Osa and Martin: For The Love Of Adventure

Osa and Martin For The Love Of Adventure The inspiring story of the legendary couple whose wildlife films transformed America s perceptions of exotic places

  • Title: Osa and Martin: For The Love Of Adventure
  • Author: Kelly Enright
  • ISBN: 9780762763603
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The inspiring story of the legendary couple whose wildlife films transformed America s perceptions of exotic places.

    One thought on “Osa and Martin: For The Love Of Adventure”

    1. one of the few books I could not finish. Merely a surface retelling of information published in other books. I suggest reading "I Married Adventure" by Osa herself rather than this book.

    2. This is a fairly interesting biography of Osa & Martin Johnson (mainly set from the 1910s to the 1940s), who were known/wildly popular for their photos & films of Africa (& the South Pacific). In addition to their photos, films, lecture circuits, the Johnsons also provided specimens/dioramas used in natural history museums & brought animals to various zoos in the US. Prior to reading this, I had never really thought about the person/people behind the stuffed animal exhibits in mu [...]

    3. I was disappointed in this book. Having spent the last few weeks reading Osa Johnson's own autobiographical works, this just seemed like a very compressed version of her adventures. I was looking for more insight and analysis, a historian's take on Osa and Martin. This only really shows up in the intro and the last chapter. Enright touches on the Johnsons' evolving conservation ethic, but it's just a tease, not a sustained original take or argument on the matter. I'd read the intro and last chap [...]

    4. I think the life of Osa and Martin is fascinating, and I wish that I have heard of them more before I randomly bought this book in Disney World, lol! The problem with this book is that to me it seems more like a summary of Osa's autobiography then an interesting read in of itself. I haven't read "I Married Adventure," but I want to, but that is just the feeling I get. Also the book has really long chapters and that is just a personal pet peeve.

    5. This was a really fun one to discover! Went to hear this local author several months ago with my parents at the downtown KC library where she gave a presentation about her research and this unique couple that has all but been forgotten. They were really ahead of their time, especially Osa herself, traveling to Africa with her husband and documenting the wildlife. At one point she was voted "best dressed" woman of the year. Not bad for a Kansas native from a small town.

    6. Great book about two amazing people. Osa and Martin were adventurers who filmed wild animals in many parts of the world. They were early photographers of animals in Africa and spent many months in a tent. Their work gives one both beautiful photos but exciting written word about life in the jungle.

    7. I enjoyed it. I picked it up because of our old Martin & Osa clothing brand at AE. Osa was more interesting than Martin. Ironic that Joseph Conrad was featured in this and I just read one of his novels. I need to get out of the jungle/safari genre!

    8. Because I was not particularly familiar with the lives and contributions of Osa and Martin Johnson, I enjoyed reading about their exploits. Fun to learn about famous Kansans. Small World Gallery carries this book because it is part of the Kansas Notable Book collection.

    9. Not anything spectacular, but this biography of a pair of adventurers in the '20s and '30s definitely held my interest.

    10. This book was good but nothing new to me. Having grown up near Osa and Martin's hometowns, I knew their stories. Amazing things they did in their lifetimes and for the times.

    11. I enjoyed the earlier parts of the book more and would have given it a 4 if it had maintained. They did have an amazing life and saw things most if us never will, if they still exist.

    12. Excellent story about early 1900's film making in Africawhen it was still wild.you can just "see" the animals in your mind.g book! Osa and Martin Johnson were true explorers!

    13. It was not well-written and was repititious: only the locations changed. Most incidents were usually repeats of earlier ones to a certain degree. I really can't recommend it.

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