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  1. THE MOTHERFUCKING FEELZ.This is my third Amy Lane book. From reading those three and perusing her catalogue, I've come to the following conclusions:1. She's not always so good at naming these things.Before I read a word of her, I was turned off by odd, off-putting, or juvenile-sounding titles. I've been kicking myself ever since, for allowing that to get in the way of enjoying her writing.2. She's got some serious storytelling Kung-Fu.Serious. Legit-legit. Like, weeping onto your e-reader seriou [...]

  2. **4.5 stars** Holy crap Amy Lane, you did NOT go easy on these guys!! Cheating, friends and family dying, child abuse, countless life threatening injuries this is the most ANGSTY Amy Lane book I have read to date! It is a wonder the MCs made it out alive!!I am already an Amy Lane fan-girl, so I went into this book expecting greatness. Did I get greatness? I think I did, despite my issues with this book. I actually didn't like the beginning. I wasn't into the way the characters were introduced. I [...]

  3. Warning! I have been reading and reviewing while wearing my cranky pants. I will say some nice things about this book. It was nicely written, and it has some nice characters. It was a nice setup for a friends to lovers story. It ended in a nice place. With one exception, I found the sexy scenes sexy. I can see why people like this book.I will say some not so nice things about this book. It was melodrama of the highest order. This book broke my unbelievable-o-meter. I was rolling my eyes practica [...]

  4. A love story that spans 14 years3.5 Stars, rounded upto 4 StarsAt the age of 9 Carrick Francis, whilst playing truant from Sunday School, happens on a ranch owned by Parish Winters and his son Deacon. The moment Crick sees Deacon, he has eyes for no other and spends the next 14 years in total adoration of this boy who has become his friend and protector.Carrick has had a troubled childhood, his mother has no time for him and 'StepBob' spends most of his time drinking. So when Parish and Deacon t [...]

  5. I don't think this book needs another full length review. All the others should be enough to convince you this is stellar book that is a no brainer to pick up and read. Even the 1 star review where the reader gave up on the book has some legitimate points. I think she gave up too soon and missed out on an amazing read, but yeah, in the interest of snake tolerance a little less description into the snake killing wouldn't have been amiss. However, that's missing the forest for the trees and I am s [...]

  6. Thanks to the friends here that read it with me! __________________________________________My review is based on Carrick´s feelings list number: 1=emotionally repressed and in agony2=emotionally repressed and in pain3=not taking the question seriously 4=possibly dealing but still in pain5=will be fine.I felt n.º 1 and n.º4 almost the entire book except when they meet again :“God, Carrick… it’s like I can feel my skin for the first time two years.”and at the end 5!This story drained al [...]

  7. 3.5 stars for the blog Of Sid loveWell that just about squeezed the life out of me. I’m drained and exhausted after that marathon.Keeping Promise Rock has been read and reviewed by everyone I know; it’s like the m/m rite of passage now. If you read m/m romance, then you have to read Amy Lane, and if you read Amy Lane, then you have to read Keeping Promise Rock. It’s quite simple.This is a coming of age romance that spans a decade or more. Levee Oaks, redneck capital of the world is home to [...]

  8. ​I bought this book ​3 or 4 months ago and have been studiously avoiding reading it​, ever since​. ​I know that sounds ridiculous, but ​I just knew that Amy Lane would shred my heart. Again. And I would end up thanking her for it. Again. And probably ask for more (yeah, like there's actually a 'probably' there). I really never knew I was such a masochist.​ ​And this book made me ugly cry, I won't lie.​ A lot.​ It was brutal at times. And so fucking beautiful I cried some more [...]

  9. 1.5 stars rounded to 2, for now. I'm reserving the right to drop it to 1 once I think about it a bit more.About a third of the way through this book the first word that came to mind was ordinary, then about half way through the word changed to an exaggerated melodramatic mess. Ok that's more than one word but the only thing that didn't happen to these MC's was being hit by the plague. Oh wait, that might have happened too. The rest of the story was one catastrophe after another. Then both MC's w [...]

  10. dnf at 30%this is not a book, it's a list of obituaries and bad luck and soap opera dramas!Maybe I would have appreciated it more if I'd read it a year ago.But on the bright side I can use a Karen Walker's gif!!This was me while reading:

  11. Upcoming BUDDY READ with MARCO, MARTE, MANDY, KAT, ELSBETH, EVA, BARBARA, ISABEL AND BRADEN on July 28!!! THE MEGA BUDDY READ!!! :D (Join us if you like!)Now time to prepare this Just in case we or if it escalates to this Sighother mega angst read from Ms. Amy LaneMaybe

  12. Beautiful. Heartbreaking. Classic Amy Lane."This one is dedicated to all of those people who chose family first and dreams second, because they know that making a dream come true isn’t nearly as much fun without someone to share it with."A love story that spans 14 years, when Crick first came into Deacon's life when he was 9 years old and Deacon was 13 years old. All the years, Deacon kept Crick grounded, and dreamed for Crick to have a better life. But Crick only wanted Deacon. And then the u [...]

  13. Hmmmm.Well, after reading all the great reviews for this book, I have to say that it just didn't do it for me. I felt the book was MUCH too long. The middle section went on FOR-E-VERRRRRRRR and didn't seem to really add that much to the book for its length.The beginning of the story was okay. I found reading about a young high-school kid jacking off in a school closet a little inappropriate, and I just didn't really want to spend that many pages reading about adolescent sex fantasies. From the a [...]

  14. Keeping Promise Rock was one of my best m/m reads of this year. I know the year isn't that old yet, but I'm quite sure that it will stay among my top reads of 2016. It actually came as a very nice suprise, because I've been putting this book off for quite a while now. I started the series with the second part and I never really connected with the main characters; I was however quite curious to read more about Deacond and Crick and their beloved ranch. And I loved their story. Amy Lane is a great [...]

  15. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! This book is beyond fabulous!!!!I can't, I just can't. I don't know how in the hell I'm ever going to write a review for this!Amazing! Just beyond perfect, touching, heart wrenching, wonderfuld adjective after adjective."I'm going to just say that for now and try to write a real review here in a little bit once my heart has settled. Perfect doesn't even begin to describe this book.------------------------------------------------------------I just don’t know what possessed me [...]

  16. Crick and Deacon's relationship passed for 14 years, when Crick first came into Deacon's life when he was 9 years old and Deacon was 13 years old. All the years, Deacon kept Crick grounded, and dreamed for the younger guy to have a better life. But Crick only wanted Deacon. Until one day, when Deacon finally gave in to Crick, and meant to tell Crick that they could still be together even if Crick went away to school, Crick took this in a wrong way, and ended up signing for two years tour serving [...]

  17. BUDDY "ORGY" READ with Alvin, Marco, Marte, Mandy, Kat, Elsbeth, Eva, Barbara & IsabelThis will be my message for Crick after he comes back from Iraq (If he's a true person). Bastard.This will probably sums up my reading experience.It was not bad. Actually the story was awesome. It was flawless, profound. Everything what you wish for for a complicated romance book. It's here. And I'm a big sucker for childhood friends/lovers and stories that drag for years!But everything was not good enough [...]

  18. 4.5 starsDamn, this was painful. But so worth it.Both Crick and Deacon make many mistakes. They're great at hurting themselves and each other. The two are far from perfect.But what's undeniable is that Deacon and Crick were so clearly made to be together. They're two halves of a whole, incomplete without the other.I fell for the two from the beginning. I loved seeing how Deacon was Crick's rock throughout Crick's childhood, and how that slowly turned into something more. And my heart hurt for th [...]

  19. It is a rare thing for me to come across a book that I don’t want to end. I’m usually in a big hurry for things to finish up so I can move on to the next one, especially when the book is over 300 or so pages. Not so here. I could’ve read another 1000 pages and still wanted more! And it wasn’t because things weren’t wrapped up (because they were) but because the bond between the main characters was so warm and real that I felt sad leaving them. I was as if my cuddly warm blanket had jus [...]

  20. read to 47% when (view spoiler)[Cricket fuckface cheated with a German prostitute (hide spoiler)]already wasn't liking cricket and he is nonredeemable IMO he really has not though of anyone but himself this whole book so far and I just can't read about a character I hate as much as Cricket

  21. The pacing of this book, the writer's language is so beautiful that I fell in love with the writing as much as the characters.

  22. I have owned this book for over a year but hadn't read it because I heard there was so much angst in this. Boy howdy is there angst in this. Additionally, my old nemesis Miscommunication came to party with Angst and brought his asshole brother, Misunderstanding, too.So Angst, Miscommunication and Misunderstanding are at the party playing their loud music, being assholes and just generally making it hard for Hope, Joy and Love to hear themselves over the racket and din. For a second it looked lik [...]

  23. Wow! This was a tough book to get through and I hadn't expected that.There were so many feelings to sift through: joy and pain, humor and sadness, love and hate, sweetness and ugliness. My heart was shredded along with Crick's and Deacon's but, after many tears and raging, it was also put back together again.I loved the story and the deep, real emotions the author managed to portray in this book. It all felt genuine and I was happy dancing by the time the MCs got what they deserved all along and [...]

  24. The only reason I didn’t spend half of this m/m romance sobbing my eyes out is because I took frequent breaks when I started to get wound up. :) Parts of it were gut-wrenching. And parts weren’t. As a whole, this was a powerful, excellent read that I highly recommend.

  25. This wasn't what i expectedWell i love almost everything in this book. almost. i don't have much to say about this only Amy Lane you do it again. Not even 100 pages and i was already crying.Sweet and Beautiful story.

  26. I just LOVED this book! It had everything. I can only describe it as an emotional journey of life with all its trials and tribulations, but goodness and love.As I can’t get enough books in my life, I decided to fill up the time on the road driving for work with an audio book. My first attempt, but I thought let’s give it a go. Well, I was so enthralled with the whole experience I found myself sat in traffic with a lump in my throat wishing for the jam to last a little longer so I could hear [...]

  27. I picked this book of the M/M romamce group was good, I liked the love story, but also really liked the secondary charactersey are really strong and lovingbut also strugglingriously struggling, they never give up on each other and say the truth even when it's really hard. Deacon and Crick seriously broke my heart they were so adorablehave bought the second one in the series and will surely ge the third one when it comes out.Re-Read 04/21/2011I'm not sure what happened to me with book this timebu [...]

  28. Well that was all sorts of Amy Lane awesomeness and I LOVED it! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to start this series. Crick and Deacon, what an epic love story! They’ve known each other since they were kids and have always loved each other in some capacity. Their story chock full of angst, heartache and tragedy, but I loved every bit of it!I was completely captivated with them by the end of the first chapter. Amy Lane is such a brilliant storyteller. I felt like I was part of their [...]

  29. Wow. I have cried more the last two days than I did over my last divorce. There is no way you can write a synopsis about this book and even get close to what it is. If you are looking for light-hearted, I wouldn't read this yet. But read it sometime. It is full of emotion, love, misunderstandings, understandings and hope. I've read a lot of books and this one has wrung more emotions from me than anything I've read. Thank you Amy Lane for another exceptional book!

  30. Amy Lane has done it to me again. She has turned me inside out by giving me an insight into Crick's and Deacon's love story. And what a story it was! She wrapped me up from the very beginning, making sure I was as tightly wrapped up in the story as all the characters were. The pace was amazing, giving us glimpses of two great characters, their everyday life, inner struggles and interaction with others. First, introducing me to Crick, who my heart went out to immediately. Then, I got to know Deac [...]

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