If Only You Knew

If Only You Knew To hide his growing attraction to his new employee Carlton Harrington III makes Latonya Stevens work long hard hours But late nights spent at the office together make denying their mutual attraction

  • Title: If Only You Knew
  • Author: Gwyneth Bolton
  • ISBN: 9781583147733
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • To hide his growing attraction to his new employee, Carlton Harrington III makes Latonya Stevens work long, hard hours But late nights spent at the office together make denying their mutual attraction impossible.

    One thought on “If Only You Knew”

    1. Length: 304 pagesStyle: African American RomanceStory: GOODIntimacy level: GOODEnjoyment: GOODSeries: N/APrice: Not on kindle/ only paperbackI loved this book, I read it and reviewed it in 2008 and I must say reading it again, I still loved it . What I liked about If Only You Knew is that it takes us on a journey throughout the years from the beginning of Carlton and Latonya's relationship, their separation and rediscovery of each other. I admit, at times, Carlton seems a bit harsh towards Laton [...]

    2. I ENJOYED this storyeven though Carlton comes off as a first class JERK.ral times throughoutCarlton and LaTonya have some MAJOR commitment issues that they should have both dealt with before jumping into a marriage so quicktalk about a WHIRLWIND romancewhen they didn't let their past interfere with their present they were GREAT togetherbut I was AMAZED by how you could feel the love between themt, neither knew if the other was in lovee they NEVER spoke those three little words do you live the da [...]

    3. When family stick there nose where it don't belong can bring havoc to a new relationship. Carlton and LaTonya's relationship had the problem with the senior Harrington sticking his nose where it did not belong. It took over five years of ins and outs, ups and downs to find the right fit for them to make it right. Here's to elders not knowing everything.

    4. I originally read this book when it came out in 2006 and have re-read it several times over the years. I love this story.Initially I will agree that Carlton is abrasive and rude to LaTonya. He's insecure and unsure of his place in her heart, which causes him to do some pretty horrible things. His fear of being unworthy and incapable of earning her love makes him push her away. When he realizes what he had done, it just might be too late.LaTonya wasn't as strong as a lot of women would have been, [...]

    5. Such a great story I couldn't put it down. The love Latonya and Carlton had for each other was real from the very start. It was sad that neither wanted to trust they love they felt for each other enough to lay it all out on the line from the beginning. It was also sad for the way Elder Harrington treated Latonya and also made people in the Bahamas treat her like trash as well. I don't blame her, I would have wanted to go back home as well. Great to see the love prevailed in the end.

    6. Very emotional. A very good book showing that love and not trusting can lead to disaster. Add to that a prejudice and conniving in-law. But, as always, love prevails. A very, very good read.

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