Heart of Glass

Heart of Glass When magazine writer Kate Donovan is assigned to profile the building and architectural firm of her first and only love she heads back to the South Carolina Low Country to face the demons she left be

  • Title: Heart of Glass
  • Author: Christy Hayes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When magazine writer Kate Donovan is assigned to profile the building and architectural firm of her first and only love, she heads back to the South Carolina Low Country to face the demons she left behind Nothing about Danny Flannery s life is what Kate thought it would be, and as the truth is revealed she longs for a big fat do over Danny s made a success of his buildinWhen magazine writer Kate Donovan is assigned to profile the building and architectural firm of her first and only love, she heads back to the South Carolina Low Country to face the demons she left behind Nothing about Danny Flannery s life is what Kate thought it would be, and as the truth is revealed she longs for a big fat do over Danny s made a success of his building firm but is hesitant to participate in a flashy magazine spread He s dead set against it when he realizes the journalist sent to interview him is the only woman he s ever loved and lost Under pressure from his business partner, Danny agrees to sit down for an interview with the girl he once knew as Kat Fordham and realizes her name isn t the only thing that s changed Everything he thought was true about the past is a lie When Danny discovers Kate still wears the heart shaped sea glass necklace he made for her years ago, they clear the air and their passion reignites But Kate s still keeping secrets to protect their fragile new relationship With her family estranged and her career on the line, will she come clean before Danny finds out the truth, and can Danny risk his heart again for the only woman he s ever loved

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    1. This romance has all my favorite elements. Kate and Danny meet when they are younger and fall in love, but as things tends to happen. It looks like it isn't meant to be. Not only does Kate lose Danny but everything she has ever known turns out to be a lie. Six years later, Kate returns to Low Country for her job. While she wants to complete her assignment and get back to D.C. Danny isn't making it easy. But Kate's still keeping secrets. With her family estranged and her career on the line, will [...]

    2. View the full review at Hesperia Loves BooksThis was an absolutely amazing read! You need to put down your current book, RUN to your computer & buy this spectacular story by Christy Hayes. Not since reading Pamela Clare’s I-Team series, have I found a Romantic/Suspense genre book that evoked such emotions as Heart of Glass. It has landed a firm spot on my Favorite Books of 2011 list.Kate & Danny's love story is simply breathtaking. The story was SO realistic & felt so genuine that [...]

    3. I don't read regular romance novels much anymore. Maybe I'm jaded, maybe I'm jealous of the happy endings. But the author, Christy Hayes contacted me and asked me to review Heart of Glass and she was so nice, I agreed. I'm glad I did.Yes, you could say this is a fairly typical romance story. There's a troubled past, they split, find each other again years later and each fight the same feelings. The difference with this story is in the writing. Christy Hayes writes beautifully, I could feel the s [...]

    4. i love this book. it made me cry a bit. Kate's mom/sister was ridiculous. i didn't see the point in lying about relation to Kate and in the end it didn't natter any way because her husband got tired of the snooty trophy wife routine in order to blend in. Kate leaving had it pros and cons. if she hadn't left Danny wouldn't have lost the deal with Peters but since she did that made him push himself harder to do a good job for him, his father, and his brother. i cried when he let her go and she sen [...]

    5. What a great book! It had the right amount of twists and turns (like when she finds out the truth about Julie) and the right amount of angst. I fell in love with Danny right along with Kat. The characters were well developed and I felt like I was right there for their courtship, their pain and then their reconciliation. An absolutely amazing love story! I'm glad I stumbled upon this book while searching for books to read in the Nook store. I'm off to read Phillips story. Hopefully I get a glimps [...]

    6. This was a good story, somewhat predictable, but that was ok. It kept me interested, had emotional highs and lows. All in all a good read.

    7. Originally posted at Butterfly-o-Meter Books on Oct 24 2011:Beautiful cover, isn’t it? It’s delicate, and haunting, don’t you think so? The short review of this book is this: . Now, for the longer version…:DThis was one of the books that I read for Dewey’s 24h Read-a-Thon, and I loved it the most out of the rest of my reads. It was awesome.The plot is rather special for a romance novel; it’s very realistic, a trait not that often found in romance, from what I’ve read. Of course, th [...]

    8. CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!I really liked this story Kat/Kate was a great character as was Danny, I loved reading the first half about how they met, got together etc. the second half was good also, however I started to feel very sorry for Kate. She explains to Danny that she left to help him but she's still portrayed as the 'baddie'. Having to deal with leaving Danny and then discovering that her sister, who brought her up is actually her mother! Kate goes through some hard times. After the reunion and [...]

    9. Kat and Danny met while Kat worked a part time job during her summer living with her sister. These two fell fast and hard - and parted on very bad terms. Both are brokenhearted and have never really moved on in their love lives.With a new name - Kate Donovan returns to that very place she met Danny all those years ago. Little does Danny know - she is the writer who will be interviewing him and his business partner. They clash and all those feeling are dredged back to the surface. Does she still [...]

    10. Another wonderful read by this author.This is my third read by Christy Hayes, and as usual I love it! She has a wonderful way a setting the stage with an engaging storyline, relatable characters and subtle twist and turns in the plot that keep you glued to the story. The first part of the book gives us the history of this couple, Kat and Danny, and helps you understand the depth of their love and the sacrifices made for love and family. The second half is present day with the couple being brough [...]

    11. Wow!! What an amazing book this was! Kate is quite a girl. When her life is turned upside down, she doesn't give up. Her strength is inspiring. She manages to become a success despite everything, including a broken heart. Danny, uses his broken heart to become a success as well. His love for his family and his dedication to help his brother is truly touching. They were so good together once. Their story is both heart wrenching and heart warming. I wish there was more to their story. I don't want [...]

    12. OMG. What can I say about the first Christy Hayes book that I have read. Kate and Danny had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Talk about a roller coaster ride, I was just rooting for them to get their act together and make this relationship work. Their love was so strong at an early age their had to make it work. Julia was just another matter all together, I knew all along that she was Kate's mother after I knew she had a secret. I would have like to know if Kate spoke to her again and if Kate [...]

    13. This was a wonderful, wonderful read. It hooked me early with a fantastic plot and well developed characters. The book spans years but reads in a snap, and the story has more depth to it than many of my recent reads. But Hayes includes that depth without bogging down the plot! And she includes the romance without it coming across as forced or fakey/sappy. W-O-W! This book is amazing. I'm off to buy more of her books!

    14. I absolutely loved this book. It was the perfect mix of romance and angst. My chest was literally hurting during parts of this book. I totally recommend this book to any romantic ;)

    15. I cryTake me home Danny. Take me home so I can love youg!!! So beautiful, I can't wait for next book, I hope we will see little bet more about Danny and Kate.

    16. Young, successful and alone, these words describe both Kate Donovan and Daniel Flannery. Kate is a successful journalist and Daniel is a successful builder. They should be happy and enjoying life, but the past keeps intruding into the present in Heart of Glass by Christy Hayes.Kate Donovan used to be known as Kat Fordham. She was spending the summer in South Carolina at the request of her sister, Julia. The intention was for her to be the unpaid nanny to her twin nieces. Kat didn't exactly fit J [...]

    17. 3.75 Glass Heart stars that I'll gladly round to 4. Christy Hayes creates truly believable and realistic characters. They're flawed, annoying, endearing, and have some major issues. There's enough drama to keep things interesting, but not enough to be ridiculous. Kat has a tragic past. Her parents were killed in a car accident and it was left to her older sister, Julia, to raise her. Julia never ever lets Kat forget the sacrifices that she has made for her. Julia is the ultimate snob and is boun [...]

    18. I totally enjoyed this book except for one pointwhen Danny, who is so in love, throws Kate out without letting her explain and then when her explanation is given he still doesn't accept itis was way out of character for him and I felt she needed to do alot worse for him to react like that.I would have liked to know more about Julia and more of her backstory too.

    19. I must be getting old. I know Henry II was king by 21, but the 2 main characters in this book are hugely successful by their mid-twenties. And 2 more are married with their fourth child on the way. It just would have made more sense if everyone were 10 years older. Quite a lot of male angst. Interesting, but predictable. An okay beach book.

    20. The best part was that the truly evil character never changed -- no fairy tale redemption, I liked that. It felt honest. Good beach read with some solid twists to the story.

    21. This book had me stressed out so often I'm surprised I haven't aged five years. Needless to say, I loved it.

    22. even though I have read this story line a few times, I liked the twist in this one. it was worth reading.

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