The Accidental Courtesan

The Accidental Courtesan It was an indecent promise but a lady never breaks her word To save a bride in training from arrest Lady Noelle Seymour sneaks into a stranger s bedroom to replace a stolen necklace only to lock eye

  • Title: The Accidental Courtesan
  • Author: Cheryl Ann Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It was an indecent promise, but a lady never breaks her word To save a bride in training from arrest, Lady Noelle Seymour sneaks into a stranger s bedroom to replace a stolen necklace only to lock eyes with the handsome Gavin Blackwell, cousin of the Earl of Seabrook To explain her presence in his private chamber, she gives the first excuse she can think of she is therIt was an indecent promise, but a lady never breaks her word To save a bride in training from arrest, Lady Noelle Seymour sneaks into a stranger s bedroom to replace a stolen necklace only to lock eyes with the handsome Gavin Blackwell, cousin of the Earl of Seabrook To explain her presence in his private chamber, she gives the first excuse she can think of she is there as his new courtesan Mystified by the beautiful woman who offered her services and then vanished, Gavin tracks her down and demands that she keep her word.

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    1. Jump right in! Feet first! Head First!Any way you want to just dive into the sensual Regency world created by romance author Cheryl Ann Smith in THE ACCIDENTAL COURTESAN which is the second installment in her powerfully scintillating, A School For Brides Romance series released this past month by Berkley sensations. An engaging read that has readers clamoring to see how this powerfully seductive mistaken identity prose plays out. Jump on In!Sneaking into a strangers bedroom in the dark of night [...]

    2. Review on Fiction Vixen Book ReviewsNoelle and GavinI have always found there to be two different types of historical romance novels. There are the ones that drag emotions from you and create a connection that has you long remembering the book. Then there are light and fluffy historicals that are fun to read in the moment but don’t really leave much of a lasting impression. The Accidental Courtesan falls into the light and fluffy category. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing here; sometimes [...]

    3. Reviewed for TwoLips Reviews, LLC2 1/2 Kisses1/2 Pepper (M/F, oral sex)Lady Noelle was given the task of helping to oversee the school established by her half sister Eva while she was out of town. The school helps troubled courtesans change their lives and teaches them how to prepare for a respectable marriage. When a desperate courtesan named Bliss arrives at the school with a stolen necklace, Noelle agrees to help her return it. But Lady Noelle Seymour is busted sneaking into the Earl of Seabr [...]

    4. Loved the book my first read by the author. Noelle is trying to return a necklace that a former courtesan had taken. In doing so she is caught by a drunk man she assumes is the Earl. When Gavin wakes the next morning he has a memory of a very lush body that was in his room. He wonders if he was just dreaming until he smells the fragrance she left behind. Noelle is just praying she is not arrested and wants to avoid any outings so she won’t see the Earl. When her cousin talks her into going to [...]

    5. Don't Waste Your TimeThis was one of the worst books I've read. The plot was so weak and the repetitive anatomy descriptions were about half of the book.

    6. Lady Noelle, yg menangani sekolah courtesan Eva (saudara tiri-nya – baca buku The School for Brides 1) yg sdg berbulan madu, tidak menyangka dirinya akan terlibat suatu skandal ketika seorg courtesan mendatangi sekolah courtesan untuk meminta bantuan bagaimana mengembalikan kalung yg telah dicurinya dr Lord Seabrook.Noelle yg merasa tergerak dan kasihan terhadap courtesan itu pun memutuskan melakukan suatu tindakan yg sebenarnya dipahaminya sgt berbahaya bahkan terancam dipenjara, dgn diam-dia [...]

    7. Holy Twitching Toad, Batman!Am I the only one who has noticed the profusion of twitching Mr. Toads in romance novels these days? Why, it's almost an epidemic! I remember where I was when I read my first sentence with a "twitcher" in it. I lie, I don't remember where I was, I just know that the first time I read that word it was pretty much a fun moment. And then, it s-p-r-e-a-d, until now almost every book, every hero has a twitching Mr. Toad! They can happen anywhere - on horseback, in ball roo [...]

    8. I've been having a lot of trouble reading romance novels lately because they all seem to be recycling the same handful of ideas over and over. This one is no different in that regard, but it did have originality and spunk that made me want to sit with it and have a nice coze. This is the second book in the "School for Brides" series, and picks up with Lady Noelle Seymour, half-sister to the founder of the school that rehabilitates courtesans into marriageable young women for middle class men. La [...]

    9. It was an entertaining, if unbelievable, romp through Regency-era London. Lady Noelle is trying to help out a courtesan in trouble by returning a necklace that she took from her lover's, the Earl of Seabrook, wife. So what does Lady Noelle do? She dresses up as a man and climbs a trellace into a bedroom window to leave the necklace back at the townhouse it was taken from. No one was supposed to be home, unfortunately, information was wrong. Gavin Blackwell, the cousin to the man cheating with th [...]

    10. Lady Noelle is a beautiful young member of the Ton. She is twenty-five and considers herself a spinster. She is not usually reckless but is getting restless, ready for a change since the marriage of her two sisters.Gavin Blackwell is the grandson and cousin of earls but has made his own way in life as a successful shipbuilder. His American mother and his independent spirit make him a bit exotic to the Ton, while his great wealth makes him a catch. Too bad he does not want a wife.Lady Noelle is j [...]

    11. I loved this book. The H and the h had chemistry and deserved their HEA. But then when the sensible and understanding H, Gavin, acted like an ass when Noelle refused to marry him I was disappointed. I mean he shared her feeling abt marriage for about nine-tenth of the book and knew how she felt about it but, expected her to accept it with open arms as soon as he proposed. I was put off by the amount he pouted when she said 'no'. I was surprised that he was surprised. However, I loved the book ex [...]

    12. okay so first I have a Nook, I still have a stack of paperbacks that I haven't read yet so while my Nook is charging I read my paperbacks. However, in this case, this book just didn't grab my attention. (Hence, the long time it took me to read this book). I also found myself annoyed by Noelle. Spolier : And yes its always the angry wife, c'mon saw that a mile away.Sorry Smith, I did enjoy the first in the series, but this one just didn't do it for me.

    13. I liked this book much more than the first! Gavin is deliciously sexy. Noelle is such a likable heroine. Together they're fabulous. I kinda guessed who was behind everything from the beginning of the story so it wasn't really shocking. I enjoyed seeing their relationship develop though as the story went on. Recommend this book!!

    14. I read this, forgetting how much I dislike romance novels. It had all the elements in romance that I despise: out-of-time-period feminism, a cranky heroine who is pure and virginal and hates her body, and of course, a brash alpha-male who is pushy and won't take no for an answer. Gross.

    15. I just did not like this book that much. I did not think that the title fit for this book. She chose to pretend, it definitely was not accidential. The story was slow and hard to get into. Hope the next one is better!!

    16. Never warmed to either the hero/heroine. The synopsis & blurb sounded so promising but the writer's style of writing is lacking. Hardly any finesse & doesn't compare to writer's like Lisa Kleypas (my all time fav), Suzanne Enoch to name a few.

    17. I don't know why I got really, really bored while I was reading this.The previous book only took 2 days this one almost a week !!!Maybe I should change the theme. It's nice but as I said I should change the theme.

    18. Nota Geral: 3.3/5Escrita: 3Cenário: 3Originalidade: 3Personagens: 3Suspense: 3Humor: 3Romance: 4Capa: 4Aditivo: 4Previsível: 3

    19. I love this series it catches you from the moment that you read the first few lines. I can't wait to read book three when it finally comes out

    20. So so aja ceritanya. Malah terkesan mbulet ga jelas. Sebenernya dari awal udah ketauan siapa dalang di balik pencurian kalung berharga, tapi kok pada gak nyadar aja. Aneh

    21. This was a fun and easy read. :-) Not too much drama, and sometimes a light romance like this is welcome.

    22. I enjoyed this one. It's a fluffy romance read, but those are so much fun sometimes! Another strong female character who gets herself into all sorts of issues. :)

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