A Reluctant Queen: The Love Story of Queen Esther

A Reluctant Queen The Love Story of Queen Esther You ve read it as a biblical tale of courage Experience it anew as a heart stirring love story She was a simple girl faced with an impossible choice He was a magnificent king with a lonely heart Their

  • Title: A Reluctant Queen: The Love Story of Queen Esther
  • Author: Joan Wolf
  • ISBN: 9781595549839
  • Page: 363
  • Format: ebook
  • You ve read it as a biblical tale of courage Experience it anew as a heart stirring love story She was a simple girl faced with an impossible choice He was a magnificent king with a lonely heart.Their love was the divine surprise that changed the course of history.The beloved story of Esther springs to fresh life in this inspired novel that vibrates with mystery, intriYou ve read it as a biblical tale of courage Experience it anew as a heart stirring love story.She was a simple girl faced with an impossible choice He was a magnificent king with a lonely heart.Their love was the divine surprise that changed the course of history.The beloved story of Esther springs to fresh life in this inspired novel that vibrates with mystery, intrigue, and romance Joan Wolf never fails to deliver the best Nora Roberts

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    1. I would have to say that growing up, the story of the biblical Esther was one of my favorite parts of the bible. Over the years, I have read various re-tellings and adaptations written by multiple authors about Esther. Each bent on providing their own insights into why this story is deeply important in Judeo-Christian tradition. A Reluctant Queen is an interesting departure because Joan Wolf is more focused on telling the "Cinderella" love story of the young Jewish girl that captures the eye and [...]

    2. The story of Esther is one of the most compelling, inspiring stories in the Old Testament. The tale of a young, ordinary Jewish girl who rises to become a Queen, and subsequently the savior of her people, is rich with dramatic – and romantic, if you’re a die-hard romantic like myself – possibilities. In A Reluctant Queen, author Joan Wolf attempts to bring a fresh take to the idea of a love story between Esther and her king. Wolf introduces Esther while she’s still living with Mordecai, [...]

    3. A creampuff of a novel that tries to take a Jewish story and make it somewhat Christian. The writing is leaden and slow, the author mangles most of the story (Esther's real name is never given, she eats pork (!!!), the real reason that Haman wants to kill all the Jews, the king rewarding Mordecai, blah, blah, blah, blah). A real snoozer and not worth the time and effort to find or read. Not recommended, and just barely three stars. For the longer review, please go here:epinions/review/Joan_W

    4. "You've read it as a Biblical tale of courage. Experience it anew as a heart-stirring love story.The beloved story of Esther springs to fresh life in this inspired novel that vibrates with mystery, intrigue and romance."The book of Esther is unique. God places a young minority woman in a place to do His work, yet He isn't mentioned once. There's a marriage to a king, a threat of death, and a definite villain. This novel has all those elements. So, what's the problem?There isn't one problem with [...]

    5. 3.5 stars. I'm kind of a sucker for Esther stories! It's one of my favorite Bible stories. Love and and a powerhouse queen-what's not to like?! Erika's Link

    6. First reviewed here: overweight-bookshelf.I admit it, I approached this review with a great deal of trepidation. Even though I finished this book a couple weeks ago, I needed time to mull over the story and figure out how I felt. I really enjoy biblical fiction, but I think it is one of most difficult genres to write because these are well-known stories that are written on our hearts. Any digression from the biblical narrative will attract a spotlight and possibly a negative critique of the book [...]

    7. I absolutely loved this book.First, I should point out that although I love Biblical fiction, I'm an atheist. I consider the Bible to be exactly as open to artistic interpretation as any other ancient literary source, such as Egyptian tomb paintings, the Historia Augusta, or the Iliad and the Odyssey. I don't feel that it's wrong or bad to deviate from the specifics of the Biblical inspiration in pursuit of a well-constructed, entertaining story.A Reluctant Queen certainly succeeds as a well-con [...]

    8. Raised a Roman Catholic, I have read many parts of the Bible, enrolled in a Bible School, and endured Christian Living classes. Esther, along with the other courageous women in the Bible, has a special place in my heart as a heroine who loves her people and sticks up to her faith in God.So, when I discovered A Reluctant Queen: The Love Story of Esther through Booksneeze, I was thrilled! Not often do I come across fiction books with biblical characters. I must point out, though, that this treasur [...]

    9. Wallis Simpson. Guinevere. Diana. Kate Middleton. For some reason, royal romance is particularly enthralling to many of us. Though I must admit that I didn’t watch the most recent royal wedding, I have enjoyed playing princess in my imagination a time or two. One of my favorite royal stories brings to mind this verse . . .“The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord. He turns it wherever He wishes.” ~Proverbs 21:1~These words remind me of Esther, a Jewish girl whos [...]

    10. The Book of Esther is one of my favorite Bible stories from childhood because I had been enamored by a lovely illustrated version (at least, that’s what I remember, although I do not recall the title). Among all the patriarchs and strong male figures of the Bible, it is great to see the few women like Esther as role models of strength and bravery. While her story focuses more on finding the courage to express her faith, I have always viewed the Book of Esther as a beautiful love story.A Reluct [...]

    11. The book of Esther in the Bible has always been a book I longed for more of more detail, more insight into the times, more depth to the story. Joan Wolf has taken the book of Esther, created a scene rich in history and added dynamic characters to satisfy our imaginations as readers. Esther had a Jewish mother and a Persian father. Dad was killed early in Esther’s life, leaving Mom and Esther living with Uncle Mordecai until Mom’s death. Uncle Mordecai and Esther lived together for many years [...]

    12. **ARC Courtesy of NetGalleyProbably one of my favorite, if not THE favorite, Bible stories of all time. This book reminded me a lot of the movie One Night with the King, which I LOVED. So, throughout the entire novel, I decided to use the characters from the movie (their faces) as the characters in this book. ha!The book focuses on the romance aspect of Esther and the Great King of Persia, Ahasuerus. After a dream from God, Esther’s uncle (Mordecai) believes Esther is the one to save the Jews. [...]

    13. Reviewed at: Over A Cuppa TeaDate reviewed: 5 May 2011Review link: cleffairy/?p=5264It’s difficult to read a book when you already know the story in it and it gets much more worst when you have high expectation from the book in question. That is what happened when I read this book, A Reluctant Queen: The Love Story of Esther by Joan Wolf.The story of this book is based on the Biblical Queen Esther of Persia. This novel is very well written. Highly descriptive, inspiring and heartwarming, but s [...]

    14. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book -- the biblical story of Esther told as a romance. IF you were raised on bible stories and IF you enjoy reading romances, then take a chance on this book. (Though be forewarned, this is romance, not erotica. You will need to go to the Song of Solomon for that. (-:) To the best of my memory, the story remains true to the biblical story in most of its particulars (though I admit, I didn't go back to read the original to check). Esther is chosen by th [...]

    15. This is a retelling of the story of Esther, with a bunch of made-up details and research thrown together to make something entertaining. It's a book I won through firstreads, and it's not really my kind of book. The prose isn't particularly compelling, but gets the job done, although some conversation is truly terrible. A line from Mordecai to Esther: "'Your father might have been Persian, but a Jew is defined as the child of a Jewish mother. Among our people, the father's blood does not count.' [...]

    16. I want to thank Firstreads for giving me a chance to review this book. And I absolutely loved it! This is a retelling of the biblical story of Esther who married the Persian King to save her people. Wolf really brought this story to life. It was so easy to get pulled into this story and it flowed so well that it was really hard to put down. The characters were really brought to life and we see the reasons behind the way they acted the way they did. Esther never thought that she would become quee [...]

    17. the book of Esther from the bible has always been one of my favorites and so i was somewhat reserved when i first recieved the book as to how anyone would be able to make the story fresh and appealling. i must say that i really enjoyed the way the author portrayed the hero(king) and heroine(queen) as more than the biblical figures they are percieved to be and more as the people they were with all of the same thoughts and emotions as anyone else. i loved how the heroine overcame her difficulties [...]

    18. This was one story that was never far from my thoughts! It really made me think when I was reading it, and gave me insight into a Biblical story that I hadn't considered before. The story was intricate in it's detail, which slowed it down somewhat, but it made up for this flaw in richly drawn characters. It was fairly easy to identify with Esther, even as a modern Christian woman, and I really began to feel for her and her situation. Likewise, you really see the struggles that face the Great Kin [...]

    19. I love the cover. But I was unhappy with the changes from the Bible. I understand that some changes must be made, but after reading Jewel of Persia, I knew that the story of Esther can be written in a historical fiction manner without changes to what happened. Overall it was a clean story, and I enjoyed it, but the changes from the Bible really bugged me. I'll probably go into more detail on what they were when I review it on Austenitis.

    20. The story fleshes out what is in the book of Esther but in the bible the King Esther marries is called Xerxes. In the book the king is Xerxes make believe brother. I still don't get the need for the switch. It's a love story of course and I started to read it because it was THE biblical story of Esther but it wasn't as close to the biblical story as I thought it was going to be. Worth reading as a love story but not great.

    21. Rating: I really liked it (4 stars)This book has the rare distinction of having nothing about it that I disliked. There weren’t even any characters I disliked, not even the villain. I could understand his motivations and actions and felt sorry for him. So, if there was nothing about it I disliked why didn’t I give it 5 stars? Because there just wasn’t that extra something to really make it special; it was GOOD but not GREAT. The kind of book I’ll definitely read again one day when I’m [...]

    22. I love the tale the author concocted. It was riveting and romantic. She should have changed the names of the main characters because it was only barely recognizable as the story clearly given in the Bible. When I read historical fiction and especially fictionalized stories from the Bible, it is expected that the author will add to what we already understand as fact. This time the author completely changes what we already know as fact, completely leaving out characters and events that were given [...]

    23. First and foremost I love LOVE Esther's book! It my most favorite story in the Bible. So naturally I Read this with speedy exuberance as it was hard to put down after just a few pages! This is Historical fiction therefore it's a more detailed "version" and does not mirror the Bible. But it's still a a great and entertaining read!

    24. This book was okay. It was definitely watered down history. Nothing biblically inaccurate from what I could tell but since they were adding details the Bible doesn't include, they could have made it more culturally and historically accurate.

    25. This was an awesome read- Biblical truth sprinkled with drama. Five stars because, other than it being extremely interesting this book taught me something about history and reminded me that He always has a plan.

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