One thought on “Underpass: A Summit Media Graphic Anthology”

  1. This is a novel anthology featuring the best Filipino talents in both horror and graphic fiction. If you’ve been following Philippine comics the last few years, this book has your favorite creators. This is an interesting experiment by Summit Media two years ago and it is too bad there isn’t a follow up project. This features four short stories and it is done in color. Here are the capsule reviews of the stories.The Sim by Gerry Alanguilan tells this dark tale of being in the wrong place at [...]

  2. Underpass is a graphic novel anthology penned and drawn by different Filipino comic book writers and artists. It is a thin volume of four horror / dark fantasy stories which I fervently wish would start a series, but unfortunately Summit Media never followed it up.

  3. This is actually a re-read.The first time I read it is because of a recommendation from a high school friend and classmate. He talks to Budjette Tan as much as he wishes to and he supported this graphic anthology.What I liked the most is the last story. Next is the story of the setting - underpass. I may emphasize these two stories for I am a fan of Kajo's drawings and Ian's representations of the stories. They are such great illustrators. In addition, a different perspective of pinoy folklore w [...]

  4. Going through the network of streets, highways, and avenues in the urban landscape becomes similar to navigating a maze where houses, buildings, open spaces, and people turn into obstructions that throw a person off as they make their way from one place to another. In between, there are liminal spaces--spaces or structures that fall in between coming and going, which includes bridges and underpasses. The space in focus is designed to allow citizens to have a seamless and untroubled walk from one [...]

  5. Underpass is one of the early anthologies made in order to get the attention of anyone who loves paranormal stories to explore the local comics.The scariest story for me is Judas Kiss made by Hontiveros, Tan and Pulumbarit. It gives that creepy feeling of someone may be standing by your door while you sleep or resting on top of a branch while you take a shade from the sun. It draws fear due to the suspense given through expecting a terrifying event bound to happen any moment.This anthology made [...]

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