The Earth House

The Earth House Two women visit a Zen centre As they meet eastern spirituality they begin to develop a new life plan

  • Title: The Earth House
  • Author: JeanneDuPrau
  • ISBN: 9780942257328
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Two women visit a Zen centre As they meet eastern spirituality, they begin to develop a new life plan

    One thought on “The Earth House”

    1. There is nothing better than a great Zen book that shows you your thoughts without preaching them. The way it is intended.

    2. Honestly, I don’t know how to a make a decent review for this book. As I have yet to hear from the author of her thoughts for writing this book (I love sending “fan mail” hahaha!), I would just like to say that I love The Earth House. I love new learnings, and analogies to life, and this book gave me a lot.I bought this book from , and it was definitely worth the shipping cost! And Jeanne DuPrau is still one of my favorite authors.I have too many favorite lines from the book, and I really, [...]

    3. partnership; devotion; sacrifice; buddhism; lesbian memoir; and end of life. It is a short read, and concise written from the POV of a dedicated women's lesbian partnership. The author presents the gateway interest and passion of her lover's exploration and initiation into buddhism A quantum leap, to the far end of buddhist's rites of preperation of the dying self; preparing a dying body in the buddhist art of embracing death of that body; buried in an 'earth house' so as to anchor the soul's jo [...]

    4. Frankly, one of my favorite books ever. A memoir about her buddhist meditation practice, losing her partner, and building a house.

    5. Appreciated reading about how they conceived of and planned for their house, interspersed with their Zen thoughts and experiences. I need more "Zen" in my life!

    6. Eh, I'd I could give it 3.5ars I would. I had really high expectations based on all the great reviews, but I thought it was just ok.

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