Amor, Liberdade e Solidão - Uma Nova Visão dos Relacionamentos

Amor Liberdade e Solid o Uma Nova Vis o dos Relacionamentos Porque ser que tantas pessoas vivem sozinhas hoje em dia O modelo da fam lia tradicional est a desfazer se os jovens iniciam a sua vida sexual cada vez mais cedo metade dos casamentos no mundo ocident

  • Title: Amor, Liberdade e Solidão - Uma Nova Visão dos Relacionamentos
  • Author: Osho
  • ISBN: 9789727119509
  • Page: 182
  • Format: None
  • Porque ser que tantas pessoas vivem sozinhas hoje em dia O modelo da fam lia tradicional est a desfazer se os jovens iniciam a sua vida sexual cada vez mais cedo metade dos casamentos no mundo ocidental acabam em div rcio O que aconteceu ao amor Ao longo destas p ginas, o conceituado mestre espiritual Osho analisa o fen meno do amor no Ocidente e explica como a cresPorque ser que tantas pessoas vivem sozinhas hoje em dia O modelo da fam lia tradicional est a desfazer se os jovens iniciam a sua vida sexual cada vez mais cedo metade dos casamentos no mundo ocidental acabam em div rcio O que aconteceu ao amor Ao longo destas p ginas, o conceituado mestre espiritual Osho analisa o fen meno do amor no Ocidente e explica como a crescente tend ncia para a solid o pode ser vista como um factor positivo de desenvolvimento espiritual No mundo moderno, a liberdade a nossa condi o existencial b sica Quem n o souber gozar essa liberdade e aprender a viver consigo mesmo e para si mesmo, n o ser capaz de encontrar o amor e a felicidade junto dos outros Com o estilo provocante que o caracteriza, Osho oferece aqui um guia sensato e divertido para encontrar o amor na complexidade da vida moderna.

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    1. yata! I have finally finished this book! I could only read a little of this book at a time. I would read a few pages and then have to put down the book and think about what I had read. Did I agree with Osho's views? What were my views on the issue? All in all, it was a good exercise for me to go through. It's amazing how much you learn about yourself when you question your own views.

    2. Few of my fav passages from the book: : - "It is beautiful to be alone, it is also beautiful to to be in love, to be with people. And they are complementary, not contradictory."- "you can only enjoy aloneness ONLY if you can enjoy relationships. It is relationship that creates the need for aloneness, it is a rhythm." - "A person who knows how to be alone is never lonely. People who don't know how to alone, they are lonely." - "Great music is a sythesis between sound and silence." (like love and [...]

    3. This book is not easy to read. Because of what society have taught us. I read this book few pages at the time and then I had to put it down because this new information was too overwhelming. In a good way though. Deeper I went into this book, more delighted and happy I felt. I tried meditation and I experienced my meditation honeymoon as Osho mentioned would happen. And after honeymoon phase, meditation was harder, yes. But I didn't gave up because I felt that Osho has guided me well and gave me [...]

    4. I have very recently been introduced to Osho. A Zen Buddhist Guru that was popular in the 1970s, Acharaya Rajneesh, popularly known as Osho, was an international Indian mystic, and spiritual teacher with an insight that could only be described as “enlightened”. Although Osho penned hundreds of books before he died in 1990, “Love, Freedom, Aloneness: A Koan of Relationships” was my first experience getting to know him and his teachings. Within just a few pages my heart started racing and [...]

    5. I loved this book. It was hard to understand at firstI think you really have to approach it with a completely open mind and just really listen to what he's saying. I got a little disinterested when he went on a 'we should all live in small communes' tangent (only because it's basically impossible to even imagine it in today's world), but otherwise his anecdotes were amusing and full of very wise insights that only further drove his points home. Everything in the title of this book you will come [...]

    6. It's quite repetitive. It's at times a bit eccentric. It's not really well written. (Although this was explained in the "About the Author" section at the end. This book was NOT "written", but transcribed from 35 years' worth of Osho's extemporaneous talks, which explains the repetition and average writing.) It's definitely not for the conservative, especially Christian, set. That being said's one of the most insightful and valuable books I've read in my 46 years. How awesome to have my personal [...]

    7. i have this book on order and wish i had the presence of mind to preview it more extensively before buying it. i found these "gems" in the google books preview:"Man is the only being on Earth who has freedom. A dog is born a dog, will live like a dog, will die like a dog; there is no freedomThis is where man is totally different. This is the dignity of man, his specialness in existence, his uniqueness.""A dog is going to remain a dog his whole life, he is not going to evolve, grow. Yes, he will [...]

    8. This book challenged me to re-question my paradigm as well as provided so much insights and ideas to contemplate on. One of the powerful things I found from this piece of profound work was the statement "one is enough unto oneself, and one doesn't require anything else". Thanks Osho

    9. If you ask me if I enjoy this book, the answer is no. It made me uncomfortable, it cemented some of my knowledge and believes and it shook some others. But if you ask me if this book is a good read, I would say yes, for the same reason.To me, a good read doesn't always comfort and provide you all the answers that you readily agree with. A good read makes you feel and think, it makes you question your prior knowledge; a good read might contain theses that you vehemently disagree with, and yet can [...]

    10. Many concepts in this book are fabulous. And I have recommended it to folks (especially in their twenties and thirties) who are in relationships who need to explore what it means to be alone. The necessity for alone time is so important, and Osho delves into this. He has some great anecdotes which have stayed with me today, and I highly recommend this book. The only drawbacks (be aware) is his repetition of language in getting across a concept and some far-out ideas about abstinence and communal [...]

    11. i seem to rate books really high, but this was a really good book. this was my first time reading osho. i resonated a lot with what he said about love starting from the person first and that we must love ourselves before we can love others. love tied to being alone and freedom.

    12. Be wary the advice of theorists instead of practitioners. Having finished Love, Freedom, and Aloneness, I thought maybe I shouldn’t look this guy up before I write a view of the theories he advocates in order to give it a fair chance. But. I had to see if he was a monk or lived a normal life. Answer, monk. Not in the traditional sense, based on the way he writes I have no doubt he seduced many a hippie back to his hut to show them the energy of sex. But I had no idea the egregious greed and le [...]

    13. 1) He has spoken of good and solid points like: fear making. Fear that is made by both political and theological authorities.2) he was so deep when he talked about the self love, selfishness, illusion of love and social serving.3) his talk about aloneness is deep and insightful. 4) vague and contradictory analysis of love.5) attacking sex and defending it on contradictory terms depending on his contradictory position of love. 6) attacking ideologies while adhering one.7) the idea of commune sex [...]

    14. I loved this book. It forced me to unlearn and challenge things I've been taught by society and the norms its imposed on us and we've imposed on ourselves. Simply put, it totally changed my perspective on the meanings of love, freedom and aloneness. For the better. I would definitely read this book again. And again.

    15. I didn't like itI agree we can have different points of view of the diverse aspects of life, but this guy is against EVERYTHING! I really don't think that all human race is egocentric and faking love! I'll keep what was useful (2 paragraphs of the entire book) and throw the rest away!

    16. I discovered the true meaning of love, that there is a difference between being alone and being lonely. In addition, I learned that through aloneness and meditation you can discover yourself and ultimately true bliss.

    17. I am keeping this book as a primary source in my library that I may re-read and reference from time to time. I feel it's the kind of book that is necessary to read in different phases in one's life and still be able to gather new information from. It isn't stuffy either. It's written in a simplistic style that relates to all ages and across all lifestyles. This book doesn't preach, which is why I love it and put it in my favorite section. It instead, gives you some food for thought. There is rea [...]

    18. El mensaje general de Amor, Libertad y Soledad, me pareció bueno. Habla de que el amor no debería de ser apego, la relación no debería de ser esclavitud, el crecimiento espiritual no debería de ser represión, y la soledad no debería de ser aislamiento. Todo lo anterior llega a perjudicar nuestra libertad y nos trae sufrimiento, y por lo tanto, infelicidad. El amor va de la mano con el crecimiento espiritual, y el ser humano necesita tanto de momentos de relación como de soledad.La razón [...]

    19. Easily one of the best books on relationships I've read, and I've read a ton. Really resonated with a lot of what Osho has to say, and of course, I wish I could have said things as succinctly as he does when going through troublesome relationships. Particularly enjoyed his take on aloneness. Highly recommended.

    20. I read this book with Turkish edition two years ago. During reading, i underlined some important sentences to understand this book.Generally,Osho's ideas and books seem different to me,but some ideas of Osho are logical. I remember a quote from this book:"People don't realize that they don't know what love is."

    21. if i couldif i could i would buy a million copies of this and distribute it to everyone in my neighborhood and everyone living in the condominium i used to live in, all of my schoolmates, everyone at work but i don't have that much money, so I'll just send one over to my friend, and keep a copy available for anyone in my family to read in the living room

    22. i've purchased three copies of this fantastically written, empowering book - yet not one sits upon my shelves. and that is because it is a treasure to be shared.

    23. Bello il suo modo di spiegare in modo semplice quello che a volte pensiamo che sia troppo complesso. Ottimo libro sull'amore.

    24. This is an amazing book which, I think, explains an extremely important topic very well. So much suffering is caused by the confusions that this book addresses to resolve. Osho never fails! :)

    25. Lessi questo libro a 17 anni, e capii ben poco. Dopo molti anni, approfondimenti vari in tema di filosofie orientali, e una laurea in psicologia, ho capito molto di più. Osho propone una prospettiva dell'amore chiaramente diversa dalla concezione odierna: non come bisogno/dipendenza/attaccamento, ma come condivisione, a partire da una base di consapevolezza e felicità nella solitudine. Ogni tanto mi sembra contraddirsi: nel secondo e nel terzo capitolo dice cose che cozzano un po' con le preme [...]

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