8 Class Pets + 1 Squirrel ÷ 1 Dog = Chaos

Class Pets Squirrel Dog Chaos Twitch the school yard squirrel has really gotten himself into a bind this time While trying to escape from a hungry owl he roused the principal s dog and got chased into the school Now he s locked

  • Title: 8 Class Pets + 1 Squirrel ÷ 1 Dog = Chaos
  • Author: Vivian Vande Velde Steve Björkman
  • ISBN: 9780823423644
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twitch, the school yard squirrel, has really gotten himself into a bind this time While trying to escape from a hungry owl, he roused the principal s dog and got chased into the school Now he s locked in for a dangerous and disastrous night Can Green Eggs and Hamster, Sweetie the library rat, and the other school pets save Twitch from the crazed dog, Cuddles In this upTwitch, the school yard squirrel, has really gotten himself into a bind this time While trying to escape from a hungry owl, he roused the principal s dog and got chased into the school Now he s locked in for a dangerous and disastrous night Can Green Eggs and Hamster, Sweetie the library rat, and the other school pets save Twitch from the crazed dog, Cuddles In this uproarious chapter book, a group of small animals manages to turn an elementary school into a real zoo.

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    1. THIS BOOK IS UTTER CHAOS!!! Would you think that a squirrel being chased by a dog in a school being helped by 8 class pets is normal!?!? NOT TODAY!!!!

    2. This is a cute and funny story. It's short, so I could see reading it with a low/medium group toward the beginning of a school year. I love how each chapter was in a different pet's voice. I could see doing some writing extensions with the poetry parrot chapter. There's also a great opportunity for read aloud expression instruction with the snake chapter, and the reader's theater style gecko chapter.

    3. Cute kid book and Maud Hart Lovelace 2015 nominee. About the eight class pets at an elementary school and their involvement in a dog-squirrel chase. It is funny and clever and would be a great way to introduce personification. I would also use this to teach voice. Each chapter is told from the point of view of a different class pet and it's great. Would make a quick, fun read aloud with plenty of teachable moments.

    4. Entertained all three of my kids as a read aloud: a rare find. Fun alternating voices in each chapter. They thought it was hilarious.

    5. Read this aloud to my 7 and 5 year old. We finished it, but it was a chore. We homeschool, so there may be some charm was lost on us, but that cannot account for all that is lacking. Each chapter is the first person perspective of a different animal. I should have committed to better voices, but I didn't have any familiarity beforehand to draw inspiration. And the premise falls so flat I wouldn't give it a second time through. Here's the formula. A squirrel is being chased by a dog through an el [...]

    6. First sentence: Being a squirrel is the best thing in the world.Premise/plot: One day a squirrel named Twitch ends up INSIDE the school. How? Why? Well, Twitch was seeking to outrun an OWL and a dog. Twitch had until then only been acquainted with the school pets through the windows. Now, he finds himself in need of a lot of FRIENDS and ADVICE. Why? Well, the dog--the principal's dog--follows him INSIDE as well. (The owl doesn't!!!) Soon, both are trapped by the closed doors. The dog remains in [...]

    7. A crazy, mixed-up mess of a story when Twitch, the squirrel infuriates, Cuddles, the dog and mayhem erupts in the school. All the class pets, snake, fish, gecko, rabbit, hamster get into the act. Of course, the place is a mess, especially with all the paint on the floor. Yet, a mess is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe it was just the best thing to happen any dog or squirrel.

    8. I was disappointed because this book had a lot of potential. It was so stagnant and predictable we didn't even finish it. After meeting the corn snake we said goodbye to this book. The characters lacked any memorable qualities and were really just annoying in large part.

    9. Great story, interesting, and silly. My 5 year old giggled a lot through this book as I read aloud to him. Using voices for the different characters is a MUST!

    10. Kurt loved the crazy shenanigans that happened and that every animal thought they were the best animal ever.

    11. I read this to my 5 year old and maybe it was just her personality, but she never got really interested. The different perspectives of the class pets were fun but she had a hard time keeping them straight and lost interest in the overall story. Fun idea and story but I think the writing style maybe wasn't quite right for my daughter.

    12. Booklist (October 15, 2011 (Vol. 108, No. 4))Grades 2-4. School-yard squirrel Twitch scurries over sleeping dog Cuddles, precipitating a chaotic chase that leads inside an elementary school. As the pair race from room to room, pets (ranging from a hamster to a talking parrot to a school of neon tetras) are unleashed (thanks to a library rat who is “very good with his hands”) and join the pursuit. Finally a call to 911 and a visit from the principal (Cuddles’ master, who lives next door) br [...]

    13. This creative chapter book, told from the points of view of several animals, tells what happens when both a squirrel and a dog get locked inside an elementary school after all the kids have gone home. Beginning with the squirrel, the narrative cycles through each animal's point of view, including a chapter devoted to each of 8 class pets living in the building. Excitement mounts as the dog and squirrel make their way around the school, visiting each classroom and creating the chaos promised by t [...]

    14. Twitch the squirrel loves living by a school, even if he doesn't understand why humans have them. One day, to escape first an owl and then a dog, Twitch runs into the open door of the school and asks for help from the various pets that live in the classrooms. Soon Twitch is joined by a hamster, a rabbit, a rat, a bird, a turtle, two lizards, a school of fish, and a snake as they all try to outwit the angry dog. Each animal has a chance to tell his or her side of the story, and things may not be [...]

    15. 8 Class Pets is a great independent reading choice for the younger readers of Lovelace nominees in 2015-16. Vivian Vande Velde is a master of clear, direct dialogue and this is a huge advantage in this story of Twitch the Squirrel and his manic adventure through the school.Looking for a way to escape a menacing owl, Twitch inadvertently runs over the nose of the principal's dog and into the empty elementary school. And so the madcap chase begins. Twitch runs from classroom to classroom inside th [...]

    16. Remember when you first moved from reading books that were mostly pictures and then to short books that weren't mostly pictures and then to books that actually had chapters? (GASP). I still remember the sort of startle that held for me, delighted but startled.8 Class Pets is a delightful chapter book that will move kids well along their move to "big kids" books. The story moves well and remains interesting. And although each chapter is pretty short (the whole books is 68 pages and 11 chapters) [...]

    17. Reading level: 4.4Interest level: 2 - 4Great read aloud for younger grades. Hilarious! Loved this book! Can envision this being read to classes before having to do an animal research project.Gr 1–3—Desperately trying to escape a crazed dog, a squirrel dashes into an elementary school, followed by the pup, where he encounters the class pets. Beginning with the first-grade hamster, they all describe themselves, including the neon tetras, who are "tickled" to be a "school in a school." Some of [...]

    18. Twitch thinks there's nothing better than being a squirrel, especially one who lives next to an elementary school. One evening, though, he finds himself on the playground a little too late. When he realizes that an owl is heading straight for him, he starts running a zig zag path that takes him across the nose of a napping dog. When the dog joins the chase, the squirrel darts into the school, and chaos ensues. Each chapter is told through the eyes of the various classroom pets in the building as [...]

    19. This cute story is unique, whereas some books like Black Beauty have perspectives from one animal narrator. This book comes from the mouths of several animals, all living in relative "creature comfort" in an elementary school. A runaway squirrel heads for this hallowed hall of learning and upsets class after class full of "pet projects": fish, snakes, hamsters, and a big dog chasing our squirrely hero. It's a MAD ANIMAL HOUSE!!! (Can't wait for the "food fight" scene in this one, LOL!) Each anim [...]

    20. Hilarious! One of the best intermediate chapter books I have read in a long time! There once was a squirrel who lived outside an elementary school. That squirrel was running away from an owl one evening when he accidentally ran over a sleeping dog's nose. That dog was so angry he started chasing the squirrel, breaking his tether in the process. The poor little squirrel sought sanctuary in the open door of the school. This move will bring excitement to all the class pets who normally live a rathe [...]

    21. Short, action-packed, and funny.This is the story of Twitch, the school-yard squirrel, who runs into school after hours to escape an owl, and Cuddles, the principal's dog. The owl flies away, but Cuddles follows him through the door. That's when all kinds of crazy starts happening. Each chapter is told from the point of view of a different animal, most of them classroom pets, from Green Eggs and Hamster, in the first-grade classroom, to the school of neon tetras from third grade. Some of the ani [...]

    22. When Twitch the school-yard squirrel tries to escape from an owl, he accidentally awakens Cuddles, the principal's dog. This sets off a series of very unfortunate events in the local elementary school, all because of an open door. The book's title says it all quite neatly, and by the time, Twitch is back outside, he will have involved Green Eggs and Hamster, Miss Lucy Cottontail, Sweetie the library rat, a school of neons, Lenore a poetic macaw given to quoting from Edgar Allen Poe, a turtle nam [...]

    23. I didn't like this one when I started it because the narrative voice changes with every chapter. Each character tells the story. The story is really quite thin and I didn't find it to be an engaging plot. However, once I finished the book I realized at 80 pages this book would be a good beginning chapter book, and the chaos is engaging for young readers. There are many elements within the story, too, that draw the reader's attention and I can see young readers noticing and recognizing details fr [...]

    24. Short little book with very little plot. Basically, a squirrel is being chased by an eagle, so it runs into the neighboring elementary school. It is followed into the school by a dog (the squirrel ran over the dog while running from the eagle). Inside the school, the squirrel races from room to room, trying to hide from the dog, and talking to all of the classroom pets as it goes. The multiple narrators allow kids to view the antics from multiple angles and see different points-of-view.Some kids [...]

    25. Twitch, the school yard squirrel, has really gotten himself into a situation this time! While fleeing from a hungry owl he woke the principles dog and was chased into the school for an overnight adventure. Can the other school pets save Twitch from the crazy dog, Cuddles? In this chaotic chapter book, these small animals turn an elementary into a zoo.I think this would be a great book for middle elementary grade students (2nd-3rd). It sounds like a silly book that would interest students with a [...]

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