The Story of Tol

The Story of Tol After committing an unforgivable crime Tol is taken into the folds of an underground society and reeducated This story includes descriptions of sexual relations between adultmen and between an adult

  • Title: The Story of Tol
  • Author: Jack Rowan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 404
  • Format: online fiction
  • After committing an unforgivable crime, Tol is taken into the folds of an underground society and reeducated This story includes descriptions of sexual relations between adultmen, and between an adult man and a 16 17 year old teenager, includingbondage and SM WARNING If the law in your jurisdiction says that you re too young to be reading this, then I suggest very strAfter committing an unforgivable crime, Tol is taken into the folds of an underground society and reeducated This story includes descriptions of sexual relations between adultmen, and between an adult man and a 16 17 year old teenager, includingbondage and SM WARNING If the law in your jurisdiction says that you re too young to be reading this, then I suggest very strongly that you should obey the law People who are likely to be offended by the subject matter are respectfully advised not to read it.Approx 97,100 words complete

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    1. Gosh, what an extraordinary story; I think the best m/m BDSM-themed story I've ever read. This is a sequel of a kind (or perhaps more a counterpoint) to The Story of Tim (same author), although it easily works as a stand-alone. My only regret is that there isn't a 6-star rating.The story headed in a completely different direction from what it seemed to be after the first chapter: it seemed it was going to be just another slave fuck-fest, which suprised me as I expected a lot more from the author [...]

    2. An interesting story, with a bit more thought behind it than similar works. Don't be put off by the fact this is Nifty story about a 14 year old boy, Tim, and a 30-something Dom, David. This is nothing like the sissboy series etc, and instead the 14-year old is written like a 25-year old; he's articulate, intelligent, thoughtful, self-aware, and incredibly mature.The premise is that Tim was abused as a seven-year old and it has affected his life. Tim feels a lack of self-worth, and has not had s [...]

    3. 1.5* rounded down.First let me state that Simsala truly nailed it in her review to be read here:/review/showThen, I don't know why I never reviewed this, but after a quick glance over the first few chapters and at the end, I realised I've read this already in 2013 and hadn't been much taken with it then. Nor am I now.This is a tortureporn fic masquerading as "dark BDSM" which is really rather mechanical. Mind, nothing against setting up an AU or situation in which you can endlessly torture someo [...]

    4. The Story of Tol is a very dark, riveting story of BDSM (sadism in particular), revenge and redemption. It has elements of fantasy mixed with a stark, realistic language, that leaves the reader with the chills. There were BDSM societies, an internal judicial system with severe methods of punishment, etc. The beginning of the story dragged me under so quickly, I could not put it down. And I wanted to. I was scared was as if I were a child again - watching Friday the Thirteenth, covering my my eye [...]

    5. 1,5 starsA free-online BDSM fantasy.Vicious, sadistic, cruel butso heavy on pathos, pomp and misplaced BDSM-glory that I couldn`t help but roll my eyes - it simply was too much.The total lack of subtleness and sheer amount of senseless over-the-top torture masked as catharsis made The Story Of Tol an unimpressive, almost boring read.

    6. What to rate this? There were times it bordered on silly, times it made me think and other times it seemed to be drawn out. I'm not even what to say about it. I liked it in the end. Maybe 3.5 rounded up.-----If you liked this story then you may be interested in the group theDepraved Minds Club .

    7. Mesmerizing and enthralling if you have any interest in the psychology behind BDSM you must read this. It is not the smoothest story, the dialogue can be stilted at times, it is unapologetically violent and harsh - but the journey is so worth it. Redemption, justice, and honesty through great personal trial bring Tol into the light from the darkness. I think this one would speak to many on a deeper spiritual like level. The idea that you exercise your demons not by drowning them (in substance ab [...]

    8. Where oh where is Jack Rowan? Do I need to plug a few warnings? Children are harmed, people continually being beaten bloody, there are rapes and murder. Ok?EPIC love story. Some paranormal stuff just woven in so beautifully it's hardly detected, until suddenly you realize (view spoiler)[ wow, some of the players have empathic abilities, like super powers! (hide spoiler)] and it simply "is". Some will find the spiritual "woo-woo" off putting. I loved it! I found The Story of Tim and The Story of [...]

    9. That was really well done. Aside from the story being crazy/interesting/wow, jaw-dropping occasionally I'm so glad I read it. Tol's narrative was incredible and to see everything he went through from his point-of-view was, well I'm kind of at a loss for words.I can see why it's a classic and I can't wait to get Tim's story.

    10. This is divided into 9 parts, and when I finished part 8, I stopped reading for several hours. Why? Because I didn't want to finish reading the last part and have this perfect ride be over. So I spent over 4 hours FEELING this unfinished story sitting at the back of my brain and being a complete masochist about Not Finishing it!For me, the main theme was the ethical/spiritual development and self discovery of the main character. I think the BDSM and paranormal(?) elements were brilliant aids to [...]

    11. Hahahahaha, wow, what the fuck?Boy, is this way out of my comfort zone but I wasnda fine with that. I love BDSM stories that try to constantly push boundaries so props to the author for that. What I did have a problem with was the juvenile style of writing. There was no finesse to it. The whole thing also felt like a lot of smut and no substance. My personal preference insists on some sort of tangible emotional connection in slave-themed fics like these so I was left only half-satisfied towards [...]

    12. This story make such a big impact on me. Wow!!! Surprise you can find some jewel on Nifty. This story is not for everyone. Deal with a 14 years old teenager that is a masochist, his 28 years old uncle (not blood related) that is a sadist and how you deal with the need to be hurt and to hurt someone.Note: The fact that the teen is 14 years is talk about a lot in the story.

    13. 'You could have had me, but you threw me away.' It all starts with a terrible crime. 24-year old Tol tries to suppress his sadistic urges almost all his life. Only when he meets 16-year old Aron does he lose control. And then the beast roared, and broke through the bars. [… ]"I felt cruel, powerful and ruthless. I was hurting him, and I wanted to hurt him more. I wanted his screams, I wanted his pain. I was no longer resisting it, I was participating, enjoying, feeding it. I felt my smile."But [...]

    14. Like others, I found this difficult to rate. It's a BDSM consensual slave story with a 14-year-old main character. He doesn't really act much like a 14-year-old but it is an important point. Because this story, like others by Jack Rowan, seems to be more about making a point than writing sex. And one point is that chronological age or age of consent does not really make a relationship right or wrong. Although this story was told from the perspective of David, this was Tim's story and Tim was the [...]

    15. This one was all weird for me. I've read the sequel months ago and really liked it, but this was neither here nor there. The underage issue and the age difference don't bother me, so it's not that. More the flow of the story and the grown up way Tim was presented in. Sex scenes seemed too much with not enough time in between and the side characters were made somewhat sloppy. Really, the sequel was so much better. As for recommending, I can't really recommend this to anyone and be at peace. I can [...]

    16. Sequel/Side-story of 'Story of Tim'This one was extremely hard for me to read for me as a victim of rape. No this story does contain rape in different form, the point of view is the one of the sadist, sadist that here is not a gentle man but someone that deal badly with his need and want a slave like in the old time, when sane-safe-consensual didn't exist. But, Tol is going to be stop and the same group than in the first story is going to help him understand the wrong of his view and help him fi [...]

    17. I admit I was a bit wary when I saw this was on Nifty. But while it was at times a bit intense (for me at least, and not necessarily always the same kind of intense), there was nothing dirty about the relationship that develops in this story. I really loved both MCs, and quite a few of side characters too. As for the writing, while it certainly was not at the level of published work, there was nothing distracting about it either, and it allowed me to flow with the story well enough. It would pro [...]

    18. This story is not only an excellent BDSM novel, this is also a philosophical and ethical book. For someone like me, who am SM from conception (probably because it's in my genes), this story is a real delight. As the author puts it somewhere in the middle of the novel, this story is one of "ruthless compassion".This is definitely not for the faint of heart though. There is almost not a page without someone being tortured (usually Tol). But we're seduced by his desire to redeem his offense at any [...]

    19. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars. M/M. Another dark, erotic fanfiction story I found on . This was really well written, very few errors at all. A big caution for those considering reading this, one of the MC's is a 14-year old boy. I've read the story and I accept that this 14-year old (a survivor of abuse when he was 7 years old) was capable of giving consent, but I know that others would disagree and they should probably skip this one.

    20. Wow!This was incredible from the start. Could not put it down and had to finish it in one sitting just to see what happened!

    21. Comme souvent je ressors d’une lecture BDSM bouleversée et l’histoire de Tol ne fait pas exception. C’est une belle et cruelle histoire d’amour que nous conte Jack Rowan. Tol est un jeune homme avec de forte pulsion sadique qu’il ne sait absolument pas gérer, il appelle cela « la bête » en lui, quand elle prend possession de ses sens, il et dépassé et en arrive à faire des choses qu’il regrettera amèrement. Lorsqu’il rencontre Aron, un jeune homme magnifique de 16 ans il e [...]

    22. Wow rather traumatic but a must-do experience. Not the sexiest story I have read, but it was very profound. Through part 1, I thought it was going to be a typical story of a rapist, control-freak, sadist not exactly the typical Nifty story (a young man being enslaved against his will without really being told what's going on), but a somewhat common type. Things started getting even darker in subsequent parts and I thought of quitting.Then I got past that part, past the senseless brutality and it [...]

    23. The sequel to this story (The Story of Tol) had a much greater emotional impact on me. But I would still recommend this one, too. For one, it's a much tamer introduction to the alternate universe (it's contemporary England, but has a powerful BDSM society among other things) than Tol's story (which is full of non-con and horrific abuse). The writing is good and the dynamic between the MCs unusual: although the sub has a history of abuse, for once it's not the Dom who thinks it a good idea to hea [...]

    24. A very nice, if a bit short, story about how Tim overcomes abuse and learns to love in a sub-dom relationship. I felt this story had a bit more realism in it, than many other bdsm stories I've read. The way that David plays his dom role, for one, seems to cut a lot closer to what a loving, caring dom is like in real life and less that of a fantasy creation. I love Tim's character, he is flirty, teasing and yet the perfect sub. He isn't the negative sub either, which you read too many of, but rat [...]

    25. Very much not my type of book. I made the mistake of starting on the last chapter, which is not the best introduction I know, plus the archaic and formulaic language bored me rigid. I restarted at the beginning and again lost interest skimming through Tol's mistreatment of Aron (someone he professed to love yet treated so badly!) and boggling at the sadistic beatings and rape of Tol that were supposed to both punish him and give him the opportunity for redemption! I'm not too sure of the ethics [...]

    26. This is a story of one man's redemption - and while I can't say I enjoyed it exactly, I can say that it kept me glued to the pages. Whether the psychology of the BDSM in this novel is accurate or not, I have no idea, but in many ways it becomes irrelevant, as the author 'sold it' successfully to me. Definitely not a story for everyone, and one I probably won't re-read unlike some other dark novels I have read. There is graphic violence, rape, torture and cruel confinement in this story so be pre [...]

    27. I liked this story. I gave it 4 stars because I gave 5 stars to "The Story of Tol" by the same author and this last story was definitely better. So I could not really give the same number of stars to this one.This is interesting to see a Dom/sub relationship were the sub is more intelligent than the Dom. Usually, the authors insist on the opposite. The Dom here does not want a sub who is just a carpet to put his feet on nor a couple of holes to put his c inside. So, this is a good story, but I s [...]

    28. This is a weird one. The ages of the characters (34 and 14!) were actually less of an issue than I thought they would be for me - in fact,I just read one with an 18-year-old which felt a lot more squicky in terms of people being taken advantage of.I guess what weirds me most about it is it can't decide whether it wants to be wish-fulfillment porn, or a story about issues. So it mingles both, sometimes a bit queasily.

    29. Wow, this really was a hard book to read. Brutal, dark, bloody, ruthless and yet beautiful, full of hope and love and forgiveness. This really is not for the faint of heart and even I had to skip over a scene at the beginning and almost descarded the book entirely. But I'm very glad I didn't, would have been a loss not to read it to the end. Very well written despite - or probably because of - its brutal honesty.

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