King's Ransom

King s Ransom Half a million dollars or a boy s life But what if that boy isn t your own son And what if paying the ransom will ruin the biggest deal you ever made What do you do then Throw away your future or sac

  • Title: King's Ransom
  • Author: Ed McBain
  • ISBN: 9780451138989
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • Half a million dollars or a boy s life .But what if that boy isn t your own son And what if paying the ransom will ruin the biggest deal you ever made What do you do then Throw away your future or sacrifice someone else s child That was the dilemma facing wealthy Douglas King.Detective Steve Carella of the 87th Precinct can only keep trying to find the kidnappersHalf a million dollars or a boy s life .But what if that boy isn t your own son And what if paying the ransom will ruin the biggest deal you ever made What do you do then Throw away your future or sacrifice someone else s child That was the dilemma facing wealthy Douglas King.Detective Steve Carella of the 87th Precinct can only keep trying to find the kidnappers, and hope that Doug King will decide to give them the payoff Because if he doesn t, Carella will have a case of cold blooded murder on his hands.

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    1. Doug King, a wealthy industrialist, is putting together a secret deal that will effectively give him control of the company where he has been working for most of his life. To make the deal, he's had to scrape together every last dime he has and that he can borrow. Now he's got $750,000 and is ready to make his move.Just as he's about to put his plan into motion, however, a kidnapper calls King and tells him that the kidnapper and his partner have King's young son, Bobby. If King wants his son ba [...]

    2. After the last couple of slightly under par books McBain blasts back with one of the best so far. It's a really snappy read with plenty of the author's trademark forays into the philosophical but also with a strong theme running throughout examining the degrees of ruthlessness that men will employ to follow their dreams. Think Shakespeare à la McBeth in a shoe factory. The book opens during a long scene at a board meeting where several share holders begin plotting to gain control of the company [...]

    3. I recently read a review of Kurosawa's movie High and Low where the reviewer said that he hadn't read the 87th Precinct novel upon which the movie's based but had heard that the cops in it were less sympathetic than the ones portrayed in the movie. Steve Carella and the gallant boys of the old Eight-Seven unsympathetic? I thought. Can't be right. So, since it must have been decades since last I read King's Ransom, to the library I did make a request . . . and discovered that, in all the librarie [...]

    4. النسخة التي قرأتها من هذه الرواية تابعة لسلسلة(Oxford Bookworms Library)ولمن لا يعرف هذه السلسلة فهي سلسلة (تعدل) الروايات الكلاسيكية وبعض الروايات الحديثةلكي تناسب متعلمي اللغة الانجليزيةوتتكون من 7 ليفلات أو مستويات مستوى هذه الرواية: 5القصة: تحكي عن رجل أعمال يتجهز لعمل صفقة ضخمة وب [...]

    5. Χρονολογικά είναι το δέκατο βιβλίο της σειράς του 87ου Αστυνομικού Τμήματος, ένατο που διαβάζω εγώ. Στο βιβλίο αυτό βασίζεται έως ένα βαθμό η κλασική ταινία "Tengoku to jigoku" (aka "High And Low") του 1963, σε σκηνοθεσία Akira Kurosawa και με πρωταγωνιστή τον Toshirô Mifune, την οποία είχα την τύχη να βρω κα [...]

    6. Another great tale from the 87th Precinct. A boy is kidnapped by the inept villains have the wrong boy. Lt Byrnes and Steve Carella lead the cavalry. A man driven by his own success, a crude radio transmitter, a shootout and a boy that will not tell all add up to a classic read.

    7. Given that I recently purchased Akira Kurosawa's High and Low as part of Barnes and Noble's July Criterion sale, I figured that as I haven't watched that movie yet it might be a good idea to read its inspiration, Ed McBain's King's Ransom It helped that I took my first dive into the 87th Precinct books with Hail to the Chief a few days earlier, and I can borrow these books for free for my Kindle as an Prime member. Unfortunately that means I'll have to wait until November 1 to read my next McBa [...]

    8. This entry in the series didn't rely as much on the usual police procedural theme as before. While it concerns a kidnapping that inadvertently interferes with someone's attempt at taking over his company, it deals more with the moral outlook of each person involved. It ranges from the complete ruthlessness of one of the kidnappers to much more compassionate views of others. In the middle is Doug King, the man putting up his fortune to take over a company, who is torn apart between spending the m [...]

    9. This is one of the better stories in the 87th Precinct series. This one concerns a kidnapping. Aside from one or two inappropriate conversations (who negotiates a business deal in the middle of a kidnapping ordeal), this book provided some good suspense along with three dimensional characters. If you want to read a single book out of the series, this would be a good one to choose.

    10. An Enjoyable Read Kidnappers target Doug King, a rich executive at the Granger shoe company. McBain examines the strain the situation puts on both the gang of kidnappers and the household affected by the kidnapping. The story has a 1950’s ring to the dialogue - an enjoyable read and gets a solid 4 star from this reader.

    11. Одна из лучших вещей раннего Макбейна, довольно нетипичная для цикла — книга в основном показывает происходящее с точки зрения преступников и жертв, а сыщики появляются в кадре от случая к случаю и по сути выполняют функции пассивных наблюдателей. Книга подчеркнуто не пр [...]

    12. The intended kidnap victim of this novel is Bobby King, son of Doug King, a rich executive at a shoe company who’s wrapped up in a boardroom fight for control of the company where he’s spent his entire career working. But the kidnappers make off with the wrong boy - Jeffry Reynolds, the son of King’s chauffeur. This leads to a lot of questions and dilemmas for both the kidnappers and the Kings. For the kidnappers, will they let the boy go, since he doesn’t seem worth a $500.000 ransom? A [...]

    13. finished this one this afternoon. good story. i liked it. ending is quick. that is all. have a great day.

    14. Millionaire tycoon Doug King gets a ransom call from kidnappers who claim to have his young son. He's willing to do anything, give anything for Bobby back. Shortly after the call, it is discovered that it was not Bobby that was kidnapped but Doug's loyal chauffeur of many years Charles Reynolds's son, Jeff who is Bobby's best friend. Now that it's not his own son on the line, Doug is less inclined to pay the ransom, the timing of which might mess up a big business deal for him. If he doesn't pay [...]

    15. Although I've been a fan of Ed McBain's 87th Precinct series of police procedural novels for a long time, I've been highly anticipating this one for another reason. Akira Kurosawa's wonderful film "High and Low" is based on this novel. Kurosawa's film focuses on a business tycoon named Kingo Gondo (in homage to this book's title). McBain's novel focuses both on the businessman (here called Douglas King) and on the police officers who populate this successful book series. Both versions hinge on a [...]

    16. I was SO bored reading this, which is surprising- I've been reading more 87th Precinct these days because they are gripping and interesting and I feel like I'm reading about people I've known a long time. But this one I guess I have a different opinion from most of the other reviewers. I didn't love the time spent discussing morality behind all of this. It is an interesting conundrum - what would you do if it wasn't your child who was kidnapped but you were being asked to pay off the kidnappers [...]

    17. Doug King is a rich businessman who is just about ready to make a deal which will give him ownership of the company for which he has worked for many years. Then he gets a call from someone who claims to have kidnapped his young son. That's when Steve Carella and the detectives of the 87th Precinct (well, some of them anyway), become involved.It's interesting how small details can capture one's attention. At one point, McBain mentions that King stretches the telephone cord almost to its limit. Th [...]

    18. Not my favourite Ed McBain novel. There's a lot of high fallutin' dramatic dialogue, way overblown. It reads like the bad dialogue in 1950s movies. The sort of dialogue that goes, "What happened to you, Charlie? You used to be a good man, a kind man. But then you became a louse. A no good louse." And Charlie says, "It's business, Becky. The business world is dog eat dog, and we're not puppies anymore. I'm not going to the pound, see? I've gone bones to chew, and a dog house free of fleas." He st [...]

    19. There's a kidnapping in the 78th Precincts jurisdiction and the crooks want half a million dollars ransom. A fairly straight forward police procedural that, once again, takes place over a very short time frame. Late afternoon one day to midday the next. There are a couple of minor twists along the way but nothing earth shattering. Steve Carrela is the main detective involved in this one with other members of the squad only getting minor page time.Another solid episode in the series. That's 10 do [...]

    20. This is my favorite of the series so far. I liked that the focus was less on the detectives and more on the other actors in the drama.

    21. This one made me wonder who the “bad guy” really was. It was both obvious and not. Clearly, one of the best in the series so far.

    22. One of McBain's best character studies, and a goodOne of McBain's best character studies & a good story as well,though a bit far from his "squad as hero" schtick.

    23. Και μόνο το γεγονός πως ο "Τιτάνας" Κουροσάβα το επέλεξε ως βάση της εξαιρετικής ταινίας του, αποτελεί εχέγγυο αναγνωστικής απόλαυσης.

    24. "He could not quell the persistent feeling that something would go wrong.And yet he couldn't figure what.He was not, you see, a Bible-reading man.He did not know that the meek shall inherit the earth."Ed McBain's King's Ransom (1959) is the tenth novel in his famous 87th Precinct series. I am re-reading a few of the 55 books in the series, choosing from different periods. Evan Hunter, which is almost the real name of Ed McBain, wrote the series between 1956 and 2005; just imagine - a series that [...]

    25. A perfect example of what sets McBain's books apart from the other police procedurals, King's Ransom is a story about a kidnapping that has little to do with the child or the crime, but a lot to do with the men involved and the decisions they make.Douglas King is a successful and cut-throat businessman, and he's about to pull a corporate takeover that will either make or break him. But when his chauffeur's son is accidentally snatched instead of his own, and the kidnappers still demand the ranso [...]

    26. Kindle Unlimited outlineDoug King's chauffeur's son Jeff Reynolds) is kidnapped for a $500,000 ransom. The intended target was King's don Bobby but as the two boys were out playing and Bobby hid in a tree as part of the boys game and Jeff wore one of Bobby sweater the crimmals got the wrong boy.For a wealthy businessman, a kidnapping puts King and all in a in a predicament as troubling as any he has ever experienced. Just that day he was on the verge of increasing his stock holdings in Granger S [...]

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