Il Grimorio di Venezia

Il Grimorio di Venezia Nell estate del qualcosa di strano sta accadendo a Venezia il mare si fatto caldo come il sangue squali si aggirano per la laguna e i pozzi vomitano colonne d acqua bollente Tra gli scienziati c

  • Title: Il Grimorio di Venezia
  • Author: Michelle Lovric Maria Concetta Scotto di Santillo
  • ISBN: 9788862561655
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nell estate del 1899 qualcosa di strano sta accadendo a Venezia il mare si fatto caldo come il sangue, squali si aggirano per la laguna e i pozzi vomitano colonne d acqua bollente Tra gli scienziati chiamati a investigare sui fenomeni c la famiglia di Teodora Stampara, undicenne curiosa, intelligente e dotata di un talento insolito la capacit di vedere le parole Nell estate del 1899 qualcosa di strano sta accadendo a Venezia il mare si fatto caldo come il sangue, squali si aggirano per la laguna e i pozzi vomitano colonne d acqua bollente Tra gli scienziati chiamati a investigare sui fenomeni c la famiglia di Teodora Stampara, undicenne curiosa, intelligente e dotata di un talento insolito la capacit di vedere le parole dei suoi interlocutori Ma quella che per lei si prospettava come una vacanza prende tutt altra piega quando un libro misterioso, La Chiave della Citt Segreta, la sceglie cadendole in testa e senza chiederle il permesso la precipita nel lato nascosto della citt , popolato di sirene che parlano come scaricatori di porto, gatti alati, spettri deformi e apparizioni ancor pi spaventose Divenuta invisibile a tutti tranne che ai bambini e alle creature soprannaturali, Teodora, che vorrebbe disperatamente tornare alla sua vita, instaura un complicato rapporto con Renzo, ragazzino veneziano altezzoso e coltissimo, e insieme a lui si ritrova coinvolta in una battaglia secolare per la sopravvivenza della citt.

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    1. All her life Teodora has wanted to visit Venice, but her adoptive parents have always resisted. Now Venice is sinking faster than ever before and strange things are stirring, and her scientific parents have been called from Naples to attend a convention to figure out the problem and its solution while the Mayor of Venice pretends that nothing is wrong and that children aren't dying. Eleven year old Teo happily explores the ancient city and, when it falls on her head in an old bookshop, acquires [...]

    2. This is definitely a book bursting with invention, and the prose style is perfect for the setting (though I could have done without some of the winks to adult readers about the Biennial). I'll be adding Teo to my Bookish Protagonists list, too.Yet it didn't work for me. If I weren't stuck in bed, I might have put it down unfinished, but I soldiered on. There is so much to like - the rowdy mermaids, the Cat-archivist - yet it didn't hold my interest. Perhaps there was simply too much invention, o [...]

    3. Take one adopted child call Teodora, add a cursed city under siege from vindictive ghosts seeking revenge, a huge monster slowly coming awake under the Venice lagoon, cannibal seagulls, anti-establishment mermaids, a vain friend and one handsome Venetian boy and you have all the ingredients for a spectacular adventure in real life Venice of 1899. Teo is an unusual child in many ways. She has never believed she belonged in Naples and when she finally persuades her scientist family to take her Ve [...]

    4. Back in March I ran into this book during a children's and YA book sale. I won't lie, this book has the most beautiful cover art of any book I've ever seen, and that would be one hundred percent why I picked it up. Even the end pages were gorgeous!But then I picked it up and read the blurb, it was set in Venice! One of my dream European cities. Ok, so the premise sounded like it had promise too, but really, I might have bought it anyhow.Venice + Pretty book= sold.It's nice to have no real expect [...]

    5. Overall Review: What a lovely, exciting and thorough story! By the time I finished this book, I felt like it could be possible for me to walk through Venice and name every building I saw! I loved the history; I loved the descriptions; I loved the fast pace and the excitement and the mystery! I even loved the fact that after the story was finished, there was an entire section on what was true in the story (people and events) and a section about the buildings and places mentioned! Some wonderful, [...]

    6. MontanaLibrary2GoIt just wasn't very good. Lots of good ideas, not executed well. Far too much crammed in. Take Teo, for example. She's the Undrowned Child, the Lost Daughter, she can see people's words written above their heads, read upside down and backward, has a photographic memory, can read people's hearts by touching their chests, is able to learn new dialects and use unfamiliar languages near-instantaneously, et cetera et cetera. It's too much. It's also too long. I was completely sick of [...]

    7. At first glance, this book seemed like it was written for me. Magic, mystery, and mermaids in an alternate Venice of 1899. What could be better? Unfortunately, there was simply too much going on in this book, and at times it was hard to follow the thread. (view spoiler)[Case in point: At one stage Teo ends up in a church (I think?) where Bajamonte Tiepolo or one of his henchmen (I think?) steals the skin of a famous saint called MarcAntonio Bragadin (I think?) in order to hold Tiepolo together b [...]

    8. At first it looked like this book had EVERYTHING. I picked it up in the library, saw the cover, read it was about MERMAIDS and Venice and magic and dark stuff, had a love story and an awesome heroine you know how it goes.So I started reading and at first it really was everything I could want from a book. But then I can't explain it. It was too full of everything. The whole book was a giant twist. Or maybe a pile of smaller twists. A really giant pile. Full of unnecessary crap.I had a lot of trou [...]

    9. I came by this book at a bookshop sometime last year, and since then has been knocking around in a cupboard up until a few months ago. I got this book finished in a few days (when I finally picked it up!) I loved the fact the story was set in Venice in the early 1900s. The only downside to this book was the amount of romance. Though I do suppose this is a children's book! I at the time I thought there was too much action, and not enough social situations!

    10. 4 StarsFirst thing’s first – I adore Venice and so am horribly biased in this books favour. It’s a far from perfect book, and I’ll get onto that later, but it really does capture the magic of the city. Or at least it did for me; how someone who has never visited the place would find it though…I’m not that sure. In fact I would probably only gift this to a child who already had some knowledge of, or better yet had actually been to Venice. There’s a handy map with key locations on at [...]

    11. I'm going to do something I don't normally do: comment on a book before I've finished it. Just after starting it, actually, because there are so many things about it I'm enjoying already. A three-page table of contents with very intriguing chapter titles. A map of Venice in 1899, with a legend for key locations in the plot to come. A surprisingly dark prologue, containing the evil murder by drowning of an innocent extended family on their way to baptize their most recent addition; and I don't th [...]

    12. I got an advanced reading copy of this book through the Vine program. I love historical fantasies, especially ones set in Europe, so this sounded like an excellent read to me. In general I really enjoyed the story, all of the history, the fantastical creatures, and the Venice setting.Teodora has always longed to visit Venice. Finally her scientific parents are called to help with the problem of Venice sinking and Teo is allowed to accompany them. There Teo is hit on the head by a mysterious boo [...]

    13. Teo dreams of visiting Venice. As a book worm she spends days pouring over books with detailed descriptions of what a wonderful city it is. When her parents get a letter that says they are needed (they're scientists) in Venice, Teo leaps at the opportunity to tag along. Unfortunately her parent's colleagues are bringing their daughter Maria along. Maria only cares about fashion, she scoffs at Teo who always has her head in a book. Luckily they come to an arrangement where their parents will thin [...]

    14. The Undrowned Child is about an adopted girl named Teodora, who always felt a deep connection to the city of Venice. Her adoptive parents, who are very studious scientists, had to travel to Venice to discover what was happening to the city. The wells were gushing boiling water, sharks were filling all of the canals, and children were dying from the plague. Teodora went with her parents and while in a book shop, a book called The Key to the Secret City had fallen on her head, and since then, she [...]

    15. The short version? People will probably compare this to books like Harry Potter. In a generic sense it could be fair - There's a bad guy who is cursed, there is magic afoot, and really for all practical purposes only the children are useful in saving the world they care about (here that world is simply the city of Venice), there are some fantasy creatures and it's a fairly long story for a childrens book. On the other hand The Undrowned story takes place in Venice and attempts to drop us right t [...]

    16. Teodora is certain about two things in her life: the first that she is adopted, and the second that she belongs in Venice. Hanging out at the old bookstore all day is the perfect life for Teo. That is, until a mysterious book falls onto her head and knocks her unconscious. The book is titled The Key to the Secret City, and suddenly Teo's life will never be the same again. There is more to Venice than meets the eye, and Teo and her friend Renzo are about to see it all firsthand. Plus, something e [...]

    17. The moment I started this book I knew I would love it. I'm a sucker for anything set in Venice anyway, but the opening pages told me that this was a writer with a story to tell. I was excited at the prospect of getting lost in the plotOne of the main characters in this book has problems with verbosity. He cannot recant a tale without filling in details that drag the story out unnecessarily. This is an unfortunate ailment from which Michelle Lovric herself seems to suffer, along with a tendency t [...]

    18. What a wonderful book. I would recommend this for the LoneStar award ! Michelle Lovric gives you a true sense of life in Venice in the late 1800's and mixes in a powerful combination of the creepy and mysterious. Teo is feeling a bit lost while visiting Venice from her native Naples when she is hit on the head by an old book. The book leads her on a mad dash around Venice along with a young guy she meets along the way to save Venice from an ancient evil guy who is regaining power and sending his [...]

    19. The Undrowned Child is a book that makes me excited about books – about the art of story-telling, about imagination, about the cleverness and beauty of the English language, about great characters and about the ability of a story to transport you someplace else. It was the best kids book I read last year. It is a shame it doesn’t seem to be well-known (as far as I can tell, in Australia). Maybe the release of the suquel, The Mourning Emporium, will change that – I hope so, because The Undr [...]

    20. I borrowed this book from my niece, who loved the story as much as the beautiful cover, which she admitted was the reason she chose it. I was certainly not disappointed. The author skilfully brings the city of Venice to life (quite literally in parts) in this historical fantasy novel. The reader is taken on a wonderful journey through this magical city, as the central characters - Theodara and Lorenzo - uncover the truth behind the many strange and increasingly disturbing events, which threaten [...]

    21. First, mermaids in a good way. Don't judge this book by it's cover unless it's the blurbs on the back. Teodora is adopted and has wondered about her past. She seems to sense a place, a home, when her family goes to Venice. Strange things begin to happen when a book literally falls on her head. The book has a message just for her. The pages change to tell her what she needs. She teams up with a Venetian boy and they discover the ruin that is descending on 1899 Venice is the result of the return o [...]

    22. This was a disappointment. Apparently all scientists are unimaginative, rational and unable to appreciate art, mood or atmosphere. Being rational is intrinsically bad, also. Perhaps Ms. Lovric should meet some scientists, as in my experience many of them are keen on the arts and have to be imaginative in order to do their work. Did it not require imagination to propose that microscopic organisms are responsible for human disease?Anyway, Lovric's prejudices aside, this is a fairly standard orphan [...]

    23. This is a book full of adventure and based in Venice. The story is filled with details and places from the real Venice and the action takes you all around the city and under it. It is a joy to read and will keep the pages turning . There is a good storyline to it and plenty of good and bad guys to keep you entertained. I have often wanted to go to Venice and this has just made me want to go even more. I will be getting the next book following this one to see where the next adventure takes me.

    24. I had this book on my "to read" shelf for YEARS, took it home half a dozen times and returned it to the library unread, and FINALLY actually was able to start it. Imagine my disappointment when, 70 pages in, I realized that I just did not like it. I don't even know why! It just seemed like a big confusing jumble of characters and ideas. I can imagine that someone else might like it, it just was not for me.

    25. This is one of my favourite books ever.I was given this for my last birthday, I had asked for it because of the interesting title and beautiful cover.It is probably one of the best books I have read, and I can't wait for the sequal, with yet another beautiful cover (The Mourning Emporium, out soon).

    26. A great combination of fantasy and historical fiction. Set in 1899, the story is about Teodora who visits Venice when the city is facing imminent destruction by a malevolent ghost. It is up to Teodora, a boy called Renzo and a group of mermaids to save Venice. A great read that dragged in parts.

    27. Glorious depiction of a fantastical Venice. I've been there in the floods and felt its dark undercurrents, so this felt true in many ways. Enjoyable read with lots of little details that will fascinate.

    28. I loved the prologue, with the family party piling into the gondola on a stormy night to take a young baby to be baptized. But the main part of the book seemed typical and unsubtle, with hints of a distractingly anachronistic viewpoint.

    29. This was a really great book, I just found it a little slow in the beginning. The main conflict and plot of the story is really suspenseful and practically addicting, though. It is a great read.

    30. I really liked this book. The only problem was, it took me until the middle of the book to figure out what time period it was set in. But that's just me. *shrugs shoulders*

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