One thought on “J. Reuben Clark: The Church Years”

  1. This was a surprisingly honest and empathetic biography (especially for one with first presidency approval during that era). I think Quinn did a great job of highlighting what makes Clark tick - loyalty, self-reliance, integrity, and carefulness. He did an incredible job of showing the reasoning behind some of Clark's seeming inconsistencies. I certainly didn't always agree with Clark, but this biography made me respect him. My biggest take-away from this book was watching how Clark managed to b [...]

  2. The funny thing about this book for me was as follows. I was delighted to discover that this book was not the typical LDS general authority hagiography. I've grown bone tired of account after account of LDS general authorities who are portrayed as nearly perfect when I know that while they are good men who have been called of God to labor in God's vineyard they undoubtedly have weaknesses and sins like the rest of us. This book candidly delved into the strengths and weaknesses of President Clark [...]

  3. J. Reuben--a real man with real feelings, real sympathies, real philosophies, real ideals, real inadequacies. D. Michael paints a portrait of this tightrope walker, entirely comfortable with his own views yet absolutely supportive of Church decisions when made in contrast. We receive an incredibly particularized history of J. Reuben and his transfer from 19th century raising and education and life's work through the very early 60's of the 20th century. His ability to adjust to new ideas and situ [...]

  4. I don't usually read biographies, but this has to be my very favorite one. Pres. Clark led such a interesting, principled life that it's hard to not want to follow his example. Really. He was long gone before I was even born, but I think he was amazing and inspiring. This book is filled with good stories and tidbits that I've often used in talks and classes, too.

  5. Commissioned BYU to write this book professor Quinn finds a lot to like in this person despite his anti-Semitic tendencies (which Quinn doesn't hide). I'm surprised this book was originally published by BYU.

  6. This is the D Michael Quinn book. Fox wrote the other one, I believe. Anyway, I read this long ago and it was the book that got me interested in biography about LDS church leaders.

  7. This is a great book on the life of J. Reuben Clark and his Chuch service."It's not where you serve, but how you serve."

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