One thought on “God's Strategy in Human History”

  1. I would have given it 5 stars based on the Theology. But, the structure of the book is a bit awkward. The book seeks to provide a biblical and historical explanation of the apparent contradiction between free will and predestination. The historic theology is outstanding, especially the careful look into the Theology of Augustine, which was a departure from orthodoxy. The authors highlight a number of biblical passages and verses which seem extremely odd and confusing in typical English translati [...]

  2. One of the best books I have read on important and difficult topics as »free will«, »predestination« and how to understand that 'God hardened the heard of Pharao'.These topics could display God as a dictator - that chooses who gets salvation and who does not.But happily for thinking people, these problems are not what they often seem to be. The authors dig deep into the original texts, both hebraic and greek, and we are left with a more complete understanding, in line with the teachings and [...]

  3. This book was recommended to me by Dr. Norman Geisler, with whom I had the privilege to speak to for a couple of minutes at a conference. The authors attempt to explore the questions surrounding man’s free will and God’s sovereignty. They examine several of the key Calvinist passages (such as Romans 9-11) that we tend to read with our presumptions in interpretation, and challenge the reader to examine the original context. They also perform some superb word studies that correct some typical [...]

  4. Constructive. Clear. Convincing. The section on Job is very good. Make sure you don't miss the appendix on free-will in the early church.

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