One thought on “Ridin' the rainbow: Father's life in Tucson”

  1. This book is a history of early Tucson told through the anecdotes of the Drachman family, specifically the patriarch. The Drachman family are Tucson pioneers and well known about town. There's even a street named for the family. The book was written in the 1940s about events in early Tucson; 1870s to around 1920 or so. It is facinating to read first hand accounts of places gone for decades and places my family lived and played. The stories include Kevin's Park and the Reid Opera house, all torn [...]

  2. This book contains a lot of interesting stories about early Tucson, around the turn of the century, so it's a good one for historians and genealogists. The stories are roughly chronological, I think, and told anecdotally, with little to no transitional material. The one chapter most people will have a problem with is the story about the Mom going to a masquerade ball wearing blackface. I suppose, even then, it's useful to read, if only to preserve the fact that racism isn't a made-up issue--it's [...]

  3. Fun biography of growing up in Arizona. Reminded me stories my grandfather told me of his childhood in Arizona.

  4. This was from my Grandmother's library. Many of her books I have read over the years and I enjoy each one.

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