Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time Love has a way of derailing the best of plans Wynter Thompson divorced with a young child struggles to balance the demands of her surgical residency with the responsibilities of motherhood and betwe

  • Title: Turn Back Time
  • Author: Radclyffe
  • ISBN: 9781933110349
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love has a way of derailing the best of plans Wynter Thompson, divorced with a young child, struggles to balance the demands of her surgical residency with the responsibilities of motherhood and between the two, discovers there is little time left for anything else She manages to convince herself that she has everything she needs, because another chance at love is definiLove has a way of derailing the best of plans Wynter Thompson, divorced with a young child, struggles to balance the demands of her surgical residency with the responsibilities of motherhood and between the two, discovers there is little time left for anything else She manages to convince herself that she has everything she needs, because another chance at love is definitely not in her game plan Pearce Rifkin is a woman with a plan, and it doesn t include a serious relationship Chief Surgical Resident is just a stepping stone to her lifelong goal chairmanship at one of the top ten medical centers Determined to follow in her father s footsteps, even though she isn t the son he dreamed of, Pearce has no time for romance Two women with nothing in common but a shared passion for surgery clash at every opportunity, especially when matters of the heart are suddenly at stake.

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    1. I enjoyed reading this book. I must say I always enjoy reading Radclyffe’s work. She has a way to draw me into a story from the beginning. I love the way she always creates a slow build romance. For me she never rushes things and therefor makes the love story more realistic and special. She takes the time, so you can to get to know the characters, their feelings and emotions.After reading some of Radclyffe’s books you will notice that the medical world is a setting she uses in a lot of her b [...]

    2. Not just a toaster oven, a chrome-plated toaster oven. I enjoyed listening to this Radclyffe classic. She took the time to develops solid leads in Wynter and Pearce and built a story with a lot of depth thanks to strong secondary characters and her vast knowledge of the inner workings of large hospitals. There were times when the telling of life as a resident overwhelmed the showing of a surgeon's life. Also Wynter was too good to be true. Almost a caricature of the clueless hetero woman discove [...]

    3. I LOVED it. It had all I look for in a romance novel: - characters I could fall in love with, beautifully flawed, smart and strong- a relationship that grows slowly, at a realistic pace, yet a love that is very true and unstoppable- believable, witty dialogues- nice supporting characters who are there for a purpose- incredibly arousing yet romantic sex scenes- enough angst, jealousy and pain that keep you interested- a happy endingMy favorite by Radclyffe so far!

    4. A slow-paced story that starts with an intense vibe between the main characters but doesn't get to anything physical but has an emotional effect on both. Due to their professional lives they meet again and from that point the undeniable chemistry between them can't be ignored longer. The first chapters of the book focus more on their professional activities, giving a very realistic atmosphere to the story in general but with some subtle glimpses at the romance. I have to say that there comes a p [...]

    5. Well, this was the last of the medical series I read & it very much reminded me of Fated Love in the plot. It was really interesting at first but then halfway through I wasn't as interested. Nevertheless great read!

    6. I’ve bought, and liked, nearly all of Radclyffe’s audiobooks. I’m not sure if it’s this book, the timing for me, or my disappointment with several of my recent books, but at this moment I feel that this is the best Radclyffe book I’ve experienced. I’m not really sure if I’ll re-listen to it, which is my normal criteria for 5*….but I’m rating “Turn Back Time” as 5* with no reservations.Wynter and Pearce are both sympathetic and likeable women. While much of the book is formu [...]

    7. I really enjoy reading this author and the way she brings out the intense feelings of the characters. I am so interested in this one as it is about the way things happen in a hospital setting with so much realistic knowledge of medical situations and then how the characters actually feel deep inside themselves when they are in situations. I felt myself as in the situation with the characters and really drawn into the story and so many times I couldn't put the book down. I was so hooked. I know s [...]

    8. First of all, the names (Pearce and Wynter) are pretty cool. Both of them are intense and care deeply for their work. There comes a time when you stop and take control of your life and live for yourself and not your parents. In addition to learning about medical terms and surgical procedures, I enjoyed the story of choices and decisions people make in their lives and most importantly, the why. I enjoyed the supportive friends and the little girl, they were both funny and really added to the stor [...]

    9. Liked the first half quite a bit. Liked the second half less; spent it frowning due to a specific moment of biphobia.You know, I'd really start enjoying lesbian romances more if these lesbian characters in them stopped acting like sleeping with women who also enjoy sleeping with men was such a gross thing. It would also be pretty great is these lesbian characters stopped calling these women they perceive as bi "straight women".Can we also just have more bi characters in these lesbian romances?

    10. This is the most I can give this book.Every book is the exact copy of the other, No family values no real dilemmas only a past experience with a lost love or broken heart and the characters don't want to fall in love again tell they meet that person who is the exact opposite of their type and after a few weeks they fell madly in bed and they can't live without each other I could say that the author lack imagination but the Honor Series is really good, I really don't know

    11. I rather enjoyed this book. It is well written in typical Radclyffe style and holds enough suspense to have you not put the book down until you finished reading it. I found the characters realistic-in a romance novel kind of way of course-and their troubles and worries believable. If you are looking for the perfect read on a rainy Sunday afternoon, this is the book for you.

    12. This book kept me reading from beginning to end. If it wasn't for my classes, I would have finished in a day.

    13. Overall a great entertaining book. But (unfortunately) as I've just finished the book I have a downside that got me sad and that is a real pity. If it had a little longer end or an epilogue I'd rate it five stars and that is a very rare thing. More times a book is unnecessarily stretched and it loses its value but It felt exactly the opposite in this case.But I know that Radclyffe is a great writer and I'm only at the beginning of reading all her books, so I believe she'll entertain me a lot mor [...]

    14. Seemed more like a story about lust rather than love. The emotional connection just wasn't there. And the kid might've been edited out without losing anything, for such a central part of one of the main characters the kid was barely ever in a scene even though she is mentioned a lot. It was entertaining enough but I can't recommend it.

    15. this is probably the only book from the author i have liked so much . the pace of the story is damn on point and usage of medical jargons didn't deviate me from reading . everything was in right quantity

    16. Really enjoyed this.Well written. Pacing is good. I like the characters too, even the secondary characters have their place. The evolution of the relationship works for me too.Impressed.

    17. F/F romanceFinding fated love under intense stressRadclyffe really captures the all-consuming period of the doctors' residency when every moment of their time is dedicated to the hospital. Here, only the truly ambitious survive the exclusive universe of the surgeon, particularly if you're a woman. Lack of sleep, poor diet, LOTS of coffee, and a setting and people that become your home, for better or worse, is the norm.Despite the 24-7 expectations of residency life, our tall, workaholic, black-h [...]

    18. I loved this book. I am a big fan of all of Radclyffe's books and this one did not disappoint me. The characters were well written and the storyline was easy to follow and become immersed in. I has previously read Trauma Alert, so knew a happy ending was in sight but this did not detract from enjoying the story.

    19. Well well well This book is really amazing I love the love story how it was developed. The intense of surgery. I love the characters, they we're all matured and confident. And I enjoy this kind of book bcoz of the medical scenarios, it was like I'm study medicine. Most of the term are unfamiliar that I didn't know they exist. But I enjoy it, it's very informative. the addition of twist makes it more intersting and intense. So you better read it.

    20. 3 1/2 starsI'm not usually one who goes in for medical dramas (well I like House), but Wynter and Pearce are interesting characters and have good chemistry together. I think Radclyffe could have done more conflict with Pearce's father - we only get to see him through Pearce's (flawed) view point and it would have been interesting to see how he thought, but other than that little quibble, not a bad read at all.

    21. Best Radclyffe story in my opinion. Story line was great and the sex was held off for a good period of time. i don't like that meet and jump in the best type of storyline. Get to know each other like real adults. I love the medical-type of stories and this is the one I read on a yearly basis. I love the audio alot also.

    22. One of my all time favorite books!This is one of my all time favorite love stories and right up there with Fated Love!The relationship between Wynter and Pearce was beautiful. Their development between Match Day to four years later was so well done. I hope Radclyffe writes more stories with them as either main or contributing characters. Well done!

    23. I just liked the story. Not a masterpiece, but a fun read. Thought Winter was a cool character and loved the medical detail:) Right on point! I love well researched technically story and if that sucks, it detracts from my attention to it. So, having valid medical base, the story flowed seamlessly:):):)

    24. Excellent!Awesome author, awesome book. If you like Radclyffe you'll love this. It's a kind of discovery story with a very happy ending. It screams for a sequel. Would love to know the main characters future. Hint hint

    25. A beautiful story about a couple, bound by their personal problems and experiences that stand on the way of their relationship. Not the most powerful story of the series, but very heartfelt and lifelike

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