A Place Beyond The Map

A Place Beyond The Map Once in a very long while betwixt and between the humdrum of everydayness something magical happens life gives us a fairy tale Sometimes it begins with a door sometimes by following a peculiar cotto

  • Title: A Place Beyond The Map
  • Author: Samuel Thews
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Once in a very long while, betwixt and between the humdrum of everydayness, something magical happens life gives us a fairy tale Sometimes it begins with a door sometimes by following a peculiar cottontail down his hole For Phinnegan Qwyk, it begins with a chilly November night, two wet footprints and Periwinkle Lark A flamboyant and cunning Fa with a penchant for miOnce in a very long while, betwixt and between the humdrum of everydayness, something magical happens life gives us a fairy tale Sometimes it begins with a door sometimes by following a peculiar cottontail down his hole For Phinnegan Qwyk, it begins with a chilly November night, two wet footprints and Periwinkle Lark A flamboyant and cunning Fa with a penchant for mischief, Periwinkle is also a bit of a thief When he snatches Phinnegan away to a Place Beyond the Map, Phinnegan discovers that fairy tales aren t all they re cracked up to be at least, not when you are being attacked by the wild wolves of the Faolch , being hunted by a gholem that lurks unseen in the shadows, or bargaining for your very life with a troll even if she is beautiful When all seems lost, Phinnegan finds hope in the form of a shy pixie and a jolly, if rather messy, old man His journey is not a mistake Evocative, purposeful and winsome, A Place Beyond the Map is what children s dreams are made of A simplistic tale spun within the world of fairy tales and myth, it is a story for children, and for those of us that are finally old enough to read fairy tales again.

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    1. Disclaimer: I've been reading books lately with a much more critical eye as I'm looking to publish ebooks on my own and want to avoid some of the pitfalls that other authors fall into.I liked this book. It started slow, the characerizations were a bit shallow, especially on the pat of the hero Phinnegan Qwyk, but it got better the more I read it.Here I see an author struggling with something I struggle with: The hero just sin't in all that much of a challenging situation. Yes, he's swept away to [...]

    2. I really liked the story. Started a little slower than I liked but man it picked up. I loved the young protagonist and think that would really connect with my students. Great twists and I love the world that Samuel Thews is creating. Very much enjoyed it. I especially loved the library scene with Asher. Wonderful book.

    3. wow what an adventurePhinnegan,12 tahun,suka membaca terutama kisah2 peri. ayahnya suka mengoleksi blend tembakau yg ditaro di dalam botol untuk dihirup. suatu malam phinnegan bangun dan ia dengar ada orang di ruang kerja ayahnya. ternyata itu fae bernama periwinkle. dari situlah petualangan phinnegan dimulai,ia terbawa ke dunia fae tanpa sengaja. ia langsung dibawa ke feradoon dan diadili,sebenarnya periwinkle yang diadili karena menggunakan wishing stone. tapi karena kurang bukti,ahirnya merek [...]

    4. Twelve year old Phinnegan Qwyk loves to read and fairy tales at that. Rushing home from school one day, his father has a new book for him. When he falls asleep reading that night, he awakes to find his window open and wet footprints on the floor. When he goes to investigate, he find a curious looking fellow in his father's office. What he has come across is a Fae named Periwinkle Lark. A Fae! Just like in his fairy tales! When the Fae is summoned back to his land on charges of treason, among oth [...]

    5. A Place Beyond the Map started off as such a strong story. It was creative. It was colorful. It was funny.And then, the ending happened.The events leading up to the ending were fine. The labyrinth scene was one of my favorites, and seeing Phinnegan stand up to what was essentially the god of the Place Beyond the Map to change his fate, screwing the consequences, was pretty cool.Then everything just ended.Because of Phinnegan, the world is going to be destroyed. He owes a favor to an angry deity. [...]

    6. This is a children's fantasy book in which the young Irish protagonist with the promising name of Phinnegan Kwyk visits the magical world of the Fae, a place beyond the map, a world where some things are like what we've heard about magical people and events in fairy tales--well sort of, but not exactly. There are fairy folk sorted by color and bird clan, a beautiful troll under a bridge, packs of sinister killer wolves, sparkling pixies, and even a relentless gholem. The way it is slightly off k [...]

    7. I love maps. what's more intriguing than finding a place beyond the map? so I read it. all started in a boring day for Phinnegan Qwyk. He just want the lesson to end so he can go home and meet his father. He can't wait to see what his father brought home this time for him. Phinnegan is not a normal boy, in a sense. while other boys prefer to fool around, he prefer to read a fairy tale. and his unexpected journey began when he met a fae named Periwinkle Lark, who brought him by accident to Ferado [...]

    8. I found this to be a delightful book to read. Extremely well-written,it contains all the elements that go in making a good story - there's fantasy, magic, fairy-tale, action, adventure, drama, romance, tragedy and much more. There are so many twists and turns in the story that the reader is kept completely engrossed to the end. The protagonist is a character who is endearing and real and very likable. His journey through the 'place beyond the map' to get back home will keep you on the edge. Samu [...]

    9. A Place Beyond the Map is an imaginative, clever, and fun read! I really liked how the story unfolded, and I found myself laughing out loud multiple times. The take on this fairy tale world and its creatures was really creative, and I love how the descriptions of characters and places were so vivid that I could easily picture them in my mind. Phinnegan is endearing and brave, and I was sad when there wasn't any more to read. I hope there will be more of Phinnegan's adventures to read about in th [...]

    10. A Place Beyond The Map is a novel with a twisting plot and interesting complications. An example of a complication is when the main character, Phinnegan, and his two friends encounter a troll under a bridge. In order to get past the bridge, Phinnegan and his two friends have to say riddles. If the troll gets the answer correct, she says a riddle that a character can guess. If a character stumps the troll, the three can pass the bridge. Phinnegan ends up telling a riddle related to the Bible, and [...]

    11. The writing in this story really makes it. It is beautifully descriptive and the author knows how to use words to his advantage. This would be a great story to read out loud for that reason as well. This is for younger pre-teens but I think teenagers would like this story as well. The plot, about a 12-year old boy named Phinnegan who accidentally gets pulled into the world of the fae, is a fun story but what really sells it is the descriptions. Wonderfully done!

    12. More of a teen book-- or young adult where the hero or protagonist is a 12 year old boy-- but the story dwells on the fae and power struggles that they have. It is well written and is very fast paced with plenty of adventure and has a fine ending and a possible 2nd book if the author chooses. Enjoy!

    13. I love it. It's quaint and simple and perhaps the storyline is a little clichéd, but in those things it is truly refreshing. Phinnegan, the protagonist, is good-hearted. There are many clever throwbacks to classic fairytales and there is no love triangle. Quaint is really the best word for it, like The Neverending Story or the Princess Bride. A delight.

    14. I just didn't connect or care about the character. I didn't think the fae all that interesting, either. It just fell flat. Also, my understanding was this was YA but it is definitely middle-grade fiction. It would've been cool if there was anything to keep me reading.

    15. This was a really cute story but for much younger people than mel. Would be a great read for kids between 9 and 13.

    16. I liked this book. It was a sweet, wonderful story and I hope Mr. Thews continues the story. I will be watching and waiting to read the next book!

    17. Fantasy for the Harry Potter set. Definitely expect a sequel. Read well. Good story-telling and character development.

    18. I thought this was a cute story, but the story kind of faded at the end. I wanted more, but it seemed like Thews simply ran out of inspiration and said, "Andat's the end."

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