing. I loved the oldtales because they gave an insight into how the people believed their world began. The writing was exquisite, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also want to point out that the premise intrigued me and [...]

    3. An interesting story about early man in Africa. And since I've recently be interested in pre history novels, & this seemed like a good choice. :)"Suth's Story" is s tale about a boy at the dawn of time, who looses his family & must now care for his young friends, struggling to keep them together as thier own tribe, or "Kin", as they say, even when faced with pushy, controlling members of another group of Kin. It's a simple written story about family & maybe a bit of a coming of age s [...]

    4. Aunque al principio me costó un poco engancharme (como de costumbre, ¡¡cómo odio los principios!!), la historia está bastante bien, el viaje de los hombres prehistóricos en busca de Lugares Buenos, y todas las aventuras y desventuras que encuentran por el camino fueron bastante interesante. Además, al contrario que en otros libros, no está tan "modernizado" sabe mantener la esencia de los seres antiguos con sus leyendas, sus utensilios y los distintos modos de hablar. Y me gustó cómo e [...]

    5. Really good book, meant for children but it can be interesting for all ages. The book is thoughtful, and portrays life at the dawn of civilisation in quite a realistic way - when we don't necessarily have as much recorded information of the time. The 'Oldtales' put between chapters complimented the storyline, and we got to know and understand what was happening better as we went through the book because of these myths. Out of all the characters, I think I am most interested in Tinu. I personally [...]

    6. gr 4-6 210 pgsPrehistoric. After his clan the Moonhawks are attacked by strangers, Suth, guided by Noli's visions, leaves the surviving clan members and go in search of a new "Good Place". When they find a valley full of food and strangers, Suth and his group are happy at first until they realize this clan has no plans to let them leave and instead expects them to join their clan.Interesting story. Chapters alternate between Suth's experiences and folktales about his people's beginnings. The fir [...]

    7. A book I've read in Year 4 and haven't forgotten since. The dialect was a little confusing to me then, but it sucked me right in and I enjoyed re-reading it over and over just to get a better understanding of the story. I've haven't had a chance to read the rest to the books in the Kin series, and it's something I'd like to rectify soon.

    8. Cuenta la historia de un grupo de niños que se han separado de su tribu, ambientada en el África prehistórica hace 200.000 años. Novela infanto-juvenil, no está bien ambientada y comete errores de bulto.- Puntuación: 4

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