Les racines du ciel

Les racines du ciel Nous sommes en Afrique Equatoriale Fran aise A E F aujourd hui le Tchad dans les ann es cinquante alors qu apparaissent timidement les premiers signes avant coureurs de la d colonisation et que l a

  • Title: Les racines du ciel
  • Author: Romain Gary
  • ISBN: 9782070362424
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Nous sommes en Afrique Equatoriale Fran aise A.E.F aujourd hui le Tchad , dans les ann es cinquante, alors qu apparaissent timidement les premiers signes avant coureurs de la d colonisation et que l administration fran aise vit ses derni res heures de tranquillit Une tranquillit qui serait parfaite sans l agitation suscit e par un d nomm Morel et son acharnement pNous sommes en Afrique Equatoriale Fran aise A.E.F aujourd hui le Tchad , dans les ann es cinquante, alors qu apparaissent timidement les premiers signes avant coureurs de la d colonisation et que l administration fran aise vit ses derni res heures de tranquillit Une tranquillit qui serait parfaite sans l agitation suscit e par un d nomm Morel et son acharnement prot ger les l phants, massacr s par milliers pour l ivoire de leurs d fenses, et sous couvert d viter les d gradations qu ils causent aux plantations

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    1. Les Racines du ciel = The Roots of Heaven, Romain GaryThe Roots of Heaven (French: Les Racines du ciel) is a 1956 novel by the Lithuanian-born French writer and WW II aviator, Romain Gary (born Roman Kacew). It received the Prix Goncourt for fiction and was translated in English in 1957. The Roots of Heaven, is the story of a crusading environmentalist, Morel, who labors to preserve elephants from extinction, but which narrative is actually a metaphor for the quest for salvation for all humanity [...]

    2. 3.5*O percurso de um homem que fez da defesa dos elefantes a sua cruzada, um homem com carisma suficiente para mobilizar gente à sua volta e criar um movimento que provocou uma onda de agitação, varreu continentes e granjeou simpatia e admiração pela sua obstinação. Rodeou-se de um grupo de gente de coração infeliz, desiludidos com a vida, ou roídos pelo remorso. Enterraram-se no continente Africano, ou porque sentiam afinidade com a causa, ou pela necessidade de encontrar um sentido p [...]

    3. Elephants are edible. Strangely, however, I have never taken part in the eating of one, whether as a direct participant or a mere spectator, I who have eaten dogs, bats, monitor lizards, birds, snakes, and other reptiles. Not even on TV, on that show by the bald American who says if it looks good, eat it.In fact, prior to this book, I didn't know that some people eat elephant meat. And after I was done reading, I still did not know what is elephant meat called, like pork is to pig.Morel. That's [...]

    4. ★★½ SolitudinePubblicato nel 1956 “Le radici del cielo” ha l’ammirevole pregio di rappresentare lo spirito di delusione nei confronti dell’Umanità che caratterizza il secondo dopoguerra. Tra i due grandi schieramenti ideologici che manovrano la politica e l’economia si pongono riflessioni che prendono le distanze da ogni ragion di stato.L’Occidente vacilla sotto il peso di tutto questo e non a caso questa storia si svolge in Africa dove illudendosi di ripartire da zero, in real [...]

    5. I found this novel at our town's library sale and it was one of my luckiest finds ever, because I didn't know the book or the author, it's been out of print a long time (published in 1956), and it's one of the best books I've read in years. The story is compelling: Holocaust survivor misfits campaigning to save the African elephant, first by petition and argumentation, then by selective violence, in Post-WW2 Chad, who are themselves exploited, hunted and/or aided by African nationalists, Europea [...]

    6. This is my second book by Romain Gary and I really enjoy his writing. This book, written in 1956, is a post war book that examines what it takes to survive. This is a tale of Morel, a French dentist that has come to French Equatorial Africa to campaign for the elephants which are in danger of extinction. This is shortly after WWII, colonialism is reaching its end in Africa and the people of Africa are seeking independence. We have various characters; missionaries, anthropologists, prostitutes, g [...]

    7. I don't read books again, because there are just too many books I want to read and so little reading time that remains. This book, if I were to read a book again, it would be this book.

    8. محشر!فستیوالی که همه‌ی درون‌مایه‌ها و فهرمان‌های رومن گاری - از لنی گاری کوپر گرفته تا رزا در زندگی پیش رو و پارتیزان‌های Nothing important ever dies - در آن حاضرند و خوش می‌درخشند.مدت‌ها بود زمان به این بلندی نخوانده بودم و داستان آن‌فدر کشش داشت که ترجمه‌ی افتضاح عدنانی را تا آخر تح [...]

    9. [jonathanuboulee/artic] Cet ouvrage est le premier roman de Romain Gary à avoir obtenu le Prix Goncourt. Un livre incroyable, qui m’a accaparé pendant un moment. J’ai beaucoup aimé, même si ce n’est pas mon préféré de Gary. Ecrit en 1956. Gary est encore un jeune auteur. Mais on voit déjà apparaître son cynisme, ses analyses fines de personnes, ses réflexions sur le sens de la vie, tous ces aspects que j’adore d’autant plus dans ses romans suivants, en particulier dans les m [...]

    10. Yarısına kadar geldim kitabın ama çok ara verdiğimden ve hikayenin içine bir türlü giremediğimden bıraktım. Sonra tekrar okuyacağım.

    11. داستان کتاب درباره عشق عجیب و غریب یک مرد فرانسوی به فیلهای آفریقاست. (برای خلاصه ش همین رو فقط می تونم بگم.)من از رومن گاری کتابهای زیادی خونده بودم (لیدی ال، زندگی در پیش رو، خداحافظ گری کوپر، سگ سفید و چند داستان کوتاه) توانایی بسیار زیاد رومن گاری توی نوشتن در ژانرهای مختلف و [...]

    12. This book is excellent--intense, strong, upsetting, infuriating, and frustrating.First published in 1956, it looks at colonialism, nationalism, and traditional lifestyles in the context of French Equatorial Africa. This is all shaped around Morel, a Frenchman who has decided to defend the elephants and thinks hunting should be banned. (All hunting--traditional, for ivory, and big game for sport.) Waitari, a French-educated Oulé and nationalist, joins his cause to reach his own ends. The tribes, [...]

    13. I loved this elegant exploration of the clash of cultures, the nuances of human interests and the depiction of post World War II Equatorial Africa. Morel is obsessed with the protection of elephants from the cruelty of traditional village hunters and the big game hunters from the West who kill for sport. His motivation is attributed to various things according to the viewpoint of those assessing him. Gary shows an acute understanding of human motivation as he depicts how various characters aspir [...]

    14. There is a lot to unpack here. This is a Book, one to put on a Book Shelf."The Roots Of Heaven" was published in 1958 and it deals with the aftermath of the Holocaust in a way that feels raw and real it is neither saccharine melodrama nor is it attempting to live up to all the history that just happened (see "Exodus"). Instead, it's a story that just lives in a world recently gone crazy. Characters try to cope with World War 2 (and the oncoming nuclear age) without knowing how it's all going to [...]

    15. فیل ها بهانه اند، انسانیت در خطر است.«روزی خواهد رسید که مردم در بازار به دنبال قرص، شربت و آمپول انسانیت می گردند.»نقل از کتاب.رمان حواشی و پرداخت هایی مشابه رمان دیگر همین نویسنده به نام "تولیپ" دارد. همان پامبرگونگی شصخیت اصلی و دغدغه های مرتبط با آینده ی انسانیت و رفتارهای آ [...]

    16. دسترسی به متن انگلیسی ندارم و فرانسه هم بلد نیستم، ولی فارسی کتاب واقعا بده. نثرش پر از دست اندازه و توی همین سی صفحه ای که خوندم، حداقل دو تا جمله طولانی بود که فعلش گم شده بود. ناشر محترم هم که طبق معمول زحمت ویراستاری رو به خودش نداده بود.

    17. Duped Dreamer Fails to Protect Pachyderms Ah, well, I was not enamored of the first of Gary's novels that I read, but I thought I'd give another one a try. Alas, it was not better at all. This is an extremely youthful novel set in a country (Chad) that I doubt he ever saw. This is always a mistake. While on one hand claiming to stand for freedom, equality, and the romance of Life---maybe the common bonds that exist in the souls of all men---Gary's love of cynicism drags him into creating a very [...]

    18. Romain Gary parvient à mettre des mots sur la dignité humaine, grâce à ce personnage, élevé au rang de mythe dans sa propre histoire, et pourtant rien qu’un homme.Morel, cet homme qu'"on" essaye tour à tour de faire passer pour un terroriste et un misanthrope, parvient à conserver sa foi en l'homme et est rejoint par des personnages plus truculents les uns que les autres. Ses portraits de Gary ne tombent jamais dans la facilité et semblent révéler ce que tout le monde porte en lui-m [...]

    19. "Ever since dawn the track had followed the hillside across a tangle of bamboos and elephant grass in which the horse and rides sometimes disappeared entirely; then the Jesuit's head would reappear above the yellow sea, with his big bony nose set above virile and smiling lips, and with those piercing eyes that carried in them far more suggestion of limitless horizons than of the pages of a breviary."Thus opens Romain Gary's brilliant novel of passion and freedom; the passion of a man, Morel, for [...]

    20. Histoire captivante, de beaux personnages. Le genre de livres dont on ne se lasse pas de lire. Du grand Gary.

    21. "Non si possono giudicare gli uomini da quello che fanno quando si tolgono i calzoni. Le porcate vere le fanno da vestiti." (p. 160)

    22. This is an interesting read as a dentist decides that he needs to save the elephants in africa who are hunted and killed for their ivory tusks. great story.

    23. A philosophical story about freedom told against the backdrop of colonial Africa with Elephants as the symbols of freedom. This is a thought provoking book.Warning there are harrowing descriptions on elephant hunting and the effects of a widespread drought on all the animal populations in Africa."No amount of good will could save the elephants. There could no longer be enough room in this world for such freedom.""The roots of heaven are forever planted in their hearts , yet of heaven itself they [...]

    24. Romain Gary'nin Emile Ajar takma adı ile yazdığı romanların uslübunu daha çok sevdiğimi fark ettim. Cennetin Köklerini okumadan önce hakkında sadece Goncourt akademi ödülünü aldığını ve holocaust romanı olduğunu duymuştum. O yüzden daha farklı bir roman bekliyordum ama karşılaştığım şeyi de sevdim.Romanın ana karakteri Morel 2. dünya savaşında toplama kamplarında Afrika'daki filleri hayal ederek, onları düşünerek yaşama tutunmuş birisi. Olayın bu kısm [...]

    25. - Vous pouvez vous les fourrez quelque part, vos éléphants, avait gueulé le Révérend Père avec une grandeur de vision incontestable.Il ferait beaucoup mieux de défendre un animal qui était encore plus menacé d'extinction dans le cœur des hommes, c'est-à-dire le Bon Dieu !- Il me laissa gueuler, et puis il eut une espèce de sourire. "Ça se peut, curé, mais dis-moi, qu'est-ce qui t'empêche de signer? C'est pas ton âme qu'on te demande. C'est seulement une signature. Tout ce que je [...]

    26. Ce livre m'a avant tout ennuyée. C'est long à se mettre en place, c'est dense et parfois difficile à suivre quand on lit ça d'un oeil. L'auteur joue beaucoup sur les changements de lieux, de temps, de personnage suivi, et ce qui marche relativement bien pour les personnages m'a semblé beaucoup plus bizarre et artificiel pour les lieux et les temps. Tout cela pour créer une espèce de suspens autour de l'intrigue et son dénouement, mais c'est tellement tordu que ça retombe un peu comme un [...]

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