My Happy Days In Hell

My Happy Days In Hell My Happy Days in Hell is Gyorgy Faludy s grimly beautiful autobiography of his battle to survive tyranny and oppression Fleeing Hungary in as the German army approaches acclaimed poet Falud

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  • Title: My Happy Days In Hell
  • Author: György Faludy
  • ISBN: 9780002174619
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • My Happy Days in Hell 1962 is Gyorgy Faludy s grimly beautiful autobiography of his battle to survive tyranny and oppression Fleeing Hungary in 1938 as the German army approaches, acclaimed poet Faludy journeys to Paris, where he finds a lover but merely a cursory asylum When the French capitulate to the Nazis, Faludy travels to North Africa, then on to America, whereMy Happy Days in Hell 1962 is Gyorgy Faludy s grimly beautiful autobiography of his battle to survive tyranny and oppression Fleeing Hungary in 1938 as the German army approaches, acclaimed poet Faludy journeys to Paris, where he finds a lover but merely a cursory asylum When the French capitulate to the Nazis, Faludy travels to North Africa, then on to America, where he volunteers for military service Missing his homeland and determined to do the right thing, he returns only to be imprisoned, tortured, and slowly starved, eventually becoming one of only twenty one survivors of his camp.

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    1. La vida de György Faludy (1910-2006) fue entre otras muchas cosas: azarosa, movida e intensa; el poeta húngaro cambió a menudo de escenario, en un marco histórico que comprende -de 1938 a 1953- los años previos a la segunda guerra mundial, la segunda guerra mundial y la posguerra. Faludi deja Hungría -cuando es ya un poeta laureado que ha traducido a poetas como Heine y Villon a lengua magiar-, acosado por demandas judiciales y ofensas a una potencia amiga y se exilia en Francia y permanec [...]

    2. This was a hard one to give a rating to -- Faludy deserves five stars for simply keeping sane during his three hungry, back-breaking years in a Communist-era labor camp. Reading the first part of the book was like a modern Hungarian history lesson combined with heavy doses of Western philosophy and intellectualism. This poet, translator, and writer makes any reader regret not paying attention in Philosophy 101. If Americans were at all exposed to philosophy and politics as much as Hungarians, an [...]

    3. Faludy es pura vida.Recomiendo acompañar el retorno de Faludy a Hungría con el visionado de L'aveu de Costa-Gavras.

    4. When reading this autobiography, many times I felt that Faludy could have been a Lithuanian poet, or this could have happened to a Lithuanian person. The lives of people after the WW2 and under Soviet oppression echoed each other no matter where they lived. We are now left with shared experiences and shared history - Hungarians and Lithuanians have more in common than I thought. I learnt a lot about the pre and post WW2 Hungarian intellectual tradition (which is older and bigger than the one in [...]

    5. I have to confess I had only bought as it was one of the ten books in Penguin's Central European Classics series and I have become a dreadful completeist and had been putting off reading on account of its small print, relative length and subject matter (the memoirs of a Hungarian poet of the mid 20th Century doesn't particulary grab me or many others I would have thought) but it's absolutely magnificent stuff, highly recommended to anyone with an interest in the regimes of communist post war Eur [...]

    6. Luego de muchos borradores y periplos intelectuales absurdos he preferido ser concreto: la autobiografía de György Faludy es la mera verga, así, con los índices levantados trazando una línea a lo largo de mis brazos extendidos.

    7. My Happy Days in Hell read a little bit like The Shadow of the Sun (but only a little bit). The first two hundred pages were a breeze and I couldn't peel myself away. The book picks up again towards the end.

    8. Epic autobiography of a WWII-era poet who journeyed from Hungary to Paris, North Africa, and the United States, only to finally return home to face his fate at a concentration camp in Stalin's Hungary. It's great writing and easy to follow, even without knowledge of Hungary's history. I enjoyed the characters we meet along the way: some connect with us deeply before disappearing, and others add flavor to the story, like the man who carried two bottles of Champagne with him out of Hungary so he'd [...]

    9. Great book. The flight of a poet from persecution from invading Nazis through France, Spain, and North Africa land in the U.S. where he joined the militaryturned to Hungary to be thrown into a labor camp by the communists. Faludy not only has a tale to tell, but the writing is top notch, and perhaps best of all, he's the type of non-fiction writer that appears to be interested in examining himself more than portraying himself. Excellent. Books like this are my best rationale for continuing to th [...]

    10. This is an amazing book what a life Faludy had on the one hand he definitely made some odd decisions about where to be, and when to be there that had profound consequences for his life, but had he not made those decisions he'd have had a different life and we'd never have this book read it compare and contrast with the Hungarian publisher character in the novel "Prague" by Arthur Phillips.

    11. It's the biography of George Faludy (Faludy György). We can read about his interesting adventures in Hungary and abroad. He was in a work labour in the 50's in Hungary. Faludy György olvasmányos önéletrajza a Pokolbeli víg napjaim. Leírja a második világháborús élményeit. Bemutatja az 50-es évekbeli Magyarországot. Megtudhatjuk, milyen volt a munkatáborban stb. Folytatása a Pokolbeli napjaim után és a Pokol tornácán.

    12. I will give this one a more detailed review in Hungarian but as it is available in English I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. A beautiful biography of Faludy, one of the most impressive Hungarian intellectuals of the past century. A great read for everyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the grotesque horror of the Hungarian communist regime

    13. Can't quite find the words to do justice to this amazing work. Overwhelming in places, staggering in others, and never without genuine human drama, this is one for the ages. Reminiscent of Primo Levi's *If This is a Man*, it exceeds any anodyne attempt at classification. Ultimately, I can only resort to cliche: "a triumph of the human spirit."

    14. Faludy unveils his story of imprisonment with grace despite the horror of his starvation and torture. The events leading to his near death are delivered with some humor (believe it or not) and his amicable character with humility.

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