Autumn: An Alphabet Acrostic

Autumn An Alphabet Acrostic One brief acrostic poem for each letter of the alphabet from acorn to zero follows the fall season from end of summer to chilly conclusion

  • Title: Autumn: An Alphabet Acrostic
  • Author: Steven Schnur Leslie Evans
  • ISBN: 9780395770436
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One brief acrostic poem for each letter of the alphabet from acorn to zero follows the fall season from end of summer to chilly conclusion.

    One thought on “Autumn: An Alphabet Acrostic”

    1. This was an interesting alphabet book since of the usage of a word tied with autumn (for the most part) that was then made into a small poem. The book lost my interest when it invaded into the winter realm. The book is meant to be about not twelve months or the end of a year.

    2. Book of acrostics all about fall--each poem is really beautiful in my opinion and it was a really nice introduction for my children before writing their own acrostics. LOVE this book!

    3. Good job Stephen Schnur! And my compliments to Leslie Evans the illustrator! These two did an impressive job of staying on topic with this acrostic about the fall! My only complainte letter X! Okay, okay, I get itere are not a lot of x words out therelet alone ones that pertain to the fall, but XYLEM?! Try pronouncing and explaining that one without your dictionary!!! Xylem - A complex tissue in the vascular system of higher plants that consists of vessels, tracheids, or both usually together wi [...]

    4. The illustrations are a treat and has contain many things that make this season special. The book does tiptoe into winter though, so maybe it's more of an autumn/winter book.Ages: 3 - 8Cleanliness: picture with a jack-o-lantern.#fall #autumn**Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too. These reports give a complete break-down of everything in the book, so you'll know just how clean it is or isn't. I also have Clean Guides (downloadable PDFs) which enable you to cl [...]

    5. A lyrical, gentle book that bridges the fall season with acrostic poetry. I used it as a mentor text during a project on acrostics with 1st and 2nd graders. The former were more engaged with the book than the latter, but all of them enjoyed making their own poems using an autumn word.

    6. A beautiful, beautiful book! In words and in illustrations. We loved reading this and feeling autumn-y, even though none of these things are happening right now in Hawaii! We long for falld this book helped!

    7. This was such a thoughtfully written book loved the acrostics. The children enjoyed taking turns with each acrostic I helped my 4-year old and he really liked participating. Great book!

    8. Xyleam? XII. I get that X is a difficult word but when this is in the book next to really basic words on each other page it may get a bit confusing. This book was extremely boring, to me.

    9. I love acrostics. And brightly colored, bold artwork that has a sort of 70s feel to it. But I'm not sure how it would go over with modern kids at the ages it's intended for.

    10. I expected to like this a little more. It's nice, but by Z you're at New Year's. Seemed like a bit of a stretch. I still like the concept, but would like just a bit less winter stuff.

    11. Lovely pictures, poems not half bad. My emerging reader enjoyed sounding out the words the first letters spelled.

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