De autobiografie

De autobiografie De chef kok eigenaar van een serie sterren restaurants in o m Groot Brittannie kreeg bij het grote publiek vooral bekendheid door de televisieserie Oorlog in de keuken waarin hij bepaald niet zachtz

  • Title: De autobiografie
  • Author: Gordon Ramsay Linda Doornbos Nicole Seegers
  • ISBN: 9789022992999
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • De chef kok, eigenaar van een serie sterren restaurants in o.m Groot Brittannie, kreeg bij het grote publiek vooral bekendheid door de televisieserie Oorlog in de keuken waarin hij bepaald niet zachtzinnig met zijn keukenpersoneel omsprong Dat bullebak imago werd ook door de Britse boulevardpers uitgebuit en is waarschijnlijk de reden dat Ramsay deze autobiografie schDe chef kok, eigenaar van een serie sterren restaurants in o.m Groot Brittannie, kreeg bij het grote publiek vooral bekendheid door de televisieserie Oorlog in de keuken waarin hij bepaald niet zachtzinnig met zijn keukenpersoneel omsprong Dat bullebak imago werd ook door de Britse boulevardpers uitgebuit en is waarschijnlijk de reden dat Ramsay deze autobiografie schreef Daarin spreekt hij onverbloemd over zijn nare jeugd, zijn tijd bij de Glasgow Rangers, het respect en de liefde voor zijn moeder, over zijn zusters en zijn broer Als afwasser kwam hij in een restaurantkeuken terecht en vond er zijn roeping chef worden Dat is hem gelukt, hij liep diverse stages in Frankrijk en kon zijn eerste restaurant in Londen openen Hard werken, veel ervaring opdoen tijdens stages, goede mensen om hem heen brachten hem waar hij nu is een alom gerespecteerde chef.

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    1. When we read biographies, we all want honesty. Humble Pie delivers this - Ramsay doesn't hold back on personal issues and struggles with members of his family, rivals in the industry, or other personal grievances. He admits when he did "jerk moments" in his youth and when he did the wrong thing. He admits not noticing a friend's drug habit before it was too late, and he admits wanting to build boundaries toward his brother because of the continuous and draining heroin addiction.The writing style [...]

    2. Whenever Ramsay's name comes up in the media, it's to do with his jerky attitude on his reality television show. But Humble Pie is more about his life away from his celebrity chef status, and who he was before he was the host of Hell's Kitchen. From child abuse to sports competitions, this book tells a whole story that you don't see featured on TV.

    3. Everyone thinks they know the real Gordon Ramsay: rude, loud, driven, stubborn. Bearing in mind his turbulent private life I find it funny when he gives conciliatory family advice on his Kitchen Nightmares television program. However, this is his own story. In this bestselling autobiography, Humble Pie, Ramsay tells his life story starting long before he became the world’s most famous and infamous chef. He tells openly of his difficult childhood. Ramsay talks frankly about his tough childhood, [...]

    4. I LOVE Gordon Ramsay. Now I just need to get past the fact that he has four kids and never changed a diaper, which was really the only thing about this book I didn't like.

    5. This is a surprisingly good biography, written in the no nonsense style that you would expect, complete with expletives.He talks frankly about his shocking childhood-his mother used as a punchbag by his cheating alcoholic father, the poverty the family lived in, the frequent moves all over the country each time his dad lost a job, the family going hungry while his dad wasted all his money on his dead end singing career. It's pretty shocking to imagine families having to live like that. He goes o [...]

    6. If I’d reviewed this book when I read it, I would’ve given it more stars. Granted, I was lying on a beach in Fiji at the time of reading. We didn’t have a Kindle at that point and hadn’t taken enough books to last the holiday, so I was reading it cover to cover no matter what dammit! And lying on a beach in Fiji with a book is an absolutely magnificent way to spend time, so I probably would’ve read and enjoyed The Da Vinci Code if that had been the only available read.I am a foodie. I [...]

    7. I've been a Gordon Ramsay fan since well before his volatile tv persona was snatched up and appropriated by Fox TV here in the US. This autobiography gives insight into the rough background that gave Ramsay his drive and you can see how Ramsay the persona has been developed to keep him (and the "machine" behind him, the staff, the restaurants, the people with families that the Ramsay name now supports) at the top. While I feel like Ramsay sold his soul to Fox to make the crap television that the [...]

    8. "I know how it feels to be in a corner, unnoticed and unloved."Upon my 2nd read of this tell-it-all autobiography, I stand with my view from my first read; Gordon's brutal honesty is respectable and I loved him even more. I connected with his struggle, I admired his determination and I'm most certainly inspired by his wit & strength. It's a story about how you can transform your pain into power. He never stopped at anything, he kept on pushing every hurdle and every limit. He deserved his su [...]

    9. This provides a n insight into why Gordon Ramsay is the way he is - ambitious, perfectionist, fair. Although I'm an admirer, I do believe that he is not perfect, but that only makes him more human to me. I don't believe that he is a misogynist - there aren't a lot of female chefs, specially head chefs, yet he boast about 3 running his restaurants. I also think he's just being truthful when he admits to never having changed a nappy. We live in a PC world in which the knee jerk reaction to this so [...]

    10. If you are a Gordon Ramsay fan this book is a must have. If you are not a fan it's still a great read. There's everything in this autobiography. There's love, drama, sadness, broken dreams and fulfilled dreams. Here Gordon Ramsay tells all about his life and working his way to the top of the culinary field. My favorite parts are when Gordan tells about his sad relationship with his brother Ronnie and dealing with Ronnie's drug addiction. Anyone who has had a family member who was involved in dru [...]

    11. Humble Pie is an interesting peek into the life of one of the most controversial celebrity chefs. This is a story about how he clawed his way up the culinary ladder, from his dysfunctional family life to his current fame as a successful Michelin-starred chef. As expected, Ramsay did not spare any expletive, and the book is peppered with his usual "bollocks" and "fuck" ejaculations. Very raw and sincere, just like a good memoir should be. What I liked about the book is the inside-story on Ramsay' [...]

    12. I was really surprised by this. I had actually downloaded it as an ebook to test my new reader, quite simply because of the affordable price. I think I may have bought the condensed version because it was quite short but it was really very interesting. I'm not normally a biography sort of person but am very glad I bought this. My only exposure to Gordon Ramsay before reading this book was through his reality TV shows, of which I have only seen one episode. This definitely painted a very differen [...]

    13. It's not often that I pick up an autobiography but I've wanted to read Humble Pie for a while now. I have a lot of respect for Gordon Ramsay, what he has achieved and his cooking, I trained as a chef years ago, I have always enjoyed cooking and have worked in kitchens since I was 13, and i always wanted to work for Gordon Ramsay. (Anyway my career took a different turn).The autobiography was well written and gave a wonderful insight into Ramsay's life and what has given him his drive. He is a lo [...]

    14. I really wasn't interested in the football career or even restaurants of Gordon Ramsay, however I was intrigued to know of his childhood and background, so started reading this book thinking I would only read the first couple of chapters then pass it on. It captivated me so much, however, that before I knew it I was romping towards the end of the bookVery readable, whilst it doesn't necessarily endear me to Gordon Ramsay (quite the opposite at times) it does give some insight into the man behind [...]

    15. It didn’t feel right to rate a chef’s autobiography for the quality of writing so I’m leaving this unrated. I bought the book just because I love Gordon Ramsay. I was curious to learn about his personal life and how he built his empire. I very much adored him before reading the book, and it strengthens his image in my mind as a genuine, witty, conscientious and down-to-earth man.

    16. I can't cook, anything that I do cook is done in the oven, very occassionaly I make a cake. I know my limits, if a recipe involves a food processor - forget it. It's taken me years to realise that my cakes are so moist because I haven't whipped my eggs for long enough (didn't know they were supposed to be all fluffy, mine were normally a lot of liquid with a few bubbles in). But I have immense respect for anyone that can cook and can't help myself when it comes to cookbooks - it always looks so [...]

    17. This is the second of two Ramsay autobiographies on the market, the other being Playing with Fire, and although it probably didn’t help that I read the two of them out of order, I do think that Playing with Fire was better. That said, they do cover different subject matter, except for in the last sixty or so pages of Humble Pie which would essentially act as an introduction to the second book, if you read them in order. It’s just kind of hard to read about something that he’s looking forwa [...]

    18. I love Gordon but for some reason I thought his autobiography was going to be quite arrogant I was wrong. I knew he had an obscure past but reading about it made me understand a bit more his character. I've always seen him as a very strict, hard working man and now I get why.What I loved the most was that he constantly repeated: "I worked my ass off." That's what you have to do when you want to achieve your goals. Now he is one of the best chefs, with more than ten Michelin stars and a series of [...]

    19. As a long time fan of Gordon Ramsay, I'm surprised it took me that long to pick up his autobiography to read and I'm glad that I did it in the end. It gave me a full perspective of Gordon and not just mere assumptions based on TV shows and interviews. Although this book lacked any elegance, it certainly has the charm of a wicked man in a such fierce industry. What made this book exceptionally great is the extreme honesty of his which made everything intriguing enough and believable.

    20. Finished in one day. GR comes across as extremely honest and heartfelt in this book narrated by himself. His character is carried across well. Enjoyed the book but it lacked depth. I would recommend as a good travelling companion.

    21. This is a mini biography about Gordon Ramsay. Its not as detailed as some of his other books but it still "takes the cake."

    22. My husband originally trained and worked as a chef and over the years has watched many of Gordon Ramsays shows, which in turn means I've seen them too. For some reason hubby always been fairly impressed with him, me less so, all the shouting and swearing seemed a bit unnecessary. Hubby enjoyed the book, so I thought I'd give it a go. Gorden comes across much better in print than on screen, although the swearing still exists. I know a kitchen is a pretty harsh environment to work and that the hou [...]

    23. I don’t often read biographies or autobiographies but I do like Gordon Ramsay (well, certain things about him, anyway) - a friend lent me this book as she knows I like him.The writing style is very basic - it’s obviously all from Gordon himself and not ghost-written because the writing is fairly bad in places, but that is okay because you get the sense that he’s genuine.There were a few places where I had to read things through a few times to make sense of them! I’m not sure whether it [...]

    24. Gordon Ramsay has been a fascinating subject of study in television and in food. I've enjoyed his television shows Hell's Kitchen US, Hotel Hell, and Kitchen Nightmares. I have visited two of his restaurants and enjoyed his food and admired his passion for creating amazing eats. Reading his autobiography should've been a natural step for me, but I had no idea it even existed until it was given to me.This book was a revelation in Gordon's background. I had no idea what his background was and I re [...]

    25. To start by saying 'what a book' is such a cliche, but WHAT A BOOK!When I got to the last page I was hugely disappointed. I paged backwards and forwards hoping there was something I missed, a page or maybe a full chapter that I skipped.But nothing!As you can gather I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This was my first autobiography I read and I am apprehensive of reading the next persons autobiography because I don't think it will captivate me in the same way.I know that not all of you will agree wi [...]

    26. I managed to pick this book off the free shelf in the canteen and was delighted as I'd always wanted to read it. I remember being fascinated by the fact that he could have been a footballer but had to change tack due to an injury. I wanted to find out what was behind the powerhouse that was able to turn such a huge disappointment into an opportunity of success. I've been a fan of his tv programmes, though now watch them only as a 'guilty pleasure' but I love his common sense and work ethic, stre [...]

    27. I am a huge fan of autobiographies and have recently found a few good cooking biographies, and that it great because it combines my love of food with words. I have always been a fan of Gordon Ramsey, I mean who isn’t really? I have also wanted to know about him and his life because he really doesn’t share a lot. So when I found this book at the LifeLine Book Sale I went to I knew I had to get it and read it. Gordon Ramsey is a great writer, I really mean it. If you have ever seen him on tele [...]

    28. Humble Pie by Gordon Ramsay is an autobiographical account of Ramsay's rise to a celebrity chef and restaurateur. It begins with an honest and disturbing account of growing up in a home where domestic violence was viewed as acceptable. Ramsay's family moved often due to his father's irresponsibility which disrupted Gordon's schooling as well as being emotionally difficult.Ramsay had a promising future playing football but this was curtailed by injury. Instead he managed to gain entry into a cate [...]

    29. Suelo leer muchas biografías, especialmente autobiografías, pero esta tiene un encanto especial De hecho, confieso que en pocos meses consulté este libro una decena de veces, por partes o entero. Se trata de la primera autobiografía de uno de los Chefs más talentosos de la actualidad (junto a Joel Robuchon y Alain Ducasse son los 3 chefs con más estrellas Michelin en el mundo), en la que relata su vida desde un plano íntimo y personal. La segunda autobiografía, Playing with Fire, aborda [...]

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