The Fortune-Tellers

The Fortune Tellers This original folktale set in Cameroon is full of adventure and sly humor Lloyd Alexander s story of a young man visiting and then becoming the village fortune teller is brought to vibrant life with s

Fortune telling Fortune telling is the practice of predicting information about a person s life The scope of fortune telling is in principle identical with the practice of divination.The difference is that divination is the term used for predictions considered part of a religious ritual, invoking deities or spirits, while the term fortune telling implies a less serious or formal Fortune Tellers Classic Play You can call them fortune tellers, cootie catchers, chatterbox, or a whirlybirds Whatever you call them, they re a great activity for kids that exercises Writing skills This one s pretty self explanatory Fine Motor Folding, cutting, and opening and closing once it s assembled D Thinking Origami fortune teller aka chatterbox MINI ECO R emember these I used to spend loads of time as a kid making paper fortune tellers I ve been making them with my little ones lately and they like them as much as I do. Fortune Teller Mathematische Basteleien Obviously the fortune teller is spread out all over the world. Another name of it is cootie catcher.In Germany the figure is called Himmel und Hlle Heaven and Hell , Nasenkneifer nose pincher , Pfeffer und Salz pepper and salt or Salznpfchen salt pot. Paper Fortune Tellers social skills games for children Paper Fortune Tellers social skills activity When I was a kid I saw girls playing with these things They called them cootie catchers. Vintage Coin Operated Fortune Tellers, pinrepair Vintage Coin Operated Fortune Tellers, Arcade Games, Digger Cranes, Gun Games and other Penny Arcade games, pre , by cfh provide I buy, collect and restore vintage arcade games Fascinating Fortune Telling Techniques From History Sep , When a baby is born, it sometimes has a caul, which is a membrane covering the head This is rare, only happening to one out of every , babies born In ancient times, if a baby was born with a caul, fortune tellers claimed that it would reveal a lot about the child s future. FORTUNE TELLERS GameRoomAntiques Ask The Gypsy Fortune Teller Made by the Exhibit Supply Company in the s, this fortune teller is relatively rare and unusual After you insert a coin, you look into the viewer and see a hand of playing card with fortunes on them. Origami Fortune Teller Instructions Make an Origami The origami fortune teller is one I learned to fold as a kid We would keep ourselves occupied playing this origami fortune teller I don t know if kids these days can appreciate this type of low tech game but the origami fortune teller is fun to Fortune Tellers For Corporate Events Parties Authentic fortune tellers and party psychics to add an extra dimension to the entertainment at your next party or event including tarot readers, clairvoyants, crystal ball readers, astrologers, face or palm readers Fortune tellers are perfect for events from Product Launches to exhibition stands to xmas parties or shopping centre

  • Title: The Fortune-Tellers
  • Author: Lloyd Alexander Trina Schart Hyman
  • ISBN: 9780140562330
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • This original folktale set in Cameroon is full of adventure and sly humor Lloyd Alexander s story of a young man visiting and then becoming the village fortune teller is brought to vibrant life with some of Caldecott Medalist Trina Schart Hyman s most memorable artwork.

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    1. 5 STARS FOR THE ART. 4 STARS FOR THE STORY.I had high hopes for this one since it was born of the creative talents of two of children's literature's most gifted. It lived up to my expectations in that the illustrations are absolutely stunningly fabulous ans so full of atmosphere and the story is told well. I am not sure how satisfactory the story would be for those of us seeking a "moral" to the story, though, based on the fates of the two "fortune tellers." This was a bit annoying for me, but t [...]

    2. I was worried when I saw this book’s cover, as I got it for this illustrator’s illustrations, and I wasn’t wild about it. I also didn’t think I’d enjoy a story about fortune-tellers.Well, I need not have worried.The story is amusing and sweet, although I will say I wasn’t satisfied by the conclusion. I appreciated everything up through the finding of each other’s true love, but I was hoping the new fortune teller would make a certain change, and I thought what was shown about what [...]

    3. This is an odd one. A young man goes to a fortune-teller because he's unhappy with his life. The fortune-teller offers him predictions that are 100% worthless, but he's not smart enough to realize that. Then when he himself is mistaken for the fortune-teller, he all-of-a-sudden catches on and gives the same type of fortunes to everyone in the village. At least, I think he catches on. Maybe he doesn't. Maybe he just says them without realizing their ridiculous nature. Justt sure. Either way, it w [...]

    4. Hyman's charming illustrations enliven a rather weak story about a discontent young construction worker who visits a scam fortune teller. The young man is too dumb to notice that the predictions are worthless, but when the fortune teller disappears the young man takes his place and ends up becoming rich and famous after all. Cute, but it didn't work for me on any emotional or moral level. The young man is a dumb cluck who just wants to be rich and have a hot wife, so I didn't feel any particular [...]

    5. I originally wanted to read this because I really like Lloyd Alexander, and I hadn't realized he wrote some picture books! When I started reading this, I was immediately charmed by Trina Schart Hyman's illustrations. Such wonderful details and colors! Then the story made me laugh. What a great fortune teller! He says things like: "Rich you will surely be . . . on one condition: that you earn large sums of money," and "You shall wed your true love, if you find her and she agrees. And you shall be [...]

    6. The illustrator was the one who chose to set the story in Cameroon since she had just visited there to attend her daughter's wedding. She drew herself, some family members, and the author in some of the scenes!

    7. This book. This beautiful, stunning book. I don't normally review picture books but this one is by Lloyd Alexander and it has the most incredible art I've ever seen. You should go and find a copy and stare at it for the rest of the day.

    8. Short Summary: A young man in Cameroon finds a fortune-teller. When he goes back to ask him more questions, he is mistaken for the old man-turned young man. He assumes the life of the fortune-teller (who disappeared--his fate is not good), becomes rich, marries a beautiful woman and occasionally wonders about the old man.What I liked: Loved the illustrations. Beautiful images by Trina Schart Hyman. Rich and colorful, a wonderful sense of what this village and its people look like, cute funny bit [...]

    9. A young man, tired of his lot in life, goes to the next town to see a fortune teller. There, he learns about his future. But the most captivating part is the fact that the fortune teller disappears shortly after telling the young man his fortune.The beautiful thing about this tale is how the fortune teller tells the man his fortune. Does he tell him what his true future is? Or does the young man have to create his own fortune?

    10. Tim Morrison used this book to teach vocabulary games. A young carpenter gets his fortune told and rushes home to see it all to come true, but he rushes back to the fortuneteller to ask her other questions. The lady is gone, and someone mistakes the carpenter as the fortuneteller. He takes over her position and the rest of his life pans out interestingly. Gorgeous illustrations.

    11. Okay, where do I begin? My son picked this out from his school library. I had no idea what to expect. But I love that my son comes home with the coolest, most unexpected books ever! And let me just say that if I were rating this on illustrations alone, I would give it 4 stars. So, my apologies to the illustrator Trina Scharf Hyman. The premise of this book is that a young, seemingly impoverished labor-working man covets wealth, an easier job, and a wife. Simple things that we all hope for. He go [...]

    12. The Fortune Tellers by Lloyd Alexander tells the story of a young carpenter who becomes very excited to learn that there will be a fortune teller in the next town. He can not wait to learn and inquire about his future and dreams up all of the endless possibilities. He is told by the fortune teller that he will wed his true love. This sets hi on a journey to embark on this prediction. I thought this story was good, but not great. It's a bit lengthy. I think the illustrations are well done though [...]

    13. I thought that this book was entertaining, contained beautiful illustrations, but may not have been representative of the people of Cameroon. It may have some cultural bias because one of the main characters, the fortune teller, is viewed as a scheming and manipulative person who is only trying to take his money by telling him what he wants to hear. This book can be interesting to children, is age-appropriate, and utilizes style and language that are appropriate for children to understand. I lik [...]

    14. I'd give the artwork a 4 out of five, except for the unfortunate "comic" episode near the end that included a terrible bout of luck for an old black man that involved a whole lot of watermelonsSo it's more like a 3, because there was generally a lot of respect shown for the depiction of the culture, but the imagery near the end felt ignorant.I'm also not very thrilled with the idea that the protagonist of the story basically earned his dreams on the basis of being a big fraud just like the fortu [...]

    15. If you’ve read any Lloyd Alexander, you’ll quickly recognize his distinctive, fable-like style in The Fortune-Tellers. Although, unlike most of his books, this is a short story–a children’s picture book, actually–it carries much the same feel as longer works such as the Prydain books or The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian. It’s quite the charming tall tale, full of wit and irony in good measure as well as a hefty dose of humor. It’s notable that the text itself is–like many [...]

    16. "The Fortune-Tellers" is an African story about a man who visits a fortune-teller, who tells him he will be successful and wealthy, with generic statements like "You will be very wealthy, once you have earned a lot of money." It is comical and fun. The book could be used in a classroom to talk about irony or inference or something like that. It would be fun to look at the fortune-teller's ambiguous fortune giving and figure out what he's really saying, and maybe have kids try to come up with the [...]

    17. While the illustrations in this book were gorgeous, and eye catching, the story itself confused me. At first a carpentar is unhappy with his life, so he goes to see his future, and after hearing he would be rich if he made a lot of money, and live for a long time, as long as he did not die; he believes that his life is going to turn out exactly as he wishes. Eventually he becomes the fortune teller, gets rich and has everything he heard the fortune teller told him. Essentially, the fortune telle [...]

    18. I love reading this book with my kids. Especially Josh--as he just chuckles over the silliness of the fortunes given by the fortune teller! They think it's super funny what happens to the other fortune teller, too! I've read some reviews that tells how this isn't a good book, because it doesn't really teach a good moral. I beg to differ. For many reasons. First of all, I think it shows how life is really unpredictable and you just never know what will happen. Also, that you can make up your own [...]

    19. I LOVED the illustrations in this book! They were vibrant, detailed, and beautiful! The story was interesting. Basically, a carpenter decides he doesn't really want to be a carpenter for the rest of his life, and he decides to go and visit a fortune-teller that he has heard of in a neighboring town. He asks the fortune-teller questions about his future, and receives positive, yet somewhat misleading, answers. At first I thought that the fortune-teller was blowing smoke, but then when I read more [...]

    20. The illustrations in this book are beautiful! There is so much intricate detail across each page that definitely catches the readers eye! I love how most of the illustrations take up two pages, because a two page picture in my opinion, brings the story to life! So much color is used to formulate each little object drawn on the page. Each article of clothing worn by a character has beautiful historical detail, and utilizes a variety of colors to portray the specific image. I think this book could [...]

    21. A funny tale of how a carpenter visited a fortune teller one day--and when he thought of more questions he wanted to ask the fortune teller and ran back, the fortune teller had vanished. The carpenter took on his role, and became wealthy with clients and lived happily ever after. The funny part about the book is that all the fortunes are statements such as "you will be very rich--on one condition--if you can earn large sums of money." This is a picture book because it is a made-up story that has [...]

    22. Absolutely stunning artwork, rich, detailed and beautiful. You can spend far more time picking out the intricacies of the illustrations than actually reading the story.As for the story, well it doesn't quite make sense. A fortune teller gives an unsatisfied young man some worthless, self-fulfilling prophecies (You'll be rich as long as you come into a large sum of money). The fortune teller falls into a series of misfortunes (think wasps, lions, etc) and the young man stumbles into and takes his [...]

    23. The Fortune-Tellers is a book telling the story of a young merchant who begins to wonder what his future beholds. He was worried that he will live the rest of his life working as a carpenter and lonely. One day a fortune teller comes to town and the young carpenter rushes to him. The fortune teller sees good fortune for him as long as he does as he is told. The town learns that he has seen a fortune teller and wants him to relay information. Unfortunately the original fortune teller is in a terr [...]

    24. A carpenter is dissatisfied with his life, so he goes to see a fortune teller to learn if the future is any better. The sly fortune teller equivocates, telling him he will be rich once he gets lots of money, live long if he doesn't die first, etc. The carpenter is elated and sets off for home, but then thinks of all these questions he meant to ask the fortune teller, so he goes back, but the fortune teller has disappeared. The cloth-merchant's wife mistakes the carpenter for the fortune teller, [...]

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