Mattimeo The third addition to the beloved Redwall series takes place during the summer of the Golden Plain Preparation for a great feat are underway at Redwall Abbey and the young mouse Mattimeo is contribut

  • Title: Mattimeo
  • Author: Brian Jacques
  • ISBN: 9780380715305
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The third addition to the beloved Redwall series takes place during the summer of the Golden Plain Preparation for a great feat are underway at Redwall Abbey, and the young mouse Mattimeo is contributing his share of the labors But Mattimeo is the son of Mathius, the guardian of Redwall Abbey, and it is this fact that makes him the target of a fiendish kidnapping plot coThe third addition to the beloved Redwall series takes place during the summer of the Golden Plain Preparation for a great feat are underway at Redwall Abbey, and the young mouse Mattimeo is contributing his share of the labors But Mattimeo is the son of Mathius, the guardian of Redwall Abbey, and it is this fact that makes him the target of a fiendish kidnapping plot contrived by the vicious fox, Slagar the Cruel When Mathias and his brave followers abandon heir homes and face enslavement for the return of their children, the captive Mattimeo stands to prove his worth and an unexpected hero is born.

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    1. This is the second time I have read 'Mattimeo'. It is a wonderful book and only one of the many books in the Redwall series for children but read by all ages: written by the brilliant late Brian Jacques. I love these magical books. They fascinate me. The Redwall characters, a mix of many animals who live together in harmony, goodwill and peace (when the 'baddies' will let them) are nevertheless always ready to defend their Abbey and lifestyle against those bent on eliminating them from the young [...]

    2. I would likely give three and a half stars to Mattimeo, but four is a distinct possibility. This is, I believe, the most epically powerful adventure that Brian Jacques had to this point created. I can only shake my head in wondrous awe at the almost ridiculously intricate and ingenious nuances that mark the text of this magnificent story from page one to page four hundred forty-six. There are enough gritty, determined, strong-willed heroes to fill a dozen super-novels, and enough dastardly, cold [...]

    3. Great novel: "Mattimeo" tells the story of the son of Matthias the Warrior, who happens to be named Mattimeo. The plot is compelling and whimsical, great especially for younger readers, and I enjoyed it even more than "Redwall". There were only a couple of minor things that kept me from giving it the full five stars. First of all, there are the numerous (that may well be an understatement) descriptions of Slagar's mask. Believe me, if you don't know what material that mask is made of by the end [...]

    4. Jacques' endings, y'all. They feel like a foretaste of eternity.I didn't used to like this one because it disturbed me for personal reasons (watching the animated show as a little kid didn't help), but reading it again, wow, it's fabulous.There's the importance of community and sacrifice, of bravery and love. And, as all of the Redwall books, there's darkness and the fight against it, but joy and goodness has the same weight. I feel like many writers who want to write darkness don't place enough [...]

    5. This third book in the Redwall series is about Mattimeo, the son of Mathias. When Mattimeo and some of his friends are abducted by Slagar the Cruel, Mathias and other parents set out to get them back. The story bounces between that of Mattimeo and that of Mathias, so we learn about the different adventures each party had in their quests to survive and succeed.Here's the thing about these books, and remember I am listening to them on my morning walks. They take forever. If I sat and read them, ma [...]

    6. Jee-Uk YangMrs.Ebarvia11-29-07 The book that I read was Mattimeo by Brian Jacques. It is the third book in the Redwall series. He published his first book, Redwall, in 1986. Some other famous novels are The Bellmaker, The Legend of Luke, Rakkety Tam, and more. Mattimeo is about a rat, Mattimeo, fighting against other animal armies under Slagar the Cruel with his friends and his dad’s army. The story ends by killing Slagar the Cruel. The interesting thing that I found in this book is that the a [...]

    7. Mattimeo is a sequel to Redwall and Mossflower books. The peaceful creatures of the Redwall Abbey are preparing a feast for the turn of the season. Young Mattimeo is son of Matthias who is Redwall's warrior, which makes him a target. A sly fox named Slagar the Cruel and his band of slavers are planning to capture Mattimeo and young ones from the abbey to work as slaves in this mysterious underground kingdom. After being drugged at their feast and discovering that their young ones were gone, Matt [...]

    8. Matthias and his wife, Cornflower, have had a son, Mattimeo, who gets stolen (along with the abbey's young ones) by a fox who blames the abbey for a deformity. Through rescuing the abbey's young, the Redwall warriors rescue other slaves, while the animals at the abbey deal with invading birds.It's interesting that I have to keep rotating the order that I read these books or I get tired of them. Sometimes I just have to stop reading them for a while, and this is one of the ones I read the most. O [...]

    9. Mattimeo gives "Redwall" fans a sense of adult storytelling that is appealing to the older fans of this series. Mattimeo is the son of Matthias, Warrior of Redwall. He and a few other woodland children are captured by the sly fox, Slagar the Cruel. Matthias then sets out to find them with the help of a few followers.A must read for Redwall fans!

    10. Adventure galore! I didn't remember much of Mattimeo at all (from having read it as a child), and it kept me guessing all the way through. Matthias and his friends lead the reader on an adventure to save the children of Redwall Abbey, but of course Jacques gives us the story from the rescuers perspective, as well as the young hostages, Mattimeo and his friends. But Cornflower and the Redwallers that are left behind deal with an adventure all their own as well. As usual, Jacques weaves a fascinat [...]

    11. I must say, this book was of a brilliant radiance that rivals the sun. That is, I would have to say that if I was planning to exaggerate a wee bit. But, seeing as the mood to exaggerate has not taken me, I shall instead say that this book was very well written and quite funny. I would have been sad to put it aside, except that I spurned it at the exact second that I finished in order to read Wrath of the Storm, but that is not relevant, so I suppose I'll usurp my power and stop writing this revi [...]

    12. After reading (& loving) Redwall, Mattimeo was something of a disappointment. It was almost a predictable retelling of the first story, with nothing that added to it to make it stand on its own. The pathetically convenient appearances of the owl & Stryk Redkite *just in time* to save the day & their equally convenient disappearances I attribute to the author's sloppiness, in addition to the handling of the shrews & sparrows. It reminds me of when I watched Star Trek growing up. W [...]

    13. In the book Mattimeo it connects to another of Brian Jacques books where Mattimeo is captured by Slagar the cruel as slaves. Mattimeo and his other young friends from Redwall tries to escape a terrible fate. His father Matthias would go off with his friends to get the young kids of Redwall. Meanwhile bakc at Redwall the remaning citzens have to protect themselves aganist whatever was out there to get them. I can connect to the world how a parent would do anything to get their child. In the book [...]

    14. Unlike the other Redwall books (see my review of Redwall), this book was actually different and therefore interesting. Mattimeo is the stuck-up, spoiled son of Matthias (hero of Redwall), who is captured by the fox Slagar the Cruel. He and his friends are forced on a long journey towards a place whose terribleness is hinted at in the last line of an oft-repeated poem: "Who go there? None but the brave." They traverse seemingly impossible obstacles, all while his father, the famous Warrior, is ho [...]

    15. Wow book three already. I am hooked on this series. They both intrigue me and they are written so well that you just have to keep reading to find out what happens next other wise the anticipation is juts too much!

    16. Even better than the first two in the series. Thoroughly enjoyable for adults too, maybe because the villains are more intriguing and better sketched

    17. Such a cute series. I encourage all parents to read the Redwall books to their children. John is reading a chapter to me every night before we go to bed.

    18. This book was an amazing book. It had a lot of action and mystery. I want to continue to read books by Brian Jacques.

    19. Once again treated to hearing Brian Jacques narrate to a full cast dramatization of his book. Perhaps because I truly enjoy the story of Redwall so much, I liked this one better than the second book, telling the history leading to Redwall's construction. Learning the fate of Matthias and Mattimeo after the defeat of Cluny of the Scourge was more thrilling for me; particularly the father/son dynamic, and being the child of a hero. Matthias learning how to stand upon his own to fight for goodness [...]

    20. Keeping on keeping on with the Redwall books in publish order, I have completed "Mattimeo". The huge caveat to this review may be the context in which I read it. Long story short, my wife and I have been in the process of moving, and the last month has been pretty hectic. Nevertheless, I was able to read "Mattimeo" with only one check-out renewal from our library! However, all this being said, I must say I did not enjoy "Mattimeo" as much as "Redwall" or "Mossflower". I think, in short, there wa [...]

    21. This book was Phenomenal because it just made me want to read it non-stop. the characters, setting, and time zone just fascinated me and I had a blast reading it. Mattimeo to me represents all the good things in life being constantly run over by the bad things. But somehow the good things always turn out to be greater than all the bad things that it faces. This series has been my favorite for a really long time because it is so packed with action and adventures of everyday life.

    22. Loved it!A fantastic read for adults as well as children. With both major plots within the story standing strong on their own, it was not at all a problem that the author kept on switching back and forth between the two major stories. They intertwined really well and the characters, old and new, were wonderful.

    23. My fantasy-steeped ten-year-old gave this book a resounding "meh." Brian Jacques offers a thousand ways to put his characters in danger and a thousand-and-one deus ex machina resolutions. Since one reads a Redwall book for the plot, we both found this unforgivable. Not one of Jacques' finest offerings.

    24. Poor Mattimeo, he was kidnapped and was intended to be sold to slavery, together with his friends. His father, together with others from Redwall Abbey, searched for them. For me, I like this book because tells of a great adventure, and that there will be times wherein we have no choice but to face the truth, and be more mature. It also tells of how friendship can overcome great adversaries.

    25. I Love this book! It is currently my favorite book. I have reread it so many times. It is, if not, very close to my ideal book. If any one wants to read an other book like this, I suggest Raven Quest by Sharon Stewart. I am only a bit more than half way through the book, but it I is really good so far.

    26. This book is a spectacular heroic adventure with plenty of action for those who get bred of reading very easily. In this book, you can read about the story of Mattimeo and his friends and their daring escape, along with the quest of Redwall led by Mathias. This book will keep you glued right to it!

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