A Fallen Saint's Kiss [Ochiru Seija no Seppun]

A Fallen Saint s Kiss Ochiru Seija no Seppun When high school teacher Okano is molested on the train on his way to school the last thing he wanted was for his shame to be witnessed by anyone But one of his students not only witnessed it but de

  • Title: A Fallen Saint's Kiss [Ochiru Seija no Seppun]
  • Author: You Higashino
  • ISBN: 9781934129494
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • When high school teacher Okano is molested on the train on his way to school, the last thing he wanted was for his shame to be witnessed by anyone But one of his students not only witnessed it, but decided to use the incident to blackmail his teacher Threatened with exposure, Okano must submit to Tokiwa s perverted will or have his shameful secret exposed.

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    1. These are great stories even if the telling is a little disjointed and skips back and forward in time a bit. Tokiwa has had his eye on his teacher Okano for awhile, and his opportunity comes when he sees Okano being molested on the subway one day, since being groped actually caused Okano to ejaculate. Tokiwa uses this information to blackmail his teacher into being his sexual slave at school. There is a lot of explicit bondage sex quite beautifully depicted, with really lovely expressions on the [...]

    2. How can I say this delicately? Damn, I can't. It's a couple of fucked up love stories. The first is with a teacher and student but not the way you might think. The students sees the teacher getting molestedlet's say rapedon a crowded train and instead of helping, he let's it happen then uses the incident to force the teacher into a series of SM vignettes. Start of story 2, best friend to student has a shy stalker who follows him everywere with his eyes. One day bestie finds the stalkerahem, peak [...]

    3. Another hit for me, from Higashino sensei!Warning Note: Volume includes, Blackmail/Bondage/Bullying/Rape/S&M/Sex Slave/Sex toys/Shibari/Student-Teacher relationshipIf my warning above doesn't scare you off, and you have read sensei's previous work or like dark m/m stories. Then you will surely be ok to read this story. If you enjoy darker stories about Sadists and masochists; where the Sadist master truly "loves" their slave; then you will love this book. It's certainly not for the faint of [...]

    4. You Higashino’s buff but sleekly sensual men take their turns humbling and humiliating their various slaves. Delving into the genre of BDSM, this book is not for those who object to the subjugation some of the characters undergo. This is definitely one of the more hardcore yaoi manga, the kind that will suit only a narrow subset of those who crave man-on-man action. However, it’s more than just raunchy sex, dueling cocks and weeping males that fill these pages. These men submit but not all o [...]

    5. This volume isn't one whole story but a small collection of a few different stories about characters that all attend the same school. The running theme is of the master/slave variety and there's heavy dubious consent themes along with at least one scene that I would consider more rape then dubcon.Although I'm not against dubcon, I do feel the stronger the images, the more the story and characters have to support the reasoning behind what occurs. Higashino's works always tend to run along the sam [...]

    6. I normally don't read very hard yaoi, as it's not generally well written. But wow, this one.ry hot, and loved the contrasting stories. It appealed to the inner perv in me. I could not put it down. Definitely going to give this a re-read.

    7. Unfortunately, I wasn't the right audience for this volume. I understand people have fantasies, but I can't abide with some situations presented in this volume "in the name of love" - forced sex and continuous rape go against my beliefs.

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