Small Gods

Small Gods Just because you can t explain it doesn t mean it s a miracle Religion is a controversial business in the Discworld Everyone has their own opinion and indeed their own gods Who come in all shapes an

  • Title: Small Gods
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Just because you can t explain it, doesn t mean it s a miracle Religion is a controversial business in the Discworld Everyone has their own opinion, and indeed their own gods Who come in all shapes and sizes In such a competitive environment, there is a pressing need to make one s presence felt And it s certainly not remotely helpful to be reduced to be appearing inJust because you can t explain it, doesn t mean it s a miracle Religion is a controversial business in the Discworld Everyone has their own opinion, and indeed their own gods Who come in all shapes and sizes In such a competitive environment, there is a pressing need to make one s presence felt And it s certainly not remotely helpful to be reduced to be appearing in the form of a tortoise, a manifestation far below god like status in anyone s book In such instances, you need an acolyte, and fast Preferably one who won t ask too many questions

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    1. This was the first Pratchett book I read, and I'm glad of it. While it has the humor and satire that is inherent in all of the Discworld books, it also has something else - something to say. It was evident, even from the first time I read this book, that Pratchett had put some real heavy thinking into it.This book is, as the title suggests, about gods. Where do they come from? Where do they go? What keeps them moving? Ordinarily, gods don't like this sort of question. People who think are not wh [...]

    2. „– МОЖЕ БИ СИ ЧУВАЛ ИЗРАЗА, ЧЕ АДЪТ – ТОВА СА ДРУГИТЕ ХОРА?– Да, да, разбира се.Смърт кимна.– С ВРЕМЕТО – рече той – ЩЕ РАЗБЕРЕШ, ЧЕ НЕ Е ПРАВИЛЕН.“Кара те да се замисляш за твърде много неща. И извън религията. На толкова места се удивлявах „Това все едно е моя мисъл, но е нап [...]

    3. One of Pratchett’s best Discworld novels.Pratchett delivers a brilliant parody of religion in this early (the 13th) standalone. In the land of Omnia, the great god Om is worshiped and all who don’t are subject to the Quisition – a satire of the political/theological Inquisition. His high priest Vorbis controls all with fear of holy retribution.But is it Om or his religion that controls?The great god Om has a problem. Historically taking the shape of animals like bulls or majestic predators [...]

    4. The trouble with being a god is that you've got no one to pray to.What good is being a god when you're stuck in the body of a lowly tortoise, and your only follower is an uneducated melon-hoer?Yep, it sucks to be Om.Now, imagine poor Brutha's disappointment. One day he's quietly minding his melons, the next he's on some wild adventure with a smart ass tortoise who insists he's a god, even though THIS god is NOTHING like the prophets said he would be! For one thing, he doesn't have horns; for ano [...]

    5. My second read and I like it even more.This extremely cleaver religious satire is one of the top Pratchett's work as organized religion becomes target of his wit and cynicism.

    6. 4.5'If a man lived properly, not according to what any priests said, but according to what seemed decent and honest inside, then it would, at the end, more or less, turn out all right.' Small Gods is the darkest book in this series so far. It is also ridiculously witty and funny if that makes any sense. It should for Terry Pratchett's fans.He always pokes fun at one thing or another. I think by the end of the series there won't be anything left in this world to be laughed at. The main target of [...]

    7. Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros:Sempre ouvia as pessoas falando muito bem da série Discworld, do renomado autor Terry Pratchett, e graças à editora Bertrand finalmente tive a chance de desbravar um livro dessa série (obrigado por cederem um exemplar de Pequenos Deuses). Como vocês devem ter visto por aí, Terry Pratchett faleceu recentemente, mais precisamente no dia 12 de março de 2015, o que foi um baque para todos os fãs de fantasia que admiravam o autor. Como forma de hom [...]

    8. There are some single/non-series in Discworld novels, that not included in Watch, Rincewind, or other sub-series in Discworld. In my opinion Small Gods is the BEST single Discworld novel. With single novel, the character growth aspect is more significant than the series.The main premise of this novel is the relationships between gods, believers, and organized religion. Oh yeah, with that kind of premise, you can find some philosophical witty and wise words here and there on novel.My favourite as [...]

    9. Winning in HeavenPratchett at his theological best: there are many gods, varying in size and power depending on the numbers who believe in them. The obvious theological/economic issue which then arises is 'How does a small god survive?' Stiff competition calls for creative solutions.

    10. 'Intellectually amused emotionally detached' best describes my relationship with T.Pratchett.This book made me realise that despite my love for humour, humour by itself is not enough – I need an engaging story and characters I could care for as well. Unfortunately this story didn’t hook me in and I couldn’t relate to any of the characters. Whenever I left the book I had no urge to come back to it.Humour on the other hand is brilliant! Clever witty cynical ironic – you name it. What it do [...]

    11. Where does it begin? A simple question with complex answers, and they are all correct. Everything starts somewhere. For the monk, Lu Tze, History began before his time and his task was to preserve it, more or less. For the God, Om, power began with a shepherd but real power had to be rebuilt from ground up… very closely from the ground. And for Brutha, the illiterate novice with the unquestioning belief? Questions began the day a tortoise appeared in the melon patch he was hoeing, but answers [...]

    12. Hands-down my favorite DiscWorld novel.From the perfectly twisted and filigreed mind of Terry Pratchett we have a book that addresses why religion starts stupid and only gets dumber. And no religion is spared!Brutha is a child-like novice in his religious order, and he will never achieve anything more than novice status. Until one day his god literally falls from the sky and realizes that Brutha is the only person in his entire religion who actually *believes* and isn't just going through the mo [...]

    13. Reseña en español en mi blog: Click aquí.Mis otras reseñas de Mundodisco en este enlace.One of the most satiric Discworld novels. Pratchett makes fun of the most retrograde aspects of religion (because who believes that the world is round when it's clearly a disc o top of a giant turtle?) in an extremely clever way.I don't think it is the ideal book to start reading Terry Pratchett though. The first half of the book is amazing and incredibly funny, but the second one was a bit slow for me be [...]

    14. Re-reading books from your childhood as an adult is always a bit risky. Sometimes the book holds up and it’s amazing, like somehow you’ve achieved time-travel - sometimes they don’t and that just plain sucks. So when the lovely new hardbacks of the beloved Discworld series began appearing late last year, I picked up some books I’d read a long time ago and subsequently forgotten all but a few scenes, characters and a line or two from. One of these was Small Gods which I remember liking bu [...]

    15. Vorbis, malvado diácono y ‘exquisidor’ máximo de Omnia (Ilustración de Matt Smith) - ow/ulSko & ow/ulS6o El tiempo es una droga. En cantidades excesivas, mata. Lo malo de ser un dios es que no tienes a nadie a quien rezar.Hacen falta cuarenta hombres con los pies en el suelo para sostener a un hombre que tiene la cabeza en las nubes.La culpabilidad es la grasa sobre la que giran los engranajes de la autoridad. Estamos aquí y es ahora. Tal como yo lo veo, a partir de ahí todo tiende [...]

    16. Пратчет е един от духовните ми татковци. Започвайки на 11 с „Ерик“, буквално израснах с неговите книги.Тази ми е от най-израстващите. :)Имаме нейно представяне от Васил Станев в Човешката библиотека:choveshkata/blog/?p=2630

    17. A clever, lighthearted, witty satire on religions. So much fun imagining the rage between tortoise and devout believer.

    18. Terry Pratchett's DISCWORLD series has been incredibly popular for many decades, starting from The Colour of Magic in 1983 all the way to installment #41 The Shepherd's Crown, published posthumously in 2015. Apparently he sold over 80 million copies in 37 languages over that span (thanks ), so I hardly need to bring it to the attention of other readers. Rather, I'm a bit embarrassed that I am so incredibly late to the party. I actually remember getting the first few books in the series in paperb [...]

    19. "You can die for your country or your people or your family, but for a god you should live fully and busily, every day of a long life."And with that, I no longer have an excuse not to hunt down every Terry Pratchett book to enjoy and, probably, treasure. I've loved every book of his I've read to date, but that one line, so self-evident and borderline blasphemous to ANY religion, cements my belief that Mr Pratchett is one of the greatest thinkers and writers of our time. Perhaps delving into the [...]

    20. Following on from Pyramids, Guards! Guards!, and Witches Abroad, Pratchett continues his study of theology, philosophy and the misuse thereof by mankind, touching on the same ground that his good friend Neil Gaiman would later dive in to with American Gods - what happens to the god when people stop believing in it?It's funny and sharp with its satire, exactly as you would expect from Pratchett. And in taking months to read it all of my thoughts and theories have dribbled away to be replaced by a [...]

    21. One of my favorite Discworld novels.It talks about religion and belief and what it can do to people and gods.

    22. A multi-book review:A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson (5/5 stars), Small Gods by Terry Pratchett (5/5 stars), The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins (4/5 stars).I found myself reading all three of this novels at roughly the same time, and as I feel that they all complement each other, I will use this review for all three books. (So apologies in advance both for the length of this review, and for the fact it is for three books not just this one.)Small Gods is one of Pratchett's mor [...]

    23. (Relectura Mundodisco #13)En esta novela independiente tenemos al mejor Pratchett hablando de religión, guerra y filosofía. Grandes dosis de ingenio y mala leche para retratar la condición humana, sobre todo en lo que se refiere a su estupidez. Plagada de referencias a otras obras clásicas, personajes y hechos históricos, requiere una buena base de conocimientos para disfrutarla al máximo, o en su defecto acudir a The Annotated Pratchett File: lspace/books/apf/smallDe momento, la relectura [...]

    24. El libro más satírico que he leido de Mundodisco hasta ahora y tambien uno de los más divertidos. Una crítica brutal hacia los fanatismos religiosos.

    25. This is sometimes recommended as a good starting place for people who are looking to enter into discworld. I would agree with this if you're the type of person who doesn't need to continue on with the same characters from one book to the other. If you're looking for the style of Pratchett, but you just want a taste without getting into any major character arcs and just want his wit and wisdom this is your book. The premise is that Gods only have as much power as the people allow - and this is a [...]

    26. Thirteenth in the Discworld satirical fantasy series and revolving around a world canvas against which Pratchett displays his brilliant sense of humor, poking fun at everything and anything. If you're interested, there is a chronological listing of the Discworld books on my website.My TakeThe focus is on a cruel and dictatorial religion which has forgotten about worshipping its god and is intent on its own power. Hmmm, remind you of any religions in our own world?? It's the corruption that power [...]

    27. Can it get better than this? Oh. Wow. This was disturbingly deep and meaningful. As of now, my favorite Pratchett book and I so remember loving reading many of the previous entries. But the twist and the ending. I bow to the magnificence of Terry Pratchett. Yeah, I m just babbling on instead of a meaningful review. Honestly, an incredible rare feeling as I read the last lines of the book. Must read.

    28. I've always remembered this as the best Discworld book, and so does nearly everybody else. And I really wanted to mark it down, both because it's always good to disagree with a consensus, and because early on in the book I got really quite irritated by the unsubtleness and heavy-handedness of Pratchett's satire against religion. And I got pretty irritated later on by the unquestioning attitude the book takes towards Pratchett's own views.But I can't. Those things may stop it from being my favour [...]

    29. Pra mim, Pequenos Deuses é Terry Pratchett no auge -- crítica certeira e divertida das religiões, da fé cega e de suas consequências. Ele não zomba tanto da crença em si, mas principalmente de como a religião organizada se aproveita dela para benefício próprio. Durante a história, o leque de sátiras se expande: ateus e filósofos também viram alvo do olhar perfeito de Pratchett sobre o ridículo nosso de cada dia.É o livro do Discworld em que sinto a presença do lado trágico do e [...]

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