Hunter's Way

Hunter s Way Homicide detective Tori Hunter was used to doing things her way But even after six different partners in seven years she was not prepared for the hot tempered Samantha Kennedy Samantha on the other

  • Title: Hunter's Way
  • Author: Gerri Hill
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Homicide detective Tori Hunter was used to doing things her way But even after six different partners in seven years, she was not prepared for the hot tempered Samantha Kennedy.Samantha, on the other hand, was trying to juggle a new job, a demanding boyfriend, and now finds herself with an even greater challenge being partnered with the most difficult detective in theHomicide detective Tori Hunter was used to doing things her way But even after six different partners in seven years, she was not prepared for the hot tempered Samantha Kennedy.Samantha, on the other hand, was trying to juggle a new job, a demanding boyfriend, and now finds herself with an even greater challenge being partnered with the most difficult detective in the entire squad.After a brief terrorist scare disrupts their serial killer investigation, the two women find themselves growing closer Sam begins to question the relationship with her longtime boyfriend, and Tori, never one to allow anyone to get too close, begins to feel her defenses slipping in Sam s presence.A serial killer and drug deals gone bad the two detectives struggle with their feelings, trying to maintain their professional relationship while keeping their nearly flammable physical relationship in check.

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    1. **SPOILERS**It’s not that I didn’t enjoy Hunter’s Way – I like crime thrillers and mysteries, and as a bi woman I love lady- love stories. But there were a couple of things that just really made me feel uncomfortable and angry, thus the penalty of less stars1) If you’re a trans woman you will fucking hate this book. The frequent use of transphobic language and terms really pissed me off, and to be honest I was surprised that a lesbian writer didn’t know better. Especially cos this bo [...]

    2. Great series! mystery,suspense,romance,depth,intrigue,passion,good character development,realism and good storytellingwell written (paperback!)

    3. It irritates me when there's a ex boyfriend on the scene, especially when they're whiny Other that that this was a good read

    4. This was my first outing with Gerri Hill and I was very impressed. Start with a hard nosed, cantankerous detective that can't keep a partner add in a newbie detective with a boyfriend who won't let her run away from her problems and you get Tori Hunter and Sam Kennedy. To say their partnership was strained was a complete understatement. Tori has been through too many partners to name and the last thing she wants to do is babysit some rookie detective. Samantha might be new to homicide but she is [...]

    5. One of Gerri's best books. I don't want to give any spoilers, but this story has everything, it's a can't-put-down-romance-thriller. I'd give it 4,5 stars.

    6. I don't typically write reviews for books unless asked to or unless I feel a great need to but I feel very strongly about this topic. The drug cartel subplot was really unnecessary feeling. [spoilers start here] I hate the cheap thought put into fridging (putting a female character through a tragedy, typically rape or horrifying murder) a female character that's only meant to add to the gloomy/broody feelings of another protagonist, typically a straight male but in this case the lesbian female, [...]

    7. *English is not my native language, be warned of possible mistakes*I needed to think hard about rating this book.Because while many things are satisfactory in this story, one single element (which to me is important in this type of story), did not receive proper attention.The author's writing is very fluid and easy. The romance was well thought out and the characters had the right appeal, which was easy to like.The sex scenes Very well detailed, the correct amount of smut.But the investigation, [...]

    8. *possible trigger warning: rapeI went into this book knowing it was a romance novel, so I wasn't expecting too much plotother than romance. Which, is what I wanted when I started reading it. I was very pleased and enjoyed the book, until like many, I arrived at the rape scene. If only this book didn't go there I would have enjoyed it much more. I thought it was pourly executed and not sensitive to the nature of the subject matter. It wasn't handled very well, and made me uncomfortable to see it [...]

    9. One and a half starDisappointing. The whole police/detective thing was really ridiculous, the killings were meant to have a sick pervert criminal, at least thats what the author was trying to pRotray, however it made the whole police force seems so retarded. At the beginning, Tori was disliked by almost the whole department, and suddenly with new detective, Sam, she changed. And people started to find her nice? Childs play? I dont really know how to say this, but the whole storyline just doesnt [...]

    10. This book is like the grandmother of police romance thrillers. it does everything right from the beginning with stock characters, but so well realised that at no point did I feel the formula at work.Pretty interesting plot and my goodness there are some hot and passionate scenes. Will be looking for the next in the series.

    11. Loved it (with a few exceptions) very exciting. (view spoiler)[I was, however, surprised that a lesbian writer would have her lesbian main character use derogatory gay slurs. I knocked it down one point for that. I also cringed at the rape scene; it was painful to read. (hide spoiler)]

    12. Great series! romance,depth,mystery,suspense,intrigue,passion,good character development,realism and good storytellingwell written (paperback!)

    13. I have such conflicted feelings about this book! It drew me in really quickly, and I haven't read anything so quickly in such a long time - I just couldn't put it down. But the hints of transphobia made it lose quite a lot of points with me.I want to give it the benefit of the doubt, because the misgendering happens before we know for sure the person in question is really a trans woman, and not just a cross-dressing gay man, and once she knows, the main character makes some efforts to gender her [...]

    14. I read Gerri Hill's Snow Falls and I really liked it. I also enjoy mystery suspense so I got this book. Unfortunately, it didn't float my boat the way Snow Falls did. As a detective story it’s pretty good. How main character Tori goes about finding the killer did keep my interest. There were several issues though that derailed this book for me. (view spoiler)[One was a totally unnecessary story line that was quite violent for Sam, Tori's partner. It had nothing to do with the main plot, was a [...]

    15. This is my first outing with Gerri Hill and I have to say it definitely not be my last. Her writing style keeps you enthralled throughout the entire book and the story line plays out like a well written symphony.Tori Hunter, a great detective but horrible partner, going through 6 partners in 7 years, not all of them her fault. She is a lone wolf and likes it that way and when she is partnered with the new girl, Samantha Kennedy, she just sees it as another way to prove she is better on her own. [...]

    16. I'm pretty sure that I've read this one before. Or maybe it's just I've read alot of dark, damaged, broody,lesbian, hard-ass, break-all-the-rules police detectives who team up with a hot straight (at least for right now) partner and solve serial killer cases books. Tori Hunter is the broody homicide cop that doesn't play nicely with others (seven partners in six years - of whom several were killed on the job, on disability or quit) but always closes her cases. As a last ditch effort, her Lt assi [...]

    17. I picked this book up on the recommendation of a webcomic author, and was pleasantly surprised. There was a bit of erotica in this but I actually skimmed over it quickly each time it reared to get back to the plot! I was thoroughly entranced with the story, both the love story and the mystery.I actually felt a bit silly at the end of the novel, desiring to know more about the killer and his motivations and extra things like that, when primarily this novel is a lesbian romance / mystery, not just [...]

    18. It's not often you get a book that's worth your money in lesbian fiction, but this is one of them. It's actually more than 200 pages which was a real treat.Gerri Hill is a great writer. She knows how to tell a great story without boring you, and her characters are better written than most. My only complaint with much of her books, as is my main complaint with most lesbian fiction, is that it's so darned predictable! Too many cliche plots: one stupid, simple misunderstanding must threaten to kill [...]

    19. Great characters, wonderful dialog that will have you laugh and cry. I only had one problem with this story and that is where Miss Hill messed up on her research- it takes at least 6 weeks for HIV to show in your system (a common fact), so a character's test obviously won't show if positive or negative in the time frame given in the book.Hunter's Way in my opinion is definitely her best work from anything else I have read of hers so far.

    20. I loved the romance part, the way the main characters interacted with each other, sometimes funny or teasing conversations and other times focusing on their cases (which I consider important as it is a main spot in this book). I wouldn't call myself a big fan of crime books and honestly this one was a bit creepy in my opinion. Other than that I think it was well written, with an interesting character development.

    21. One of the best romantic suspense novels that I've read in the lesbian fiction stable. It did remind me a little bit of the Nora Roberts mystery books. I had a few issues with the plot but at the end, they seem minor because I just loved the Tori-Sam relationship so much as well as the murder mystery.

    22. For romance, this is good. But for detective story, its kind of slow and the case is left behind becoz of the romance.

    23. It's not often that a book captivates me so much that I can't put it down. This one did, and I read it in a single sitting. In trying to analyze why, it stumped me a bit. It is kind of a typical lesbian romance novel (which I enjoy), set in a police homicide squad, with a good mystery as a background. On the surface, the story follows the pattern of most romance novels: opposites attract, but fate or history intervenes, keeping them apart until they get it together and overcome the obstacles to [...]

    24. In Hunter’s Way you’ll find an exciting plot, rapid developments, and authentic characters. For me, this was a real page-turner, and I wanted to read on and on. What I love most about the book is how one of the two main characters changes and is heavily influenced by the other one. This, and the way the relationship between Tori and Samantha slowly develops are great. It is just the right mix of tentative steps towards each other, and some hot moments. Some of what Tori and Samantha experien [...]

    25. I love this book! The story go so well. the mystery and romance are just flow so well together. And i really love Samantha and Tori. They are so good together. One thing tho, ONE THING!, that had happened to Samantha and i was like banging my head against the wall and murmured “why, author? Why? Why you do dis?” Sighhh. Well i know it is a big deal but at least they didnt so being drama over what happened. I have to admit Samantha is a strong character. She kinda handle it well over what hap [...]

    26. What.A.Book! I loved it. A murder on the loose, 2 women getting to know each other better thru challenges at work and eventually falling in love was good! The downside was, I didn’t like what happened to SamI felt rage when I read “that” part and I was disgusted. I don’t like things that could possibly hurt a woman in the worse waybut I was glad Tori was there for her. Oh, Robert was such a pain!

    27. This was fast read, I enjoyed the first chapters then I got really board and disappointed at the end. The Romance is not too much there's balance in the book however, the book lack depth to me I didn't feel anything its like I'm reading dry words It seems harsh but everything went by so fast. I'm not sure if I'm going to read the rest of the series.

    28. Good love story but so many murders! Am I the only one who can enjoy the story of love where two people don't have to face dead bodies all the time? I love it but really has too many bad news anyway. Why writing about more suffering

    29. Gripping This is the first of Gerri Hall's I have read and I can't wait to start the next one. A gripping thriller and a love story as well a 5 star read

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