My Night with Reg

My Night with Reg An award winning gay comedy of manners

  • Title: My Night with Reg
  • Author: Kevin Elyot
  • ISBN: 9781854593580
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • An award winning gay comedy of manners.

    One thought on “My Night with Reg”

    1. Between reading Larry Kramer and then reading this work I'm beginning to believe I'll have no hope in finding a decent honorable gay guy to marry.My Night With Reg concerns 7 guys. First there's Reg. Funny thing is that the reader is never introduced to Reg but we hear about him through the other characters. Then there's Guy. He's the one throwing the housewarming party and our introduction to the rest of this crew: Daniel, John, Bernie, Benny and Eric. We soon learn that all of Guy's guests hav [...]

    2. It took a little while to get going but was marvellously enjoyable once it hit its stride. The fact that Reg is only ever referred to rather than seen is a classic theatrical idea but makes for a lot of nice, funny moments. The structure was spot on too. Heartbreaking, believable and filled with truth, My Night With Reg is a lovely read.

    3. I don't really know how I feel about this play. I think that it is wonderfully written and that the characters are very endearing, but there is something in this story that is missing (for me). I would recommend it to others but it is not my favorite play I have read recently.

    4. a work so implied that it requires, it demands a second, a third and more readings. and each reading allows the reader to learn and unlearn facets of life haunted by AIDS, unrequited love, homophobia, and even sarcasm, wit and humour seem to be the trademark of queer life.

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