A Funeral in the Bathroom: And Other School Bathroom Poems

A Funeral in the Bathroom And Other School Bathroom Poems My teacher s pretty slick Has a hundred teaching tricks Even in the bathroom stalls She hangs poetry on the walls And while I m there all alone I can t help but read a poem From Gross and Flushopho

  • Title: A Funeral in the Bathroom: And Other School Bathroom Poems
  • Author: Mark Beech Kalli Dakos
  • ISBN: 9780807526750
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • My teacher s pretty slick, Has a hundred teaching tricks Even in the bathroom stalls, She hangs poetry on the walls, And while I m there all alone I can t help but read a poem From Gross and Flushophobic to There s a Sock in the Toilet, these poems will have kids laughing all the way to The Bathroom Dance

    One thought on “A Funeral in the Bathroom: And Other School Bathroom Poems”

    1. This book features only poetry, based on school bathrooms. While I appreciate the fact that Kalli Dakos was able to come up with enough material about bathrooms to fill this book I am afraid that most of the poems are pretty lack luster. This being said there was one poem named Crying in the Bathroom that was very sweet and really made me stop and think that so many kids must go through this and would probably be able to relate to it. It is about a girl who goes to the school bathroom to cry abo [...]

    2. With elementary kids in mind, this collection of 41 original poems celebrates the joy of the bathroom where so many important things happen. Of course, bathroom humor appropriately abounds in some of the titles; for instance, "Stuck in his Shoe" describes the humilitiation of leaving the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to your shoe, to the amusement of classmates. There are poems that make fun of all the euphemisms we have for going to the bathroom, poems that describe how some kids just go the [...]

    3. This is a funny, odd collection of poems whose only connective element is that they are all about bathrooms. Aside from that, they cover a startling variety of topics, and change tone dramatically from one poem to the next. I enjoyed the whole collection, and I took an idea from it as well. The teacher whose classroom the bathroom is connected to displays writing in the bathroom for the students to read while they are using the bathroom for whatever they are doing. Some of the writing is poetry, [...]

    4. Any Kalli Dakos collection of poems will strike to the funny bone of elementary school kids and teachers. This one maintains a focus on the role of "the lavatory" in school life, much of which is wry, silly, or quirky. Dakos always manages to dig a little deeper to include those other moments, too, when the bathroom provides a place of refuge and recovery from one of the many personal disasters, real and imagined, that kids endure.

    5. This collection of verses about elementary school bathrooms is likely to produce giggles among readers. It also features colorful illustrations. It would be appropriate to share as a read aloud with children between five and seven. Readers between seven and ten may be able to read this book independently.

    6. A school bathroom is more than a place for bodily functions. It is a place for privacy, for hanging out, and for hiding. Kalli Dakos delivers another nice poetry collection about school life, this time with the school bathroom as its focus. I thought some poems were better than others, but several reminded me of my own students and their school bathroom exploits.

    7. This was a good poetry book. These poems In the book talk about real issues that kids have at school while being fun and light with poetry. This book would be good to use with younger students while teaching a lesson on poetry.

    8. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for this book. Some of the poems were fun, and some I had trouble getting through. I realize this is meant for kids, but I got tired of seeing the word bathroom on just about every page. I could see kids enjoying that though.

    9. Anything in the bathroom is funny, right? Maybe I should copy some of the poems and put them in the bathroom stalls at school. Especially the puzzle ones!

    10. It was about germsat TV show.The bathroom has a zillion, you know.They jump on your hands - and they grow!Now I always flushwith my toe!

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