An Unforgettable Man

An Unforgettable Man Dangerous Liaisons How would he make her pay At sixteen Courage Bingham had been innocent and unawakened but her body had been passionately responsive when she felt strong youthful hands caress her

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  • Title: An Unforgettable Man
  • Author: Penny Jordan
  • ISBN: 9781459276260
  • Page: 485
  • Format: ebook
  • Dangerous Liaisons How would he make her pay At sixteen, Courage Bingham had been innocent and unawakened, but her body had been passionately responsive when she felt strong, youthful hands caress her in the dark of her family s summerhouse Shame and guilt had tormented her ever since, combined with an equally aching need for this unknown unseen stranger.Now, CouraDangerous LiaisonsHow would he make her pay At sixteen, Courage Bingham had been innocent and unawakened, but her body had been passionately responsive when she felt strong, youthful hands caress her in the dark of her family s summerhouse Shame and guilt had tormented her ever since, combined with an equally aching need for this unknown unseen stranger.Now, Courage worried that her senses were playing tricks on her Gideon Reynolds, her harsh featured, merciless new boss, could arouse her as only one other man ever had Could they be one and the same And, if they were, how would Gideon exact payment for her past deception

    One thought on “An Unforgettable Man”

    1. 3.5 stars rounded upSpoilerfest to followThis bad boy has got quite a reputation of having a cruel and heartless hero. Yes and no. This is a sort of reunion story in that the heroine, Courage, got an earth shattering kiss from mysterious stranger/hero, Gideon, when she was a virginal and tender 16 years old. The whole kissing scenario was a set-up put into action by a jealous step-sister who didn't like the attention her incestuous father was paying to Courage. Creeptastic, eh? Anyway, the outco [...]

    2. This is either a one star or five star rating; it's obvious which I chose. He is probably the CRUELEST hero I have ever come across - no lie. I think he was even slightly insane (made so by what had happened between them years before). Other heroes have blackmailed heroines into their beds before, hell, the story line might even be the same - she accepts a business loan (which he paid for from his personal expenses?WHAT?) to pay for her grandma's heart surgery. It is a loan she can only pay back [...]

    3. Wow. This one is intense. Penny Jordan knew how to keep you reading even when you were furious. Willaful termed this a "fabulous wallbanger" and that's a pretty darn accurate tag if there ever was one.Trigger warnings galore (just read the tags).I think other reviewers have done a fabulous job of illustrating what a raging bastard the hero was, so I won't belabor the point.What earned it a four and what kept it from getting that 5 star rating:The hero sucked, period. Issues, issues, issues. Howe [...]

    4. Yes, this made the coveted "fabulous wallbanger" shelf! This may even be the best Penny Jordan book I've ever read or maybe "best" isn't the right word here. More like "most exciting" "angstiest" "most fabulous wallbanger."The basic premise is similar to one Jordan had used before, in books like Injured Innocent: our heroine Courage (yes, that is her name) has never been in a relationship because of a youthful sexual trauma involving our hero/bastard Gideon, although she doesn't at first recogni [...]

    5. I don't mind cruel alpha heroes. In fact I love them. But this one was pure evil and a sadist. He was just too much even for me. Poor heroine she suffered so much abuse and pain. This book was definitely not a romance or a love story.

    6. A revenge story that requires the reader to believe that h wouldn't immediately recognize the only man she ever had a sexual encounter with, and that the hero wouldn't have figured out that the girl he was messing around with was only 16 and not at all experienced. But that is the premise and once you go with that, you can see the heroine walking into disaster from the moment she signs her employment contract with the now-rich hero.What PJ does best here is to surround the heroine with menace an [...]

    7. Unforgettable is correcto-mundo.Well, I can't say I wasn't warned. The H is everything that the other reviewers said he was: rude,cruel, vengeful and crazy. I think what is most disturbing, more than his cruelty, is what a blithering idiot the heroine is falling so desperately in love with someone so horrible. I actually got a stomach ache reading this. No, not one of those stupid flutters that the heroine's get, but out and out nausea.Once again, the magic penis strikes again.The only good thin [...]

    8. The hero in this book is a hard man and is on the cruel side to the heroine, blackmailing her for sex. But man was it a book that was hard to put down.

    9. According to Babynamewizard, the name Gideon is "derived from the Hebrew gidh`ōn (hewer, one who cuts down)". And boy, is that accurate! Gideon certainly crushed poor, sweet Courage's teenage dreams of love and happy ever afters. . . . I found An Unforgettable Man riveting more for the high drama than the romance or even the "unforgettable" hero. Maybe my expectations were excessively high because of the hype or I'm just too jaded, but I didn't think Gideon was as cruel as I thought he would be [...]

    10. I read this one a long time ago and while I was flipping through Jordan's list I spotted this book. This one is pretty "Unforgettable" for the fact the so-called hero treated the heroine despicably.Years earlier Gideon was working for some rich guy landscaping and he had the hots for the daughter. The said daughter sent Courage (author's joke?) in her stead for a pre-arranged assignation with the hero. The young heroine had a crush and went to tell Gideon the hot chick wasn't coming. Somehow she [...]

    11. I read this book in college, which was some time ago but I distinctly recall that the hero was AWFUL to the heroine pretty much up to the last 10 pages or so. It wasn't until someone else told him what really happened that he was all sweetness and nice. In fact I'm not quite sure why I still own this one. Perhaps as a reminder of what not to write, if I ever did.

    12. I started to read this book in 2011 and I haven't finished it yet XD I left the book in chapter 9! I have almost finished reading it, but I don't know I didn't feel the romance in this story, the hero is SO CRUEL, I think is one of the cruelest heros I have ever found in romance book, trust me! I think that is the only reason the book is called AN UNFORGETTABLE MAN, He is REALLLY UNFORGETTABLE!XX Updated(March/15/2015)

    13. I'm a bit of a loss on how to rate this book. I think Penny J was trying to make a statement and I would have liked to applaud it. She took on the subject of domestic sexual molestation of teenage girls and tried to work it into a HP book. Unfortunately, it just didn't gel for me. Though H had nothing to do with the abuse in the beginning, PJ wrote it so that he almost became the villain and the original perpetrators, the h's stepsister and stepfather were nowhere to be seen later in the book so [...]

    14. Yes, the hero was incredibly mean and there is absolutely no way the heroine should have fallen in love with him. Nonetheless, lots of emotional tension and angst, so still a compelling read, even if the hero isn't very likeable.

    15. I have put this novel on my "Romance" shelf but honestly, it wasn't at all romanticThe whole plot was actually quite unique with our hero and heroine meeting and having a forgotten shared history. Great, but now lets take a look at the negativesOur Heroine Courage - ironically a character with so little Courage that I wanted tothrottleher - was so girly and immature that I just couldn't grow to like her. Between the inability to set Gideon straight or stand up for herself for longer than one utt [...]

    16. Kampret. Ingin ku berkata kasar selesai baca buku ini (pas baca bukunya juga sih). Si Gideon ini gila. Dendam atas kejadian jaman lalu membuat dia jadi berhati iblis. Mana dia suka menghakimi orang lain dari cerita sepihak. Jadi ya si Gideon ini dendam sama Courage, gara2 Gideon merasa dipermainkan. Dulu si Gideon ini tukang kebun di rumah ayah tirinya Courage yang kejam. Kejadian itu ngebuat Gideon di pecat dan ayah tirinya menceritakan yang enggak2 tentang Courage dan menegaskan kalo Courage a [...]

    17. The longer I thought about it the more I hated this book. Sighs. I wasn't certain if I had read this when it was originally released but decided to try it anyway. No, I didn't read this in 1996, I would have remembered. Our Heroine Courage is the usual Penny Jordan-Harlequin: naive, virgin ingénue. The beginning is dark in that she lives with her step father, mother and step sister and her step father molests her step sister. He keeps trying to get into Courage's bed which leads step sister to [...]

    18. That was a nice little read before heading off to bed. Gideon, with such a lovely name, wasn't even all that cruel. Compared to some of my other idolized Heroes, Gideon was quite tamed. I enjoyed the book but I gave it three stars because the story could have been developed a little more and the Hero could have definitely been crueler. Plus Courage has got to be the WORST name in the history of romance novels. I kept thinking of the timid lion from OZ. The heroine was just such a nervous and fee [...]

    19. This novel provokes two man emotions after reading it: disgust and disbelief. I don't know why I bothered to read it when all the novels I read by Penny Jordan before were disappointing. All of them exaggerate the physical part and neglect the depth of real sincere plausible feelings. This novel was the worst though. It actually hints at accepting abuse and possessiveness as parts of love. The confection of the hero at the end of the story failed miserably to explain his actions towards the hero [...]

    20. I’ve read so many of Jordan’s novels now but this example from 1995 is Jordan at her very, very best. Be advised, however, this is not your traditional Mills and Boon and there are some distinctly uncomfortable scenes in this offering which stretched the experience of bricholet (the pleasure romance readers take in knowing exactly where they are and what is going to happen next) to breaking point.So, the story is as follows: Courage (a misnomer if ever there was one) gives up her highly paid [...]

    21. New ending: Gunther leans down to kiss her before he leaves, making Courage realize from her response that by God, there is not just one man in the world. She lets Gunther take her her with him, leaving Gideon howling in rage and hurt. Gunther treats her like a queen, Gideon gets therapy and marries Jenny, Laney becomes a repentant nun, and the stepfather dies in a leper colony.

    22. Baca ulang karena penasaran sama edisi cetulnya, dan tetep mewek. Bwahahaha emang receh sih sayanya, baca hero yang ngemis² minta maaf padahal udah jahatin kok ya mewek. Tapi, sayang banget mestinya Courage cuekin dulu aja lah itu si Gideon setahun dua tahun gitu. Wkwkwk~

    23. I read this when I was a teenager. For some reason I thought it was really romantic back thenNow it's a bit disturbing, the whole blackmail for sex thing. But for a Penny Jordan book the hero was unusually humbled at the end. But it still needed groveling, way more groveling

    24. hmmm lupa2 ingat ma nih noveldulu kenapa ya ku kasih 4 bintang???kalo ga salah ingat nih si ceweq dulu tinggal bersama ayah tirinya & si cowoq pekerja di peternakan ayah tiri si ceweq ceweq punya kakak tiri cowoq ini sebenarnya naksir kakak tiri si ceweq bahkan di kegelapan saat di lumbung mereka "melakukan" something xixixixixi tapi sebenarnya yg datang ke lumbung bukan si kakak tiri tapi si ceweq itu sendiri.akhirnya saat ketahuan si cowoq deketin anak2 majikannya si cowoq dipecat dengan t [...]

    25. reread juga setelah lihat timbunan harlequin.Gideon tokoh alpha male yang kurang ajar dan sangat menyebalkan karena dia suka sekali menyiksa perasaan Courage hanya karena sebuah kesalahan masa lalu.Saat itu sebenarnya ia dipaksa saudaranya untuk mengunjungi sebuah rumah untuk menyampaikan sebuah pesan, ternyata di rumah itu telah menunggu Gideon yang masih muda dan hanya seorang pekerja kasar. Disanalah, Gideon dan kakaknya Courage berjanji untuk one night stand, tak dinyana janji itu dibatalkan [...]

    26. Thun 99 HQ ni pertama kali terbit n aq waktu it bru klas 1SMP n msih polos2xHe3hCover jadulx aduhaiiì beda bgt am yg cetulN pas dbca gambar cover versi jadul it ssuai am salah satu scenex,dmna c cew emang lg pke handuk cz bru slsai mandi n c cow datang k apartemenx tanpa diundangLalu stu hal mngarah k hal brikutx ;pjd mikir ap smua HQ jadul kek gtu y coverx?Cz bru kenal HQ 2008 jd HQ jdul udah g bnyk lg ad d rentalTmasuk yg stu inJd pas tbìt langsung tancap gas k GM ;pebaaat cm 100an halm tp e [...]

    27. **spoiler**temanya standar,tp lmyn menyeramkantentang seorg pria miskin bernama gideon yg mendendam pd gadis kaya gr2 kesalah pahaman. . telah jd milyuner,gideon dtg kembali untk menuntut bls,dgn jalan menerima courage (si gadis masa lalu) utk bekerja d rumahnya dan meminjamkannya uang dlm jumlah besar (utk biaya operasi nenek courage)saat courage akan meminta penangguhan,gideon menuntut pembayaran dgn menggunakan tubuhnya atau mengancam membeberkan hutang tsb pd sang ne2k, (dan disinilah letak [...]

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