La dama del Arcángel

La dama del Arc ngel Cuando la cazadora de vampiros Elena Deveraux se convirti en un ngel con unas magn ficas alas de los colores de la medianoche y el amanecer volvi su mundo del rev s Su amante el incre blemente peli

  • Title: La dama del Arcángel
  • Author: Nalini Singh
  • ISBN: 9788499891965
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Cuando la cazadora de vampiros Elena Deveraux se convirti en un ngel, con unas magn ficas alas de los colores de la medianoche y el amanecer, volvi su mundo del rev s Su amante, el incre blemente peligroso arc ngel Rafael, la utiliza para tener el control, incluso siendo la mujer que considera suya.Pero Elena no le ha ido bien con la autoridad , sobretodo cuando parCuando la cazadora de vampiros Elena Deveraux se convirti en un ngel, con unas magn ficas alas de los colores de la medianoche y el amanecer, volvi su mundo del rev s Su amante, el incre blemente peligroso arc ngel Rafael, la utiliza para tener el control, incluso siendo la mujer que considera suya.Pero Elena no le ha ido bien con la autoridad , sobretodo cuando parece que Rafael es el que necesita su ayuda Los arc ngeles puede ser muy poderosos, pero hay algunas cosas que s lo el gremio de los Cazadores puede llevar a cabo, y para Elena y Rafael puede ser la investigaci n m s peligroso todav a.

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    1. WARNING : HOT PICS INSIDE !!!! Before I write the review, do yo ever guessed why Naasir never appear in this book?The answer is He's so naughty, so Raphael change him as a cutie little white tiger, and take him as accessories at his shoulder Just kidding :PNow,for the reviewWhat I must said?After my long time waiting for this book, 2 months, if you want to know, I'm almost weep when this book finally arrived at my home. And I don't wanna waste a time, that night I read it and I found, when I'm f [...]

    2. I discovered yesterday that I own more than eight hundred romances. Straightforward, luridly-covered paperbacks from Messrs Harlequin Mills & Boon and associated publications. So I've decided that one of these days, when I'm done with my more important chores, like cleaning the toilet and reorganizing my groceries in alphabetical order, I will collate all of these romances, borrowing maybe a paragraph in total from each of these books, to achieve a manuscript approximately one hundred and ei [...]

    3. Third re-read: Jan 11th 2017First read: Dec 30th 2013____________________Gosh, how I enjoy reading this series. Especially about Elena and Raphael. They truly are one of my all time fav couples. They simply support each other so well and their love is unbreakable. Even when it at times seems that one might be in a bad and cold place, the other doesn't give up and pulls till they see light again. Their journey is amazing and this new adventure hits very close to Raphael's past and heart. We also [...]

    4. This is a spoiler-FREE review for book three, Archangel's Consort, but there are spoilers relating to the first two books in this series.Although Elena is now an angel, she is still very young in the immortal world. With the help of her lover, archangel Raphael and his Seven, those that have vowed their loyalty to him, Elena is getting stronger and wise in the immortal ways every day. She is able to fly now, although the vertical lift off and endurance still eludes her. Now that she is stronger, [...]

    5. SEVEN REASONS WHY I LOVE SINGH’S SEVEN:1. They are seven of the hottest vamps and angels out there! Singh answered my call to heaven for a book about angels and vampires. Sexy angels + Sexy vampires = enflamed panties. Genius!2. They like to trash talk like this:“Sure you can handle me, pretty, pretty Bluebell?”“Did I ever tell you about my snakeskin boots?”“I do think I need some new feathers for my pillow.”3. They dress like GQ models in black-on-black suits. Venom, you smexy bea [...]

    6. *** 4 ***A Buddy Read with my Wednesday Warrior lovers at BB&B! Make the warriors angels, and we go nuts! Raphael, the Archangel of New York and his newly made consort, the angel in training and hunter extraordinaire Elena, are still trying to figure out how a relationship of a very human and recently mortal hunter and a very powerful, over 1000 years old Archangel, son of two of the most powerful ancient Archangels and member of the Cadre, could possibly work and be fair and satisfying for [...]

    7. Buddy read with the UF lovers of Buddies Books and BaublesI'm pretty behind on reviews so this one will be shorter.The series is picking up for me now in this third book. There is an old power rising and it is affecting the Angels in ways they didn't predict. Elena must be there for Raphael to help him through some of his more human feelings as the power rises and he has to decide whether to kill it or wait and see if the long sleeping Angel well be sane when it wakes.I really liked the premise [...]

    8. 05/10/2016 Buddy read with my amazing friends over at BB&B. A consort was more than a lover, more than a wife. She was someone with whom an archangel could discuss the darkest of secrets, someone he could trust to speak only the truth, even if it wasn’t something he wanted to hear.Elena Deveraux has barely returned to New York after the devastating events of Beijing, before her skills as a vampire hunter is needed. A vampire attacks a girls’ school, the very school where her half-sister [...]

    9. I strongly recommend not reading this review if you have not read the previous two books, Angels’ Blood and Archangel’s Kiss. It is impossible for me to write this review without including HUGE spoilers for the first book. So, just know that the first two books were five stars for me and I recommend them!This book takes us back to New York and all the family and friends that Elena hasn’t seen since being Made. I’ve been eager to see the reaction to Elena’s wings since the end of the fi [...]

    10. The story itself was good, but it just couldn't capture my interest as much as I thought it would. The suspense part didn't excite me. I felt like I wasn't eager to find out what was going to happen next. The sex scenes were great though. They were not only well-written, but also intense and passionate!I couldn’t care less about these crazy archangels who were trying to usurp each other’s powers. So far I would say I enjoy this series just because of Raphael, a super hot archangel hero with [...]

    11. That she was loved it was wonder enough. That she was loved by this man, it was beyond wonder.He would not hurt her, this hunter with a mortal heart who held his own in her hands.Nalini Singh knows how to write relationships. It is always beautiful the way she captures the magical feelings of falling in love. She has a way of pulling you in and making you feel all of those wonderful moments. I noticed it in the psy-changling series, and in this one. Along with writing the feelings of new love, s [...]

    12. One of the things that I love most in this series is that the characters have real growth - which means they're not always "good." Sometimes trust takes time to build, and we get to see that. Sometimes characters are assholes, and slowly - oh-so-slowly - begin to change. Sometimes, a relationship takes a while to settle and for the people to really find their place in it. The fact that Elena and Raphael are working towards a working relationship, the love that it takes to never give up, even whe [...]

    13. Our MC’s are back from Beijing and recovering from the maelstrom of events that took place, but they are not afforded a breathing chance as vampires are acting strangely all over. Someone or something seems to be influencing their behavior and Elena is immediately called in to investigate when death visits a school in the form of a vampire with bloodlust. Problem is, this seems to be only the beginning with similar incidents taking place all over. And to top it all the unusual behavior is not [...]

    14. Archangel's Consort was far from perfect with it's superfluous sex scenes and slow build up to an uncertain and frankly lack lustre ending. It pains me to say all of that because Nalini Singh is one of my favourite authors with her Psy-Changeling books being my favourite paranormal romance series. My disloyalty is blasphemous but it needs to be said.The numerous sex scenes led to boredom and skimming, not because they weren't hot, they were, there were just too damn many of them. Especially if y [...]

    15. OK. Wow, so I’m officially on the Guild Hunter train. When I read the 1st book a year ago, I was feeling somewhat lukewarm, and then, by the 2nd book, I started truly enjoying it. This book, however, has me realize how much I appreciate the author’s craft: the world-building, the plot, the characters – I love it.The plot is more on the slow side, but for once, I am actually totally OK with that. There is a nice gradual build-up to every development in the plot and characters. It is fun dis [...]

    16. So, if you like a book about angels "doin' it" this is def the book for you. I think the overall plot here was a little thin, and I got sick of Elena's family "problem" stuff. The romance stuff was RACY and well done, but most the time I got distracted about where their wings were going during all thisahemhletics.I do enjoy this author;s writing, just thought I could use some more conflict and plot instead of teh sexing. Of course I'll read the next one, haha.

    17. I'm re-reading this series. The latest installment is out so I want to be in the zone. But oh wow. This is awkward. I could not finish it.I COULD NOT FUCKING FINISH IT.And I used to love it. I used to love it a lot. People change. Indeed they do.What made me feel this way? There's no fucking story. It's all about Raphael banging Elena, Elena banging Raphael and so on. I also have a big problem with Raphael's caveman attitude. Nope, cannot stand it. So that's it for me. I'm dropping the series. S [...]

    18. 1st Read - April 20132nd Read - September 2016Original ReviewIt is time for Vampire Hunter Elena to return to New York and let the world see the changes she has gone through but as nothing ever goes smoothly for the couple they soon find themselves caught up in the hunt of their lives. As more and more vampires are taken over by bloodlust they quickly realise that all is not what it seems, a powerful enemy is rising, a face from Raphael's past that he hoped never to see again and one who is dete [...]

    19. Swathed in the silken shadows of the deepest night, New York was the same . . . and altered beyond compare. Elena and Raphael are back in New York. Elena is still trying to adjust to her wings to becoming stronger and to dealing with mortality or immortality. But throughout other things are stirring. Weather patterns are changing and a lot of the Cadre are becoming even more unpredictable than before. There is once again no rest for the wicked as there are more murders to solve that leads Raphae [...]

    20. OMFG, and to believe I was afraid I would not like it as much as the first 2 books. I have no idea how so many rated this book lower than those because for me it was way better than book 2. I loved it, absolutely adored it. I had been waiting to read anything about this series for so long, and to finally be able to do so was amazing, better than everything I could have ever expected. So many things happened in this book, many all time changing events, and I can't wait to read how everything will [...]

    21. June 8, 2012: 3 starsOct. 10, 2016: 4 starsI think the reason I like these so much better the second time around is because I’m not reading them back to back. Elena’s flashbacks aren’t as bothersome when there is some time between books. I had been really irritated with them the first time because they were repetitive with so little new info learned from them. The plot was weak. Elena and Raphael were dealing with personal issues and some of the weird stuff that was going on, but for most [...]

    22. Advance Excerpt from Archangel's ConsortChapter 1Swathed in the silken shadows of deepest night, New York was the same . . . and altered beyond compare. Once Elena had watched angels take flight from the light-filled column of the Tower as she sat in front of the distant window of her cherished apartment. Now, she was one of those angels, perched high atop a balcony that had no railing, nothing to prevent a deadly fall.Except of course, she would no longer fall.Her wings were stronger now. She w [...]

    23. Hmm, not as awesome as the previous two books. This time around it seemed like a paranormal book, whereas the others were more UF. There's not really a huge plot or mystery to solve in this book, which is why I think I didn't like it as much. This whole book's plot is about Raphael's mother and whether she's Sleeping (super hibernation coma for immortals) or not and whether she's now awakening or not. That whole is she or isn't she theme goes on the entire book and it's boring. It's too indefini [...]

    24. Re-read September 2016Buddy read with Sarah, Maru and AngeRe-read January 2015 Re-read 31st March 2013:I am so sorry that I finished it again! This series NEVER gets old.Re-read: I don't know how Nalini Singh does it but her books are amazing. I love the developing relationship of Elena and Raphael, the way they struggle to be what the other one needs.

    25. Adamlar gökyüzünde uçarken bir yandan da seks yapıyorlar.Gerisini siz düşünün artık :D Resmen hayal gücünün sınırlarını zorlamış Nalini'ciğim.

    26. 3.5*Action urban fantasy and paranormal romance combination. Lyrical and sensual Nalini Singh's writing creates a sharp contrast with the brutality and horror of the crimes she puts in her stories. It all starts with the murders in girl's school and pools of blood, and continues in a wave of dark and cruel crimes spreading throughout the city. Plot is interesting, enough action, good pacing, some humour - it kept my attention.On a romantic front - there are more explicit sex scenes here than I'v [...]

    27. Eleana - "A lot of women have trouble with their mothers-in-law.”Raphael - “My mother is an insane archangel." I Really Enjoyed This OneNot As Dark Or Heavy As The First Two In The SeriesA World I Do Not Want To Escape

    28. Re-read: 09.09.2016Still good. Both book #2 and #3 doesn't beat book #1 though. Not even close. I do not know why, but I find this book (and book two) a bit boring at times, or more correctly heavy. I mean, I love everything; the world, the characters, the plot, but stillere's something missing that should make my heart beat fast in excitement

    29. Buddy read with the UF freaks at BB&B.The vacation is over. If you can call Elena's stay at the Refuge a vacation :D So it's back to NY and the problems of being the first Made angel. Well maybe not the first ever but the first in millennia. Its not only showing up with wings after more than an year but also facing the division of loyalty this creates. As much as Elena wants to go back to being a Guild Hunter her new status changes everything. There are secrets she can't tell her friends and [...]

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