One thought on “盗墓笔记7: 邛笼石影”

  1. “有些面具戴得太久,就摘不下来了。”This book hurts so much. From Wu Xie's frequent thoughts of Pangzi and Kylin during his mission with XiaoHua, how he'd realise he'd always relied on them and how they would protect him, to calling Panzi and finding the state of his Uncle's territories. Before now, I had always felt excitement and anticipation towards what would happen next, now there is also a heavy sense of dread of what is to come.To be honest, I don't understand why I had [...]

  2. 雖然幾乎跟盜墓扯不上啥邊緣了,前面很不知所雲,後面還來個坑爹的十年,但這本在小哥終於出現可真是基情滿滿,完全可以把盜墓筆記當BL小說來看了無誤(煙)。盜7真是邪瓶黨的一片春天啊!爲了這點就夠多一顆星了!

  3. It's the seventh book of this series. It is the last book of the series, and all adventures leaves to an end.

  4. 相对上一本的清新可爱,这里的内容更贴近现实,不相熟的青梅竹马,没义务照顾对方在古墓里的周全,与小三爷,小哥,潘子,胖子和阿宁在之前的拼死相救形成强烈的对比,感觉故事的走向会越来越偏向于更现实的方向,有点小失望,不过故事结构依旧匪夷所思,文笔手法依旧,期待结局里会看到小哥和胖子的归来~

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