The River Knows

The River Knows The first kiss occurred in a dimly lit hallway on the upper floor of Elwin Hastings s grand house Louisa never saw it coming Of course Anthony Stalbridge couldn t possibly have had romantic intention

  • Title: The River Knows
  • Author: Amanda Quick
  • ISBN: 9780749937898
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • The first kiss occurred in a dimly lit hallway on the upper floor of Elwin Hastings s grand house Louisa never saw it coming Of course, Anthony Stalbridge couldn t possibly have had romantic intentions The kiss was an act of desperation meant to distract the armed guard from catching the pair in a place they did not belong After all, Louisa Bryce, in her dull maroonThe first kiss occurred in a dimly lit hallway on the upper floor of Elwin Hastings s grand house Louisa never saw it coming Of course, Anthony Stalbridge couldn t possibly have had romantic intentions The kiss was an act of desperation meant to distract the armed guard from catching the pair in a place they did not belong After all, Louisa Bryce, in her dull maroon gown and gold rimmed spectacles, was no man s idea of an alluring female The only thing the two interlopers have in common is a passionate interest in the private affairs of Mr Hastings a prominent member of Society whom they both suspect of hiding terrible secrets Now, brought together by their ruse, Anthony and Louisa are united in their efforts to find the truth Each has a reason for the quest Anthony s fianc e was said to have thrown herself into the Thames but Anthony has his own suspicions Louisa whose own identity is shrouded in layers of mystery is convinced that Hastings has a connection to a notorious brothel When Anthony successfully cracks Hastings s hidden safe and discovers incriminating evidence it appears that both their instincts were correct Yet Hastings is hiding far than jewels and ledger books Bringing him to justice will be perilous than they anticipate and their partnership will be heated than either one expects For it is not only Anthony s curiosity that Louisa arouses, and the two share something else a thrilling attraction to danger From the triple threat author who also hits bestseller lists under the names Jayne Ann Krentz and Jayne Castle, this is a delightful new romp filled with suspense and wit and the steamy Victorian passion her devoted readers love.

    One thought on “The River Knows”

    1. The River Knows is definitely one of Ms. Quick's better written novels. The pacing was just right, and the entire story was well-planned. I admit that Anthony and Louisa didn't really stand out as leads when compared to that of Dangerous, The Paid Companion, Lie By Moonlight and Ravished, but they were still strong primary characters nonetheless. They had chemistry, and worked really well together, with each augmenting the other's strengths. After reading tons of Amanda Quick books, I know that [...]

    2. Set in London towards the end of the Victorian era, when enlightened women refused to wear injurious corsets and 14 pounds of petticoats. But she and Emma were both staunch advocates of the rational dress movement, which held that ladies should wear no more than seven pounds of underwear. As for corsets, the movement had wisely declared them to be injurious to women’s health." (So I figure we need a new movement — underwire bras hurt!).This is a historical romance, narrated beautifully by Ka [...]

    3. This was a fun story and I liked it, but without anything truly outstanding to raise it above the average. I liked Louisa. A lot. But Anthony was kind of Victorian standard—capable, worldly, rich, and prone to falling in love with strange, bookish women.There were a few laugh-out-loud moments (I've never laughed so hard during a love scene), but also some real groaners with the villains. And yet again, I have to say I'm beyond tired of inserting sections from the viewpoint of the villains (par [...]

    4. A year ago Joanna Barclay had to stage her own suicide in order to escape the noose, after killing a Lord in self-defence. She fashioned a new life for herself under the name of Louisa Bryce, living with the eccentric Lady Emma Ashton and working as a journalist. Her current case is to find out the dark secrets of Mr. Hastings, who she thinks is financing a brothel. While searching the Hastings mansion for proof, she runs into Anthony Stalbridge and realizes he is after Hastings' dark secrets as [...]

    5. To date, this is probably the Amanda Quick book with the most riveting mystery I've read--in my personal opinion, of course.  I know a lot of other people might disagree.  But I enjoyed every moment of this book and was actually quite in love with how the entire story unfolded.  And I am always ever in love with how quickly books by this author jump right into the action, the excitement, and the intrigue.When played right, the secret reveals in certain books work really well.  And this was o [...]

    6. While this was very well read by the reader, I'm afraid I may have read too many books by this author. This humorless pair wasn't any different from her other heroes and heroines, and the hoops Quick jumps through the make so many of her heroines virgins masquerading as worldly women is getting on my nerves.

    7. O.M.G I loved this book so much there was a lot of different angles that were being played and it all worked out perfectly. I am happy that Louisa got her happy ending I was even more happy when Anthony n his family loved her even tho she had a big secret.

    8. I was due for a historical romance (entwined with a murder mystery of course ;) lol) I was not disappointed. :)

    9. She rose from her ashes, creating a new identity to bury her past. Now widow Louisa Bryce is an investigative reporter, searching for dirt about a prominent gentleman in Society. One evening, she’s rescued in the nick of time by another gentleman’s fiery kiss.Anthony Stalbridge has an agenda of his own to find dirt about the prominent gentleman in Society. He suspects him of murdering his fiancée a year ago. But Anthony also has an agenda of his own about the mysterious widow.Soon, Anthony [...]

    10. This is the 24th book by Amanda Quick (Jayne Ann Krentz) and subsequently the 24th that I've read. If you like one of her books, you will probably like them all. They all (if memory serves) have a darkly handsome and worldly hero and a slightly irreverent heroine, who are nearly always bespectacled. The chemistry between the two leads is always politely passionate. They get into just enough peril to make for a slightly mysterious plot, and they consistently have surprising (to the heroine) sexua [...]

    11. I like Jayne Krentz and Amanda Quick novels, and have read more than a few.The plot was more interesting than the characters on this one, both too predictable, but certainly readable.There seems to be a standard insert-name-here quality about the dark, brooding, and troubled Arcanely Talented herobut he's got some good points, too, so I'm not complaining too loudly.I wouldn't start out your Amanda Quick experience with this book, it's more of a fill-in-the-gaps of the Arcane Society novel than a [...]

    12. Louisa is a wonderful heroine and Quick introduced a new (for her) story component by giving her leading lady the secret past of a near rape that ended in the horrible man's murder and causes her to fake her suicide and create a new identity. Anthony was a great hero and his family was hysterical - they offered many LOL moments. The murder subplot was engaging; though somewhat convoluted, it had nice twists and turns that provide for a good mystery, even if the reader often realizes the truth be [...]

    13. After the last Amanda Quick book I read annoyed me, I thought it might be a while before I read another but getting to the library at closing time I ended up grabbing a few books almost at random. I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the plot and some of the surprises it presented. One of the things I've always enjoyed about Amanda Quick's books are the strong, independent heroines. I think Louisa may be one of my favourites.

    14. I had to spend six hours in a van and ran into the library to desperately find something to listen towhich is my habit, and the only way I can make it through the long hours on the road. I thought I had grabbed a "River Runs Through It," but this is not the same material at all. It's a historical/romance, and not my normal reading material, but it kept me awake and had a rather funny sex scene. It was entertaining, and I guess, at its basic premise, that's what books are all about.

    15. There wasn't really anything "wrong" with this book. The characters were likable enough and solving the mystery was kind of fun. However, I felt like there just wasn't that extra spark. It was definitely one of those books that you just trudge through cause it's not horrible to read and it's something to do.

    16. I find it hard to believe that the same author of Ravished and Dangerous had penned this.Very slow and lacking read.Couldn't really relate to the characters.

    17. I misread the review for this book and assumed it was a mystery with a love story tied in. Instead, I got a Victorian romance novel with a mystery plot. It followed the general romance formula: a couple of steamy petticoat-and-corset scenes, with a few cute murder-in-Polite-Society twists. Not bad for cotton candy for the brain, and certainly a light enough read to start off summer.

    18. 1 tiểu thuyết diễm tình để đầu độc các cô gái mơ mộng, 1 chàng tài hoa xuất chúng bị thu hút bởi 1 cô gái có vẻ ngoài quê mùa lạc hậu, và rồi sau đó thì càng quan hệ càng phát hiện ra vẻ đẹp tiềm ẩn của nàng. Là 1 chuyện lãng mạn thì nó ko có gì mới mẻ, đặc sắc cho lắm; là 1 truyện trinh thám thì cũng chẳng bất ngờ, kịch tính cho lắm.

    19. I don't know why, but when I start an Amanda Quick book, I'm always surprised to find that her heroine are charmingly, frustratingly obtuse when they talk to the hero. It always makes me laugh and then I seem to forget how much I enjoy her heroines until I pick up the next book.

    20. Despite the stilted language, and very predictable romance, I muddled through to about the hundredth page in search of a surprise. Instead I reached a truly ludicrous sex scene, which made me slam shut the book, and say "That's enough. Next!"

    21. I found the dialogue flat, and the writing in general not at all compelling. The story itself was ok, but I don't think I'll be reading any more by Amanda Quick. I guess it's just not my style.

    22. Re-read again. Set towards the end of the Victorian era, Louisa and Anthony meet. To Society, Louisa seems to be a quiet country cousin, when in reality she has had to reinvent herself twice. Anthony comes upon her searching the very room he is about to search, and kisses her upon the approach of one of guards. They discover that their goals match up in that they want to discover the secrets of a certain Mr. Hastings. While figuring out the puzzle, they fall in love.

    23. I didn't realize this was a romance when I picked it up. It has the usual romance items--the attractive, upper class/wealthy male, the not so attractive female with redeeming qualities. They're hot for each other, but there's the secret past that's a serious problem. There are some fairly original plot features. Nice story, happy ending.

    24. I just loved this book! fast paced, wonderful characters whom you love, and sharp, witty banter, along with a chilling mystery.

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