Doomsday An ancient secret A terrifying prophecy The last race against time In the heart of the NRI operative Danielle Laidlaw makes an incredible discovery a translucent Mayan stone generating massive waves

  • Title: Doomsday
  • Author: GrahamBrown
  • ISBN: 9780091943097
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • An ancient secret A terrifying prophecy The last race against time In the heart of the , NRI operative Danielle Laidlaw makes an incredible discovery a translucent Mayan stone generating massive waves of energy while counting down toward the infamous apocalyptic date December 21, 2012 And somewhere, there are three just like it.What power will be unleasAn ancient secret A terrifying prophecy The last race against timeIn the heart of the , NRI operative Danielle Laidlaw makes an incredible discovery a translucent Mayan stone generating massive waves of energy while counting down toward the infamous apocalyptic date December 21, 2012 And somewhere, there are three just like it.What power will be unleashed if all four stones come together Who created them and who has them now Using a cryptic Mayan map and a prophecy that points to the end of the world, Danielle and her team race toward answers But one staggering question remains Were these artifacts meant to save us or to destroy us once and for all

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    1. Wat een avontuur. Heerlijk om zo meegesleept te worden in een spannende race tegen de klok.Danielle Laidlaw, werkzaam bij een geheime agency is wederom in het egebied om verder te zoeken naar "de stenen". De stenen die vermeld staan in Maya hyrogliefen die het einde van de wereld voorspellen op 21 december 2012 Natuurlijk worden zij en haar partner McCarter achterna gezeten door verschillende teams die hele andere ideeën hebben met de stenen. De president van Amerika begrijpt er niets van, de w [...]

    2. More Mayan prophecy action genre. Nicely done sequel to Black Rain. Well written, as it and its prequel can stand alone without each other.A small mention of one item in the first book becomes the theme for this hidden-treasure hunt. Several characters return, and their motives & background are filled out a bit. That was a good touch.

    3. I wanted more. More Mayans, more details, and definitely more sharks!***Extremely Minor Spoilers***Black Sun starts a few years after Black Rain ended: it is nearing December 21, 2012, the world is obsessed with the end of the Mayan calendar, and McCarter and Danielle can't stop thinking about the stone they found deep in the jungle that has mysterious properties. McCarter is convinced that there are three other stones just like the first, all hidden by the Mayans, and together they will either [...]

    4. I thoroughly enjoyed Brown's first book, Black Rain, so I had to get his second, and I was not disappointed. I read a lot of thrillers and most are cut from the same mold: super-villains, kick-ass hero making it happen against unbelievable odds. But Black Sun was different and therefore more satisfying for me in a couple of ways. First, the HEROINE, Daniele Laidlaw, reminds me a lot of my all-time favorite fem-fatale - Sydney Bristow from the Alias TV show, crying one minute because her boyfrien [...]

    5. I have to say that Graham Brown really knows how to write an exciting ,action packed story.Black Sun keeps you going.I would highly recommend this book

    6. Awesome Loved this follow up. Characters developed, the plot stayed on course and the narrative was well written. Well worth the spend.

    7. This book is really fascinating on so many levels. Firstly, it talks about the so called 'end of the world ' philosophy on Dec 21st 2012. Ironically, I read this in 2018. But, on a broader note, the book provides interesting notions on the Mayan culture and civilization. Also, it clearly depicts human interference as a dilemma we hold against ourselves. The characters and their thoughts were very thrilling to read about. All in all, excellent theory and masterful imagery.

    8. Please note that Doomsday is a sequel to The Mayan Conspiracy and due to that this review may contain minor spoilers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.A deadly countdown has begun…Deep in the heart of the , an ancient Mayan stone is generating massive waves of energy while counting down to the apocalyptic date of December 21st 2012.Using a cryptic map and a prophecy that points to the end of the world, maverick agent Hawker and his partner Danielle Laidlaw are in a race-against-time to find the [...]

    9. The 2012 Prophecy like you have NEVER imagined! A must read!Ok, ok, I know the 2012 prophecy has been done TO DEATH, but never like this! Hidden ancient relics around the world, unbelievable results when they are unleashed on the world. A young Russian boy, the tragic victim of his governments scientific experiments and, as Danielle Laidlaw and Hawker learn, an innocent thrust into the middle of the end of the worldor is it?Black Sun grabs you from the first pages with the story of young Yuri an [...]

    10. Black Sun is a thriller with a short time clock relentlessly ticking. Laidlaw has to find the stones and decide whether to destroy them or bring them together. They’re spread all over the world in remote places, none of them easy to get at. Plus, her team is not the only one trying to find them and others will kill to get them. On her team are Professor Michael McCarter, a university scholar, and Hawker, a former CIA agent turned mercenary.Black Sun kept me turning pages, so it was a fast read [...]

    11. This book follows the book Black Rain which I didn't realize until partway through the story. Regardless, it does a pretty good job of standing alone. December 21, 2012 is only days away and the US government has become more and more certain that something devastating is going to happen on that date. A team of agents is searching for a mysterious set of Mayan stones that could potentially cause or solve the problem. Unfortunately they aren't the only ones looking for the stones.This book did a f [...]

    12. Ich war skeptisch, als ich diesen 2. Band begonnen hab, aber ich musss agen, dass mir die Umsetzung des Maya-Mythos um den 21.12. doch recht gut gefallen hat - eher auf wissenschaftlicher Basis als zu viel Fantasy. Eine Dinge klangen für mich nciht allzu logisch, aber ich schätze, um mit Bestimmtheit darüber urteilen zu können, müsste man Wissenschaftler sein, also bin ich der Geschichte wegen bereit, es einfach mal zu glauben.Die Charaktere sind dieses Mal teilweise in völlig neue Bahnen [...]

    13. A thriller that includes members of the NCIS, the CIA, president of the USA,Hawker, a renagade, the Chinese, the Russians, and the Mayans and their history/legends. Also included is a mute Russian boy who is sensitive to magnetic waves and stones which disrupt electricity, satellites,etc. and could cause the end of the world. It is a thriller as three groups race to see who can get to the stones 1st and avert a disaster OR use them for power. There are twists and turns every step of the way. I r [...]

    14. Like the first book this had a very constant pace that kept me interested and entertained. I choose not to evaluate the feasibility of the science and archeology aspects of this book - I don't care how plausible it is or is not, I still enjoyed it.You don't need the first book to read this one but it helps. Also, I can see the setup for a follow on book with these same characters although the subject matter will have to be different. Not sure how I feel about that but I will definitely look for [...]

    15. 2nd of Hawker and Laidlaw series: direct continuation of 1st book. Don't know if you would understand this book, if you hadn't read the first yet. I actually thought this book was a bit better than the first. More character description/ building of the main characters, anyway. Thought the plot was quite interesting, too. Gives an "explanation" for the end of the Mayan calendar, Dec 2012, and how we solved it, so civilization, as we know it, didn't end then. Scientifically very interesting.

    16. Enough twists and turns to keep you turning the page. Met Graham at the Tucson Festival of Books and might not have picked this up otherwise, which wld have been my loss. This was a fresh take on the 2012 prophesy, which limited it somewhat. I'm looking forward to seeing what these characters will get into next.

    17. Razmišljam o tome je li ovo za tri zvjezdice. Još jedno ljetno štivo koje će lako pasti u zaborav.Čini mi se kako su ove moderne junakinje nekako pre ne znam razbacane, rastrgane, živčane, žele biti jake, a ne ide im. Definitivno imam problem sa ženskim likovima. Ili posežem za krivim žanrovima?Plitki dijalozi, atmosfera u stilu Indiane Jonesa s manjkom humora.

    18. While I thought Black Rain was decent, I found its follow-up Black Sun to be much more interesting. Definitely more of a page turner than Black Rain. I loved the new take on the 2012 gig - very unique and just enough fact mixed with legend to make it believable! If you didn't love Black Rain, give this one a shot anyhow :)

    19. I so enjoyed his other 2 books that I was excited for this one to continue the story on the Maya I quit on page 185 where just about nothing relevant has happened yet. Sounds like there is no storyline, or it is so thin that the book drags and drags back into my shelf in casa I'll change my mind and want to finish it some day

    20. Picked up at the supermarket for £2 based on the blurb on the back. Haven't read previous books in series by this author, but so far it reads like a cross between Clive Cussler and Matthew Reilly.Nice easy page-turner for the commute--Finished today - 500 pages in 2 daysally kept me reading to see what was going to happen

    21. Oh my god T.T Another great novel from Graham Brown- I found it very hard to put down. Better than Black Rain, I think- his characters gained more emotional depth, which was awesome, but DANIELLE AND HAWKER JUST HOOK UP ALREADY PLEASE. After I finished I rushed to the internet to find out whether there was another sequel, and thank goodness there is :P

    22. aha, ovako se zvalo prije "Black Sun"doslovno direktan nastavak prvog dijela - i dalje zavjere i čudesa po svijetu no ovdje meštar od pera upleće pomalo i SciFibavno kada imate spremne uvjete za ovakav tip Indiana Jones literature

    23. A very exciting follow up to 'Black Rain' with a cool 'end of the world' premise. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Definitely read 'Black Rain' first though otherwise there will be parts of the plot that might not make much sense.

    24. One of my favorite historical subjects. The Mayans second only to the Egyptians, Graham writes as he does so well mixing fiction and fact for a story that will have you thinking long past the end of this book, enjoy.

    25. I was surprised how much I liked this read. Taken from the Mayhen prophecy of the doom of 12/21/2012, it gave it a twist that was thrilling and exciting. A cross of Indiana Jones and 007, the characters were interesting and likeable.

    26. Reads a lot like a science fiction B-movie. Science based on shifting of the poles and time travelling stones was pretty silly but just about enough justification was given so it worked. Some scenes, particularly those at sea, were genuinely exciting.

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