Monster Math Picnic

Monster Math Picnic Are the monsters ready to go Ten say yes Zero say no Ten little monsters teach children the combinations of numbers that add up to

  • Title: Monster Math Picnic
  • Author: Grace Maccarone
  • ISBN: 9780590371278
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • Are the monsters ready to go Ten say yes Zero say no.Ten little monsters teach children the combinations of numbers that add up to 10.

    One thought on “Monster Math Picnic”

    1. Cute book about making 10 using different combinations. AND it's got extra activities and riddles for children to continue working with combinations in the back of the book!

    2. This is not an exciting book to read, however I have read it dozens of times for my storytime kiddos because it teaches an important concept which is actually very difficult for preschoolers to grasp. It is a simple story about numbers that add up to ten (and the conservation of numbers). There are ten monsters. No matter how they are divided up (9+1, 8+2, etc.), they still add up to ten. I use feltboard monsters that I made to illustrate the point, but it's amazing how difficult it is for littl [...]

    3. This is a nice book with bright and colorful pictures that I would use to teach part-part-whole and how the number 10 can be divided into many different parts, such as 9 + 1 and 3 + 7, etc. The picnic idea also ties into things that my students might be familiar with, and younger students can have fun counting all the different things at the monster picnic.

    4. This is a great text I would use for elementary mathematics. It tells a story about 10 monsters and the activities they enjoy on a picnic. It can be used to teach the skill "make a ten" because throughout the story it divides the monsters 9 and 1, 8 and 2, 7 and 3, etcetc. It helps you come up with different ways to literally make-a-ten.

    5. This book is a fun book for young children. It describes different combinations of ten monsters going a picnic. This book would be good to teAch a lesson on numbers and operations and how to Add and subtract within 10

    6. Cute story about 10 monsters that on a picnic. After reading parents can extend the learning with number sentences, riddles, etc. at the back of the book.

    7. Monsters love to eat! Monsters love to play games! This is a beginning math book. Students can learn addition and subtraction from this and ways to make ten.

    8. This was a cute book. A bit too young for my boys, but I liked the playful way the book brought up math concepts.

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