Thoth: Architect of the Universe

Thoth Architect of the Universe Revolutionary evidence for neolithic maps of the earth with dw

  • Title: Thoth: Architect of the Universe
  • Author: Ralph Ellis
  • ISBN: 9780932813183
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
  • Revolutionary evidence for neolithic maps of the earth with dw 1998

    One thought on “Thoth: Architect of the Universe”

    1. I loved this book, one of those rare books that will completely blow your mind and change how you think about things. It covers two interesting areas:1. The Pyramids, all the maths involved in it, I never knew just how much of Pi and Pythagoras theorem was already known by the Egyptians.2. Stonehenge. So much I never knew about Stonehenge and the stones at Amesbury and how they match up with a set of islands on the other side of the world.I pretty much read this book with my mouth open the whole [...]

    2. A pretty fascinating read about how Stonehenge, Avebury, Giza and Teotihuacan could all be related. As a Christian, I wouldn't recommend this one if you're the type to get all flustered and offended by suggestions that the Bible is a spin-off and God an attempt to explain a humanoid being of higher-than-human intelligence. Despite my ingrained discomfort at the conclusions drawn at the end of this book, I can understand the author's excitement over his findings. It has certainly given me some st [...]

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