At Peace

At Peace Violet Winters once had it all but lost it when her husband was murdered by a criminal madman During a cold winter night Violet has to leave her warm bed to tell her neighbor to turn the music down An

  • Title: At Peace
  • Author: Kristen Ashley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Violet Winters once had it all but lost it when her husband was murdered by a criminal madman During a cold winter night Violet has to leave her warm bed to tell her neighbor to turn the music down And that s when she meets sinister, scarred, scarily attractive security specialist, Joe Callahan She wants to deny it, but Violet can t beat back the hunger she feels for JoViolet Winters once had it all but lost it when her husband was murdered by a criminal madman During a cold winter night Violet has to leave her warm bed to tell her neighbor to turn the music down And that s when she meets sinister, scarred, scarily attractive security specialist, Joe Callahan She wants to deny it, but Violet can t beat back the hunger she feels for Joe so she gives in again and again Feeling it himself, Joe feeds Vi s hunger, breaking his own rules to keep her in his bed Even though Violet had only one man in her life, she s sure Joe is giving her the signals and Vi decides she s ready to take a second chance at life and, maybe, love But Violet doesn t know the dark secrets in Joe s past, secrets so soul wrenching, they ve drained him dry With nothing left to give, Joe s determined to live his life alone and he breaks Violet s heart Crushed by Joe s betrayal, Violet comes to terms with the fact that, no matter what signals he gave, Joe was not theirs to win But Violet s husband s murderer is obsessed with her and heartbreak again haunts the door of the Winters home When it does Joe is forced to face the knowledge that he can t fight Violet s pull, she s under his skin and filled him full to bursting Joe needs to win her back and put his life on the line to keep Violet safe But, having had it all once, can Violet endure losing Joe

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    1. Yet another re-read! July 4th, 2016! Love this book!!!When I stand before thee at the day's end, thou shalt see my scars and know that I had my wounds and also my healing. ~Rabindranath TagoreI knew this book would be great. I was not wrong. Kristen Ashley did it again. She made me fall in love with yet another alpha jerk who is damaged, scarred and hurting. What a beautiful book about love, healing and second chances at life.Violet has not had an easy run. Her husband was brutally murdered and [...]

    2. 5/29/16: I feel the neede need for a Joe re-read5 MILLION THOUSAND HUNDRED STARS. And triangles.And circles.And squares. Re-read: 9/6/15Re-read: 5/31/15God, I fucking love this book. This is definitely one of my fave KA's and I think I have probably read this thing 15+ times. Because JOE. Nuff said. *wipes drool*

    3. 5 Stars!!!Can Kristen Ashley write a bad book??? I think not. This may be my new favorite of hers. Couldn’t get enough of Joe and Violet! I fell in love with this story. An amazing read! Violet has recently moved to ‘the burg’ with her two teenage daughters from Chicago. Her husband a cop, the man she was with since she was a teenager was murdered over a year ago, so now its just her and her girls. One night, she hears a lot of music coming from her neighbors house in the middle of the nig [...]

    4. Spoilers ahead, tread carefully.I'm so sorry Aisling. I wanted to love it, I really did. The good news is you can keep Joe. Now that I've met him, I want nothing to do with him anymore.This is another case of 'everyone loved it but me.' I'm used to being the odd one out. Brand new popular books are coming out every week but, quite honestly, I have zero interest in them. Do I have shit taste in books? HmmmThe storyline was promising. The heroine was boring, albeit surprisingly likable. However, I [...]

    5. This was a Buddy re-read with Alleskelle and Irene. This book is perfection. I used think Tate was my number one KA hero but Joe "Cal" Callahan has toppled him. There are tears, laughter, suspense, teenagers, dogs, drinks, food. It has it all. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS.Decided to do a re-read. Was it as good the second time around – even better…Sexy Joe CallahanHe was a dick, Christ he was a dick, he should cut her loose. For the life of him, he just fucking couldn’t.Loved the way poor Vi was [...]

    6. This was my umpteenth reread! My ultimate favorite read of Kristens!!I have a confession to make this is the most read book on my Kindle and my absolute KA favorite. This was the 9th time I read it (I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?!) and I already want to read it again. Perhaps I have issues or maybe it's becauseDo I think Joe Callahan is the ultimate alpha created by Kristen?? Well DUH!You know how we all have this one book that we find perfect for one reason or another. This is MY perfect book. It's alway [...]

    7. Just shoot me. This fucking book! I wanted to murder the main guy. He is an alpha asshole for the alpha asshole museum. And, the book was 1,400 pages on my e-reader. That's a long time to hate someone. I think my blood pressure took a hit during this reading. I need wine.Okay, so we have Violet, a widow with two teenage daughters, and Joe, an asshole who lives next door. They have a not-so-nice meeting where Joe acts like a total jerk. Later, he comes up to her at the local bar while she's drunk [...]

    8. Dear Friends,I'm sorry to have to go against the trend here, but I can't seem to wrap my mind around a 1,000 plus page contemporary romance book. Someone please come let me know if Ms. Ashley ever decides to write one in about half of the space and I might be willing to check it out. Thanks.Your Exasperated Friend,Stacia XOXOXOI do think there was a good story buried among the rubble of excess character description, shopping scenes, and the home and garden report. However, my patience isn't up [...]

    9. Awesome!!!! Kindle Price Drop!Gearing up for Frankie and Benny's story!The first 4 books in the series are only $1.99 for a limited time!#1 - For You - amazon/For-You-Burg-Se#2 - At Peace - amazon/Peace-The-Burg-#3 - The Golden Trail - amazon/Golden-Trail-Bu#4 - Games of the Heart - amazon/Golden-Trail-Bu---------At Peace has become one of my very favorite Kristen Ashley books, and Joe Callahan has become my favorite, most over the top, nigh unto Neanderthal, über alpha heroes ever. Mitch Lawso [...]

    10. Baking can be very, very emotionalAn Audio ReviewHow’s my form…baking cookies and cupcakes with tears pouring out of my eyes. Hubby walks past and doesn’t even ask if I’m OK? He just shakes his head and keeps on walking. I mean, I could have burnt myself, be recovering from a concussion after slipping in egg whites or sprained my wrist with all of the mixings with a hand mixer. I’ve been hinting to hubby I need a Kitchenaid stand mixer. I have this one recipe for coconut cookies that y [...]

    11. Joe Callahan, also known as "Cal", minus the scars that mar his gorgeous face.So I'm sitting here, stalling, wondering how to convey my thoughts about this one. So many people have raved about this author, and finally, after a few not-so-gentle nudges, I decided to give KA a try. And oh boy, I've boarded the KA train, and I'm afraid I don't want to get off! I haven't picked up another book since I've finished this one days ago. I just can't get over security expert Joe and his next-door-neighbor [...]

    12. I've been on a Kristen Ashley audio binge lately. This audio was 23 hours long. I figured it would take me a month to finish but instead it took a week and half. I really enjoyed listening to this one but there were some minor things that the narrator did that took some time getting use to such as her swallowing noise. At the beginning when she'd do it would distract me from the story. I'm Team Joe now! He makes a great KA alpha male. Vi, on the hand, drove me nuts for a portion of this book wit [...]

    13. **SQUEEEEE** O.M.G what a SENSATIONAL book!!! My heart is filled to bursting here. Love love LOVE!! This is agorgeousbook about a second chance at love, life, family and healing. Kristen Ashley never ceases to amaze me with utter brilliance of her books. Just one winner after another!! Damaged Alpha male hero, strong heroine, beautiful story whats not to love??"You're mine, the girls are mine. I'm stakin' my claim with you right now""You're unbelievable," I snapped."I'm yours."That socked me in [...]

    14. 4 1/2 to 5 starsWOW! I loved this book! I will admit to not fully enjoying the first half of the story because the hero was a complete and utter jerk, but the second half more than made up for it and shined brilliantly. At Peace made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me happy. It made me sad. It made me giddy. It also made me irate at times. However, At Peace is packed with so much heart and soul it's impossible not to get caught up in all its splendor.I was captivated and enthralled by the [...]

    15. ”You two come with so much baggage, it's a wonder you don't get crushed. And that's the thing, neither of you did. And you found each other. It's time to unload that burden and find some joy.”I rarely gush and swoon and giggle and lose my ever loving mind for a book. I should have known Kristen Ashley would bring out my inner teenage girl. Joe Callahan and Violet, even Mike and Vi's daughters Kate and Kieraey all stole my heart. Their story made my emotions run a crazy obstacle course before [...]

    16. 5 give me more of that Joe STARS“You’re mine, the girls are mine. I’m stakin’ my claim with you right now and, you force it, I’ll do it with him too.” I'm repeating myself, but I just have to say it againI kinda like to read Kristen Ashley books. I know you didn't expect that. ;D I'm so cheeky.So, At Peace is the second instalment in the The 'Burg Series and while I'm partial to the first book For You, I still had to give this one 5 Stars just because anything less would have been bl [...]

    17. 5 BEST-CUPPA-JOE-ON-THE-PLANET STARS!!!!!!I didn’t expect this book to rip me apart. Yes, it was unbelievably sexy and HOLY CANNOLI JOE!!!! The dirty talk is off the charts…but we’ll get to that… Vi has been dealt a shit deal in life. She is a mother of two teenage girls…d a widow. After losing her husband a year and a half ago, she does what she has to do in order to get by. I loved loved loved her girls, Kate and Keira. They helped make this book for me. They made me laugh through th [...]

    18. ♥♥♥ 5 BRILLIANT STARS ♥♥♥●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●"I got older and that changed and all I wanted was a good woman and a family. All my life, with a slight variation on theme, that's all I ever wanted. Buddy, you've given me both. You think, givin' me that, I couldever balance those scales?" ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●   [...]

    19. 4 StarsOverall Opinion:This was cute! I'm not quite sure why, but I haven't been all that interested in this series -- but I'm glad I gave it a shot! I enjoyed both of the main characters, and I loved the H's interactions with the h's daughters (something KA always seems to get right imo)! I also got that town/family feel that I love in KA books here. Both Joe and Violet's pasts broke my heart, but it just made me root for their happiness so much more! BUT -- I would've loved to see a farther gl [...]

    20. “Without peace of mind, life is just a shadow of its possibilities.”
- by Jean Borysenko - 3.5 stars. About my rating: Despite my issues it’s a well-written, emotional and engrossing story and therefore I rounded up to 4 stars.Wow, deep breathI know, I know, hold your horses, Baba! This was such an emotional rollercoaster and I got worked up. A lot. While reading At Peace I felt angry, annoyed, frustrated, extremely sad, yet at the same time I was happy. Happy for Joe, Violet, and her [...]

    21. My Joe/CalMy VioletMy Kate & KeiraVi and her 2 teenage daughters, Kate & Keira, are newcomers to the 'Burg. Escaping a psychopathic criminal stalker who killed her cop husband. Violet is a great mom doing everything a great mom does who doesn't have her partner gently spoiling her daughters because of that. Vi living for her daughters in grief for over a year.Joe is a security to the stars, who barely visit his home a home that is right next door to Vi. Joe lives smart taking jobs that w [...]

    22. When I was in college, I dated this guy who was . . . he really wanted to be a hardcore, badass kind of guy . . . but mostly he was just an ass. He was my first serious boyfriend, and over the course of our relationship he got three tattoos. The first one was of the Chinese characters for . . . wait for it . . . "iron man." And trust me people, he was a big dude (6'4''), but "iron man" he was NOT. The second one was of a phoenix. In FLAMES. It was on the top of his arm with a rune that the guy a [...]

    23. Still one of my favorite KA books!LOVE VI-0H-MY and Joe (Cal) Callihan. <3Third read: 'cause I'm in the mood for a KA romancin', a little Vi-oh-my (Violet), and a whole lotta Mr Joe Callihan (security to the stars).Second Read: July 13, 2014LOVE! First Read: March 30, 20125 ++This bloody book had me in knots & stitches the whole time! Literally loud sobs coming out of my mouth & tears streaming down my face one minute, then laughing out loud the next.The only other book to affect me l [...]

    24. **5++++ Just Amazing Stars**Well I've added another KA alpha male to my book husband list. The sexy, dirty talking, slightly tormented, Italian (something about Italians that screams HOT!) loves with his whole heart Joe Callahan! I burned with heat for this man and he has my heart! Here's my banner for Joe:I love you KA for making such fabulous characters that make me swoon! I was like this the whole time:And I'm sure Joe looks something like this:And yes I'M IN LURVE!!Violet had a crappy life, [...]

    25. GOOD GRACIOUS ME. JOEE. JOEE. That ending was really freaking spectacular. This book was so much, so many things. The feels. Ahhhhhhhh! I need a minute. Hahahaha! I feel exhausted. I was pulling for Joe so hard. GAH. Okay I need to move on to the next! GAH. I can't wait to get to Mike and Benny's books. Benny Bianchi especially. I really hope we get some Joe and Vi in there too. Ah!

    26. 5+ starsI think I love Joe (Cal) Callahan, security specialist, as much or at least close to my feelings for Tate from Sweet Dreams!Why?!?! I’m not sure! Except I do have a weakness for those totally over the top badass hotties. Yeah, like Tate, Hawk, and Ty, Joe fits right in with them. He’s gruff, blunt, callous and can be downright vicious! He appears heartless AND he is a player! He doesn’t do “relationships” and can be very brutal to get this point across. “We’re done” is on [...]

    27. *3.5 Stars*Another sensuous, action-packed installment to The 'Burg series. At Peace was a fun, exciting read filled with tension, romance, suspense, and one agonizingly sexy alpha-hero. Cal and Violet are neighbors whose friendship takes a little longer to ignite than their passion. The sexy, brooding, tormented Cal has been burned in a past relationship and is emotionally distant and unattainable. Violet has moved into the neighborhood with her two daughters to escape the threat of her husband [...]

    28. 5 stars – Contemporary Romance/Romantic SuspenseWow! I loved this! Kristen Ashley is an amazing author warrior queen! Seriously! At Peace is the 8th book of hers that I’ve read and highly enjoyed and it’s one of my favorite KA reads. Although the Colorado Mountain series and my beloved Law Man still hold a definite edge.Joe Callahan is another extremely domineering, uber alpha asshat and lordy have mercy did he piss me offuntil around the 80% mark that is! There were times I swore that eve [...]

    29. 5 stars after a re read.I love this book.It is truly truly beautiful!Violet Winters has moved the The 'Burg after losing her cop husband to a crime lord, a crime lord who then took an interest in her, and "stalked" her for months.She moves in next door to Joe Callahan.At first, they get off on the wrong foot! Wasn't that just the shit of it? There I was, in my predicament and I had security to the fucking stars living next door and I hated him because he was a huge jerk But they have an attracti [...]

    30. Rating: A very, very generous two stars.Before I begin my rant (because that's pretty much all this review is), I'd like to clarify something: I adore Kristen Ashley. To me, she's the Walt Disney of adult fiction. Her stories are unforgettable, fulfilling, and utterly beautiful. That being said, At Peace didn't do it for me. At all. I had a number of issues with this book, and most of them are because of the heroine, Violet.To begin with, the relationship between Violet and Tim, her first husban [...]

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