The Orphan Palace

The Orphan Palace Cardigan is heading east through the night bleak cities of America and back to confront the past he has never escaped as a resident of Zimms an orphanage cum asylum and a true palace of dementia En

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  • Title: The Orphan Palace
  • Author: Joseph S. Pulver Sr.
  • ISBN: 9781907681110
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cardigan is heading east through the night bleak cities of America and back to confront the past he has never escaped, as a resident of Zimms, an orphanage cum asylum and a true palace of dementia En route, Cardigan meets bounty hunters, ghosts, ghouls, a talking rat, even a merman, and struggles to decide which will lead him from damnation.

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    1. The Orphan Palace smacks the reader in the face from the first page just to resolve any question about who's in charge. Pulver's approach here is to make the story not just something the main character experiences, but a series of thoughts and perceptions. It takes place "in here" rather than "out there." The stream-of-consciousness style took me a while to settle into due to the hyper-saturated poetic style. This may be the most uncompromising narrative I've read in years, but it's worth settli [...]

    2. How can I opine on a piece so unique? I can but try. This book is nonpareil, it has no peers because it is unique and solitary. Joe is a poet, and a darkling one -- as a mere novelist, I'm not really qualified to parse the deep structure of this strange book -- but I can make observations.The poetic structure in this is undeniable if strangely intuitive and un-analyzable. You mull over some of the crazier passages and you realize they're polished to the bone -- that Joe didn't just excrete some [...]

    3. Joe Pulver is frighteningly good. His style is poetic, but not florally so. It is percussive, harsh but smooth with a deliberate rhythm meant, no doubt, to be felt as much as read. When I first read The Orphan Palace, I felt the reverberation of the prose in my chest. The other night I saw an old Mustang idling at the corner of King and Lacroix. It rattled my bones. It shook the heart inside my chest. It sat there waiting for the light to change, growling and impatient, eager to go. “That,” [...]

    4. Intricate plotting. Unique prose structure. The Orphan Palace is a book equivalent of an explosive and fast-paced techno-thriller movie. I am very impressed by Pulver's audacity and originality.

    5. I was simultaneously looking forward to reading this book but also a bit weary, as I find that Joseph Pulver's writing to be uneven at times. He has a tendency to mix prose and poetry to varying degrees of success. I had only read his short stories before, and this was his first full length novel And it does not disappoint. It seems that his poetic tendencies work better on a longer sustained effort, and his impressionistic writing style is fleshed out into something more concrete over the cours [...]

    6. The Orphan Palace is a modern Gothic masterpiece of a road novel. As if Henry Lee Lucas met Sal Paradise for a trip across America with many pit stops and detours from Interzone to Tindalos, Kadath, and back again! Joseph S. Pulver Sr. weaves hallucinatory poetic passages that defy what one thinks a novel is capable of, and with The Orphan Palace has created unforgettable characters drenched in pathos, that will most certainly stand the test of time in the annals of horror and weird fiction with [...]

    7. 'The Orphan Palace' is unlike anything else I've ever read or am likely to read again, and I mean that in the best way possible. It was my first proper introduction to Joe Pulver, and my respect for both his work and the man himself has grown with each of his books and collections that I have read since. This holds a particularly special place among my collection though. It's definitely not easy reading, but it's incredibly rewarding and plants a seed in your mind that you'll find yourself retur [...]

    8. Wow. What a strange but truly enjoyable journey. Definitely can still taste the atmosphere and energy that surges through this blend of mythos and noir. This is one of those books that stay with you long after you've read it.Take a chance and see!

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