Nasty Bugs

Nasty Bugs This tribute to the delightful nastiness of bugs features poems by accomplished children s poets including Marilyn Singer J Patrick Lewis and Rebecca Andrew Loescher Fun facts about the featured

  • Title: Nasty Bugs
  • Author: Lee Bennett Hopkins Will Terry
  • ISBN: 9780803737167
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This tribute to the delightful nastiness of bugs features 16 poems by accomplished children s poets, including Marilyn Singer, J Patrick Lewis, and Rebecca Andrew Loescher Fun facts about the featured creatures round out this sure bet for poetry fans and bug enthusiasts alike Full color.

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    1. Poetry. . .bugs. . ys. . .I think I see a kind of perfect match with the approach of April when we begin to celebrate poetry with our younger readers. Okay. Wait. Maybe we lost you here. Bugs. . s. . .bugs. Look around your room right now? I'll bet you have some boys who absolutely love bugs. But when will they ever get to read a collection of poems about them? Or find them in a lesson or a book quite possibly meant just for them.Lee Bennett Hopkins has done it again with NASTY BUGS. He's brough [...]

    2. Sixteen poems, three of which were commissioned for this book, inform and entertain readers. Poets include Hopkins, X. J. Kennedy, Marilyn Singer, J. Patrick Lewis, Alice Schertle, Douglas Florian, and several other well-known poets. Their creatures bite and suck their ways through plants, animals, humans, and stuff like wood in poems of free verse or tight rhythm and rhyme. The vocabulary is marvelous, with inventive words such as “yum-yucky,” and “pediculous,” descriptive terms such as [...]

    3. 'Nasty Bugs' features poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins and illustrations by Will Terry. It's a delightful book and will be greatly enjoyed by children of all ages.The bugs are nasty and gross and include maggots, chiggers, wasps, lice and bed bugs. It's definitely not a read for the faint-of-heart! Sensitive children will have nightmares after seeing the head full of grayish lice as large as fingers in a head of hair, or a large, fanged bed bug hiding under the covers while a child peers an [...]

    4. With splendid rhyming and colorful pictures, this book will have kindergarten and first grade students coming out of their seats with excitement! Nasty Bugs is a great book of poems about bugs and the title says it all! This book would be a fantastic way to introduce a science unit about bugs to a classroom full of young students! With poems about stink bugs and fire ants, among many other wild types of bugs, this book is sure to keep the students entertained while at the same time teaching them [...]

    5. This is a humorous and entertaining collection about bugs most of us consider quite odious, like fleas, cockroaches, mosquitos and the like. The poems are short and most of them rhyme and while the poems can be enjoyed individually, we really enjoyed reading them all at one time. The illustrations are colorful and the poor, maligned bugs sorta look cute. Overall, I think this is a great book of poems and would be useful in a classroom or for storytime. I have to admit that our girls decided to p [...]

    6. Full review at Cracking the CoverThere’s nothing cuddly about the nasty bugs. Even presented in this humorous book, there none to friendly. Bold, almost Pixar-esque illustrations give readers a close-up look at maggots, flies and lice.“Nasty Bugs” is a fun, fast-moving book of poetry. Kids will enjoy the bigger-than-life illustrations and tongue-in-cheek text. Fun facts about each bug, which are found at the end of the book, are an added bonus.

    7. A collection of creepy, crawly poems by some of today's most beloved children's poets This tribute to the delightful nastiness of bugs features sixteen poems by accomplished children's poets, including Marilyn Singer, J. Patrick Lewis, and Rebecca Andrew Loescher. From "Ode to a Dead Mosquito" to "Termite Tune," this brightly illustrated, kid-friendly collection riffs on the details of the world's most infamous insects. Fun facts about the featured creatures round out this sure bet for poetry fa [...]

    8. Any time Lee Bennet Hopkins puts together a collection of poems, I'm at the front of a line waiting to read the book. This is no exception. Will Terry's colorfully intense and lush double-page spread illustrations are equally engaging, blending humor with the science embedded in each poem. This is a book that should be in every classroom, library, poetry unit, and home. Entertaining and informative is a priceless combination.

    9. Poetry book about bugs. Here are some lesson ideas:* Teacher selects several poems to read aloud to the class and has students draw what they think the bugs look like. Can pair with Nonfiction books about the specific bugs and compare the way the information is presented to students* In partners, students each get a bug to research and fill out a chart/form on. (Form would list bug name, location, appearance, etc) Students then have to present their bugs findings to the class.

    10. The tagline is "Poems to make your skin crawl" and they certainly do! These poems demonstrate how research and art can combine with great affect. The poets obviously know their topic and the poems communicate the appearance and interesting (if not disgusting!) traits of these different bugs. Illustrations are in vibrant colors for student appeal. A section in the back goes into more detail about each of these bugs.

    11. This is an outstanding picture book on many levels: 1) the poetry is so well done, with many different, clever ones included 2) the illustrations are so colorful. They're just WOW! 3)it's also educational. The poems inform, and there is additional information at the back for each type of pest. 4) it's funny and creepy, just what kids like! I can just imagine some students sharing stories when some of the poems are read-- maybe more than we'd want to hear!

    12. A collection of bug poetry by various authors including Marilyn Singer and Douglas Florian. The gross out factor will surely entice boys and others who want to hear the down and dirty details of how a Water bug injects enzymes in order to "suck suck suck"! And in verse no less. This anthology is sure to find an audience.

    13. Families will find this collection of poems about some of nature's least desirable critters very delightful. Clever language and bold, bright illustrations will bring smiles, and may even cause some itching! Reviewer 11.

    14. A book of poetry with a decided ick factor. When I got to the one on lice - I seriously cringed. Each poem is written by a different poet. Well done in both illustrations & poetry. A must have for National Poetry Month.

    15. Some pretty cute, fun to read aloud poems in here. The viewpoint is decidedly against the bugs, but some are a bit more creative. The illustrations are big, vibrant, and good for a storytime. I particularly liked the Boll Weevil poem/song as it begs for rhythm and a voice.

    16. Yuck! Not sure entomologists would appreciate the tone of this book. Bunch of poems inform the reader about bugs. Not the best poetry, but probably entertaining to the intended audience. Viciously cute illustrations.

    17. A collection of fun poems (that tries to be like Ogden Nash, but just isn't) about all sorts of insects ranging from mosquito to ticks.Very fun illustrations.

    18. I enjoyed the humorous poems however the scientific information in the back of the book make it much more.

    19. Poetry about even the smallest, most obnoxious creatures abounds - ticks, lice, mosquitoes, etc. Fantastic, colorful illustrations make this one very appealing.

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