The Line Between

The Line Between Featuring the Hugo and Nebula award winning original novelette from the world of The Last Unicorn Two Hearts The long awaited sequel to the popular classic The Last Unicorn is the centerpiece of this

  • Title: The Line Between
  • Author: Peter S. Beagle
  • ISBN: 9781892391360
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • Featuring the Hugo and Nebula award winning original novelette from the world of The Last Unicorn, Two Hearts The long awaited sequel to the popular classic The Last Unicorn is the centerpiece of this powerful collection of new tales from a fantasy master As longtime fans have come to expect, the stories are written with a grace and style similar to fantasy s most origiFeaturing the Hugo and Nebula award winning original novelette from the world of The Last Unicorn, Two Hearts The long awaited sequel to the popular classic The Last Unicorn is the centerpiece of this powerful collection of new tales from a fantasy master As longtime fans have come to expect, the stories are written with a grace and style similar to fantasy s most original voices, such as J R R Tolkien, Fritz Leiber, and Kurt Vonnegut Traditional themes are typically infused with modern sensibilities reincarnated lovers and waning kings rub shoulders with heroic waifs Schmendrick the Magician returns to adventure, as does the ghost of an off Broadway actor and a dream stealing shapeshifter and Gordon, the delightfully charming self made cat, appears for the first time in print, taking his place alongside Stuart Little as a new favorite of the young at heart This wide ranging compilation contains sly humor and a resounding depth that will charm fans of literary fantasy.Contents A Dance with Emilia El Regalo Four Fables The Fable of the Moth, The Fable of the Octopus, The Fable of the Ostrich, The Fable of the Tyrannosaurus Rex Gordon, the Self Made Cat Mr Sigerson Quarry Salt Wine Two Hearts

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    1. Peter Beagle's writing is magic put to language, his novels are spell books that enchant the reader, laying dweomers over our vision until we see the world, if not as it is, then as it should be, as a child sees it. Even his works set in another world are really reflections of the simple sorceries possible in this one, given the right mood and willingness to play along. And if that mood isn't upon you, his charm takes you along anyway until your mood cooperates with the fairy-tales he presents.W [...]

    2. Short stories old and new by a classic author who just doesn't write enough. If you young folk have only seen The Last Unicorn in its cartoon form you really need to read the book.Beagle acknowledges he is "on the books as being a fantasist" but feels that "one of the few really nice things about growing old is that a whole lot of stuff stops matteringtegories among them."There is a nice sequel to "The Last Unicorn." "Four Fables" are fabulously funny and the preface made me laugh. Fables"tend t [...]

    3. i'm so disappointed by this collection. almost all the stories seem like pitches for novels, as in, "hey, you like this story? give me some money and i'll write a whole book!" maybe i'm jaded, but beagle introduces each story and they mostly all go something like, "once i started this story, i knew i would have to make a full-length work about it at some point." a couple of good stand-alone pieces, like "Salt Wine," but the rest were rather too easy and too reliant on other, previously written w [...]

    4. In this collection, we have a mouse who decides to be a cat; four fables about a moth, a T-rex, an octopus, and an ostrich; a return to the worlds of the Last Unicorn and the Inn Keeper's Song; and a young pair of siblings discovering their magical abilities. It's hard to pinpoint what exactly makes Peter Beagle so special other than oh, everything. He's a beautiful writer, his plots are tight, his characters make perfect sense. His ideas are simple, quirky, random, hilarious, and poignant. I do [...]

    5. The Line Between by Peter S. Beagle, Tachyon Publications, 2006One pattern I’ve noticed in the writers I tend to come back to again and again—their “voices” tend to be consistent but their subject matter tends to vary. Sure, writers are people—most of them—and they have interests like anyone else, and those motifs tend to repeat. But with the really good writers, they’re going to repeat in ways that make you forget or even never realize that this is what they’re doing. And the su [...]

    6. Running the gamut from traditional fantasy to Sherlock Holmes to a modern-day brujo (age eight) to the enduring -- even dangerous -- power of love and friendship, this is a superb collection of stories from a master storyteller. They're the clearest proof anyone could want of what a gifted writer can do with even the simplest of ingredients, be it a cat or a love letter, a runaway apprentice or a mermaid, a shapeshifter or a T. Rex.

    7. “She loved him too. That's why she let him go.” The Line Between is a collection of short stories by the author of The Last Unicorn. It is very rare for me to show any interest in short story novels. My sole purpose for reading this particular collection was the inclusion of Two Hearts - A sequel to The Last Unicorn. The short stories found in this book cover quite a large range of genres that it is hard to give this a proper rating. Overall, though, I am sad to say that most stories were ra [...]

    8. 4.5I love El Regalo. I love stories about family and siblings. All we have now is anything but that. Garbage unreal teenage love and supernatural romance I'm an older sister with a little brother who drives me nuts, so I could relate to the story on a spiritual level. What was between Angie and Marvyn was real. And lovely. The beginning reminded me of "Song of the Sea". It was good.

    9. What can I say about Peter S. Beagle? He is a writer that never fails to surprise me, because, I don't know why, but whenever I start reading one of his stories, I never expect to like it as much as I end up liking it. It happened with many of the stories in this book. He has a way with words that is only his and it's magical and that's all I'm going to say about it.I'm going to start with Two Hearts because it was the reason I bought this book. Two Hearts is the sequel to The Last Unicorn and I [...]

    10. This is a collection of his work that contains a short story sequel to Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn called Two Hearts. It takes place several years after the first book, and it is very fitting where Schmendric the Magician and his companion Molly Grue end up (no, it's not what you think! That's the beauty of Peter S. Beagle!). Another good one is "Salt Wine", which is quite tragic. One of those "I told you this was a bad idea" stories.The stories contained within are a sweet mix of new and [...]

    11. Peter S. Beagle is the best first-person narrator I have ever read. Doesn't matter what he writes about. This guy simply has it mastered. One cannot help but be drawn under the skin of his speakers. Five of the eight stories in this collection are told in the voice of their unerringly observant protagonists, and I remember each one of them as if they had read their own stories live: Sooz, the plucky waif whose courage stirs King Lir to his last adventure; Soukyan, the thief haunted by his past a [...]

    12. I love Beagle's elegant writing and wonderful characters, and I wasn't disappointed here. I was a little worried about "Two Hearts", which takes place after The Last Unicorn (which I love), but I thought Beagle did justice to the book and its characters, along with introducing a new and engaging character, the young girl Sooz, who narrates the story. I also especially liked "El Regalo" (which Beagle plans to follow up with a novel), about a young witch and his sister, and "Salt Wine", a haunting [...]

    13. "Two Hearts" is an incredible story - the same combination of adventure, joy, and melancholy that made The Last Unicorn the masterpiece that it is. I first read this story in Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine, and bought the book on its strength.The book's other stories are enjoyable, although most of them aren't gems or showstoppers. The notable exception is "A Dance For Emilia," which paints a powerful portrait of a fantastic person whose life was overshadowed by his knowledge that his da [...]

    14. I was disappointed, not by the writing but by the content. I remembered The Last Unicorn as a breath of magic and this book just didn't transport me. Anywhere. I was still in my chair in the doctor's lobby, sadly turning pages. Big sigh.

    15. One of those collections of short stories that I dragged out for as long as I could because I just didn't want it to end. Hilarious and brilliant, Beagle's writing dances off the page with laugh-out-loud one-liners and characterisation that is utterly captivating.

    16. Beagle says in the introduction that he struggles in his writing to keep the balance on that line between fantasy and reality. It is why I so love his writing. ( Aside from my lifelong unicorn addiction.) This collection provides outstanding examples of his talent. The commentaries on the stories are fascinating. There are fables Beagle write decades ago, a sequel to The Last Unicorn, and his stated most biographical story in the set. Cat people will enjoy this; cats feature in three stories , a [...]

    17. I love Peter S. Beagle's short stories. Not every one is my absolute favourite, but none of them annoy me. I have at least three new solid favourites from this collection, which I am sure I will read again. Four, if I can find it in my heart to accept The Last Unicorn sequel too. It's pretty good, really.If you like fantasy and short stories you owe it to yourself to read some of Beagle's collections.

    18. A lovely, solid anthology of stories by Peter S. Beagle. His mastery of voice is amazing; I particularly love how every first-person story has a different rhythm & cadence which really conveys the character of the storyteller. I finally also broke down and read Two Hearts, and yeahI definitely would read more about Sooz!

    19. Even if this is a story about witchcraft and magic in it's essence it is a very lovely story about a sister and a brother and even if you want to kill them sometimes the universal message of this story is, as Baz Luhrmann put it, "Be nice to your siblings; They are the best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future."

    20. I am a huge Peter S Beagle fan. I loved revisiting The Last Unicorn and other stories that related to books I have not yet read, which of course I now will.

    21. Gordon, the Self-Made Cat - I think this was my least favorite of the stories in this book. I still liked it -- quite a bit, actually -- but it was written for kids, and obviously so, and that wasn't what I was looking for when I picked it up. The author's intro blurb says he's working on expanding it for book publication, and that it's intended as a nod to books like Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little. I'll totally read that when it comes out.Two Hearts - This story is written in the universe of [...]

    22. This was actually the first collection of Peter S. Beagle stories published, but I'm reading it after the two that preceded it. A pretty solid collection with some clear standouts for me and some stories that I struggled with reading.Gordon, the Self-Made Cat - An incredibly charming story that could easily be the basis for a longer children's novel or a Pixar film!Two Hearts - The crown jewel of the collection in my opinion. This is the follow-up novella to "The Last Unicorn". Incredibly moving [...]

    23. I have to say this, even though I did not enjoy every story in this book, I have to say this: Peter Beagle is a superb writer. His writing style is beautiful and full of wonderful description. These stories are a collection of wit, charm, adventure, magic, reality and everything in between. Even the stories I didn't entirely like, I found them entertaining and worth the time to read.Gordon, the Self-Made Cat: I loved this story. It was funny and very creative. I loved the idea. I hope he does ev [...]

    24. I will preface this review by saying that Peter Beagle is one of my favorite writers. His genius is in making you see and understand and feel things on many levels all at once; his work is often as upsetting as it is uplifting. The Last Unicorn affected me so profoundly in the eighth grade that I wrote an entire (unassigned) book report about it and handed it in to my English teacher, just so that someone would read all my feelings about it. (There was no GoodReads in those days.)This book was a [...]

    25. Self-referential Like you, I read this after The Last Unicorn. That novel was a whirlwind, page-per-page maybe the best fantasy I’ve ever read. No wonder that “The Line Between” can’t quite recreate the rhapsodic majesty.Most of these stories feel unfinished, including the long-awaited “Two Hearts”, ostensibly a sequel to “The Last Unicorn”. While it was capably done, I was ultimately unfulfilled by its brevity and lack of splendor. There was no oddity and little novelty. The sto [...]

    26. The stories in this collection were hit-or-miss for me, but ultimately I'm glad I read them.Gordon, the Self-Made Cat: 5 stars. Absolutely adorable. Would be a great story to read out loud to a child.Four Fables: 4 stars. Each is short and sweet, but there isn't very much substance to them.Two Hearts: 5 stars. A follow-up to The Last Unicorn that was the whole reason I bought the book. Lovely!El Regalo: 3 stars. Two children and their encounter with witchcraft. Something about the story didn't q [...]

    27. There is a reason why Peter Beagle remains one of my most favorite authors. He has the uncanny knack of taking an ordinary element, adding something very different and unusual and with that, creating something beautiful and extraordinary. While this different twist is added, we never think of it as impossible. Peter makes us believe. That is the magic of his writing. This selection of short stories was an excellent example of that ability. I originally got this book because I was going to have t [...]

    28. tinyurl/2el6p7aIt probably doesn't help that I read this in bed, which means that I would re-read the same page at least twice, falling asleep after two pages total, thereby only reading one new page a night. But, I swear it didn't help that Beagle is prone to repeating himself at the end of paragraphs, in an obvious move to get his point across more forcefully. Such as (not verbatim): I told him what was going to happen. I told him, you know. I would consider this the laziest of writing. If yo [...]

    29. Peter S. Beagle makes me cry a lot. Normally, I don't read books to cry, but it's okay when he does it I guess? This collection of short stories made me cry twice, once in Two Hearts (an epilogue to the Last Unicorn) and once during A Dance for Emilia, a story that so perfectly captures the length and depth of the grieving process my heart broke several times. A lot of the stories reference other past Beagle works (Two Hearts, Quarry), potential future Beagle works (el Regalo), and even some She [...]

    30. It still gets 4 stars. The last two stories didn't convince me that much, but I liked the rest very much.The last one was a very personal story from Peter S. Beagle, so I understand its significance. But it didn't really work for me.The second to last story was the one he has originally written for an Sherlock Holmes (tribute) anthology. Since he didn't trust himself to write the perspective of Sherlock Holmes himself, he choose a character nearby and put the setting somewhere Holmes is not know [...]

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