The Last Dragonslayer

The Last Dragonslayer Foundling Jennifer Strange is an indentured manager for Kazam a house of sorcerers As magic dwindles so do their jobs Drain cleaner is cheaper than a spell and magic carpets deliver pizzas But t

  • Title: The Last Dragonslayer
  • Author: Jasper Fforde
  • ISBN: 9781443407489
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Foundling Jennifer Strange 15 is an indentured manager for Kazam, a house of sorcerers As magic dwindles, so do their jobs Drain cleaner is cheaper than a spell, and magic carpets deliver pizzas But the Last Dragon is set to die this week, and Big Magic is coming.

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    1. I'd happily read it to my kid, or be pleased to see him reading it for himself. Fun and quick paced, without any creeping cultural ugliness in it. Also, it's nice to see a good female lead in a kid's book where there's not a big deal made of the fact that she's a girl. I can't stress that enough.

    2. Warning, this book may possibly garner you strange looks if you decide to read it on a bus, a subway, or a coffee shop due to random bouts of sniggering, chuckling, and outright guffawing. There is usually fair warning, though. If the Quarkbeast enters the scene, make a hasty exit and read it where out loud laughter is ok.Seriously, I can only think of two others who have been able to make me laugh quite as hard with descriptions. 1) Douglas Adams with his Hitchhiker's Guide books, and 2) Brando [...]

    3. It takes a special kind of reader to appreciate a Jasper Fforde novel: A reader who is not afraid to believe in the impossible, who is not afraid to accept even the most eccentric set-ups, a reader who revels in the imagination and creativity that stems from the mind of one of the most creative contemporary authors. Fforde’s characteristic satirical style rings true in The Last Dragonslayer that is ostensibly called YA fiction but, in my opinion, is meant for anyone who enjoys a good book. Of [...]

    4. Simply put, Jasper Fforde is brilliant. He has yet again created a wondrous, magical story right amid the everyday mundane. This is a quick and entertaining read with the perfect mix of adventure, humor, and feeling.I'm a big fan of the Thursday Next novels but admit they aren't the most accessible books and they are not everyone's "cup of tea." However, The Last Dragonslayer can be enjoyed by anyone!Mr. Fforde takes the average "orphan with destiny" plot and turns it on its head. Here is the /p [...]

    5. Description: In the good old days, magic was powerful, unregulated by government, and even the largest spell could be woven without filling in magic release form B1-7g. Then the magic started fading away. Fifteen-year-old Jennifer Strange runs Kazam, an employment agency for soothsayers and sorcerers. But work is drying up. Drain cleaner is cheaper than a spell, and even magic carpets are reduced to pizza delivery. So it's a surprise when the visions start. Not only do they predict the death of [...]

    6. I've never read a book quite like The Last Dragonslayer. It was very odd, to say the least, but maybe that's why I liked it so much. Honestly, the first half of it was THE BEST. <3 All the wizards (minus Lady Mawgon) were endearing, and the quirky magic in Kazam was so much fun. I loved the idea of magic "fading" from society. The book was set in modern times (as far as I know??) and magic was used for stuff like delivering pizza, rewiring houses, and charming moles. SO AWESOME. Okay, soooybe [...]

    7. Hmm.Well I loved the first half? The ending was kind of sudden and not what I wanted I don't think? Although I didn't know what I wanted. So. I dunno. But it's kind of fun and I really enjoyed most of it, so yep. :) I thought it was an automatic 5 stars until that all happened so apparently I was wrong? I don't really know what I think of it right now. :P *wanders off in confusion*EDIT:Okay I took some time away for a bit and I think I figured out the problem, which is that I was really enjoying [...]

    8. Ahoy there me mateys! While drawin’ up me lists of 2016 for me log, I realized a curious thing – out of 134 books read, not a single one was a re-read. In me enthusiasm of discovery and taking suggestions from me crew, I did not revisit a single old port for plunder! And part of what I love about readin’ is re-visitin’ old friends. So I decided to remedy that and thus created me new category where I take a second look at a previously enjoyed novel and give me crew me second reflections, [...]

    9. OMG I love Jasper Fforde! He is one of those authors that I know I will enjoy, but for some crazy reason, do not ravenously consume when he has a new book. When I walked the isle's of BEA I paused when I saw his name. Honestly, bless the Welsh for their odd looking names. It never fails to grab my attention. This book is full of whimsy. That's the best way to describe Fforde's work: whimsical. He uses fantasy and whimsy to show the world and mock it. The world of The Last Dragon Slayer is 2011 i [...]

    10. The Last Dragonslayer is a good YA novel with a simplistic plot best suited for younger teens, but a whimsical style and satirical humor that is probably way over their heads. Like many novels that are the first in a series, The Last Dragonslayer suffers from way too much attention spent on introducing a huge cast of characters most of whom play little or no part in the events of the rising action. All of the characters are original, comical and interesting, but the reader learns little about th [...]

    11. "Magic, as I said, has no intelligence. The choice to use it for good or bad lies with us. All of us."Jennifer Strange lives in the Uninited Kingdoms, that's right, the Ununited Kingdoms, where she runs Kazam Mystical Arts Management. Soon, the few remaining seers are struck by the same powerful vision: the world's last dragon, Maltcassion, will die in less than a week, at the hands of the Last Dragonslayer. I fell in love with this novel almost instantly because of how darn funny it was! Jennif [...]

    12. I was first attracted to this book by the cover with such amazing colours and illustrations. My favourite chapter is Maltcassion, where Jennifer Strange talks to the dragon Maltcassion. This is where the Jasper Fforde humour really shines. If I could I would quote the entire chapter. Maltcassion and Jennifer discuss the human race and its many failures, like the failure to discover the 600 varieties of floon beetle, one of which turns itself inside out for fun. Maltcassion also tells Jennifer th [...]

    13. If you like Jasper Fforde, then you probably have already read this. This was a quirky little book. I loved the new world that was unfolding of magic and dragons. I also liked the characters. They ,too, were quirky. This was a little slow to take off for me, but there was so much new information to glean that it wasn't a hardship. I will read more in this series because I was intrigued by this book. I just wanted a little more detail for both the world building and the characters. I hope I get t [...]

    14. So very, very, very good!Excellent! The narration was wonderful as well!This story is the perfect mixture of cleverness, craft, cute whimsy, intelligence, social commentary, fantasy, and fulfillment of the hero's journey trope.I loved! This author has a new fan :-)Haven't been treated to this good a story in a while. And so funny!!I'm off to Audible for part 2.

    15. "Quark," said the quarkbeast.OH MY QUARKBEASTS.4.5 stars.WARNING- total isolation is advised while reading. I am so serious, you will not be able to stop laughing.The plot itself is a bit slow in parts but the rest is too good. And if you are wondering if quarkbeasts have anything to do with real quarks, the answer is yes. (You'll find out more in Song of the Quarkbeast.)

    16. 3.5 stars. Delightful ya tale of an indentured foundling trying to keep a magical talent agency running in a world rapidly losing its magic.

    17. Original post at One More PageIf you know me really well or if you've been reading my blog for a while now, you'd know that I tend to gravitate towards contemporary fiction books. It's not that I don't like speculative fiction (I do, very much), but I just prefer reading about real life and the real world because it feels easier to understand than a world full of impossibilities.However, I make an exception for some authors, and Jasper Fforde is one of them. Before I even got to know John Green, [...]

    18. LSG Book Club read, January 2013. If this is relevant to you, the appropriate thread is here. We're not spoiler-free any more (although this review, I hope, is), so be warned. Go forth.In The Last Dragonslayer, Jennifer Strange (if you can picture Thursday Next without quite as much cynicism, and with a way better pet) is a foundling who looks after wizards in an alternative Herefordshire that borders on the lands of a dragon. By the end of the book, that dragon is going to die. The title knows [...]

    19. При всій моїй симпатії до сучасного янг-адалту з його обов'язковими складовими (проблеми дорослішання, додаткові психологічні трабли, боротьба та прєвозмагання, соціальні складові, часті емансипаційні мотиви - ну і біганина та романтика, куди ж без них) іноді хочеться чого [...]

    20. I was so glad to have a bit of Jasper Ffore to read. I greedily pounce on anything he writes, except, well, if we're all be honest here, the Shades of Grey one. I just didn't get that one. But that's another review! This, lovely novel, supposed to be for the young adult crowd, but I am an old curmudgeon and liked it, is pretty cool. It has the same feel as the Thusday Next books. You know what I mean: breezy, carefree style with astonishing bit thrown in to catch you unawares now and then. And o [...]

    21. At A GlanceGenre: Young Adult; Fantasy; Dragons; MagicLove Triangle/Insta Love?: nopeCliff Hanger: nope.Rating: 4 StarsScore SheetAll out of tenCover: 7Plot: 7Characters: 8World Building: 7Flow: 7Series Congruity: n/aWriting: 7Total: 7.5In DepthBest Part: A strong female MC!Worst Part: Water works happening!Overall Feels Felt: So much info!; Dragons!; I need magic!!!!ConclusionContinuing the Series: yesRecommending: yesMisc.: Short Review: This was a cute little read! I loved the MC, she reminds [...]

    22. This book has one of the best worlds I have ever been in. The magic system and how everything works is a new and fresh take in magic. At least to me haha. This is a middle grade book but it reads a lot more mature. I am excited to read more by Jasper Fforde.

    23. Ahhh, I'd forgotten how much I love Fforde's worldbuilding. I'm an old-time fan of his Thursday Next and Nursery Crime series, and this third series jots right alongside them with a colourful, eccentric universe that is so typically Ffordesque. There's just so much effortless whimsy, as he tosses you headlong into his world with offhand remarks and tantalising namedrops; you have to take it in stride that marzipan is as to alcohol in this world, or asides like this:Moobin had prepared for the jo [...]

    24. Full disclosure: I love Jasper Fforde's novels for adults, and if I happen to love the Thursday Next series and merely like the Nursery Crime series, then love trumps like and I can still say that I love his books. (Did you follow that?) So I was already predisposed to like his first book written for the YA market when my coworker pressed it into my hot little hands. What ensued, however, was not mere liking. My friends, this book provided me with the most enjoyable reading experience I've had y [...]

    25. Jennifer Strange is a very unique young lady. She is a teen, even has those silly teen crushes on people who are the fantasy version of Justin Bieber, but she also is the managing director de facto of a magic service house. And she is supposed to slay a dragon. On the plus side, she has a Rolls Royce. In many ways, Fforde’s young adult book, dedicated to his daughter, is like Terry Pratchett’s work in that the only difference between it and the adult work is the age of the protagonist. All o [...]

    26. Jasper Fforde's first young adult novel has all the hallmarks of his books for adults while still being aimed at a younger audience; the story is shorter and more focused, the main characters are teens, and you will find no Jack Schitts here. 15-year-old Jennifer Strange runs a magicians' employment agency called Kazam in a time when magic is at the ebb and people are turning more to technology to solve their problems. Jennifer's problems are more complex; her boss has disappeared, her employees [...]

    27. If you’re a Fforde fan you know that besides being clever and satirical, he puts an incredible amount of detail into his world-building. Dragonslayer is no different, though it’s a simpler read and definitely good for younger readers. The book takes place in modern day England, where magic is slowly losing its power. Jennifer is a teenager who runs Kazam, a job agency for aging witches and wizards. Unfortunately, as technology increases, the prestige of magic has decreased, so now they do th [...]

    28. Think Sabrina the Teenage Witch meets Harry Potter. I've never read Jasper Fforde, so I'm glad that my first experience with him involved this quirky, magical, adventure-filled, little book. The characters, world, and language were fun to read, and I often found myself laughing out loud. My only complaint with this book is that it felt so rushed! There's really no time for the reader to become intimately acquainted with the characters or their feelings, which is an unfortunate thing because ther [...]

    29. The Last Dragonslayer has something in common with Disney movies; no, not the racism thing This is a book for younger readers, but that I, technically an adult, really quite enjoyed I don't recall any racism, just to be clear!I laughed, I cried, I didn't put it down, and as is Jasper's way, there were jokes that some might not get, but that keep those of us who read a lot, and enjoy a good sense of humour, reading and laughing.With a sassy 15-year-old, female lead, and an assistant named Tiger P [...]

    30. OK this is a YA outing for Jasper and it's not bad, in fact it's quite sweet and funny. 'Bubbles' the pink comedic dragon's last words were " Is there anyone here from Newcastle?" this made me snort in public which is never good when you want to look cool. I'm going to get my daughter on to it and I think she'll like it but it's not at the great heights of Fforde's adult books. A nice quick read though for a train journey etc.

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