Nothing Like a Puffin

Nothing Like a Puffin There s nothing like this book Bold charming artwork enlivens a fun and clever game of compare and contrast for curious kids and puffin lovers alike A puffin is an amazing creature It s completely un

  • Title: Nothing Like a Puffin
  • Author: Sue Soltis Bob Kolar
  • ISBN: 9780763636173
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There s nothing like this book Bold, charming artwork enlivens a fun and clever game of compare and contrast for curious kids and puffin lovers alike.A puffin is an amazing creature It s completely unique and one of akind A ladder is nothing like a puffin A house is nothing like a puffin A newspaper is nothing like a puffin But wait Who would have guessed CouThere s nothing like this book Bold, charming artwork enlivens a fun and clever game of compare and contrast for curious kids and puffin lovers alike.A puffin is an amazing creature It s completely unique and one of akind A ladder is nothing like a puffin A house is nothing like a puffin A newspaper is nothing like a puffin But wait Who would have guessed Could these things be alike than you think Young children will love following this mischievous puffin in an entertaining exercise in creative classification and are guaranteed to start looking at everyday things in a whole new way.

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    1. Description: There's nothing like this book! Bold, charming artwork enlivens a fun and clever game of compare-and-contrast for curious kids and puffin lovers alike.A puffin is an amazing creature. It's completely unique and one-of-akind. A ladder is nothing like a puffin. A house is nothing like a puffin. A newspaper is nothing like a puffin. . . . But wait! Who would have guessed? Could these things be more alike than you think? Young children will love following this mischievous puffin in an e [...]

    2. There is nothing like a puffin. Nothing. See that ladder? Nothing like a puffin. See that house? Nothing like a puffin. See that newspaper? Nothing like a-- well, it is black and white. I guess it's something like a puffin, but not much.And this is the heart of Nothing Like a Puffin:comparing and contrasting. Which makes it good for classroom use. For simple projects, you could assign a student an animal and have him chart the animal's characteristics, then find another living or non-living thin [...]

    3. This is a fun, bold book with lots of information about puffins. It would be a great writing model for showing how we can describe something by showing what its not.

    4. This collection of comparisions, related to the charming puffin, would subtly get younger readers/listeners to think about what 'like' and 'different' mean. After all, some things are 'like' a puffin, but also 'unlike'. A fun read!

    5. Puffin is a cute little creature that will help introduce the topic of similarities and differences to young children in a creative fun way. The puffin encounters many objects through the story thinking he has nothing in common with these things. The first few things such as a house and ladder he decides are not like him at all. Each time a new object is presented he looks a little closer and finds things he has in common that may be overlooked. The puffin runs across a penguin in the end of the [...]

    6. Puffin’s are marvelous birds. There’s nothing like a puffin. Puffins aren’t like ladders or houses or newspapers…wait! Newspapers have black and white pages and puffins have black and white feathers! Goodness! And that's just the beginning, the similarities continue. A pair of jeans are like a puffin because they have two legs. A shovel is like a puffin because it can dig. Perhaps puffins aren’t as marvelous as we thought. Puffins and penguins are so alike, they’re nearly two of a ki [...]

    7. I liked the compare and contrast game played in this book. It encourages children to look beyond their initial impressions to find similarities between things that seem incredibly different. While the book does this in a fairly silly way, I think that it could be built on different people, a new hometown, a new school, etc. And, if you like to really perform books when you read them, this one is great. You get to be emphatic and alarmed and cautious and all sorts of fun things. The illustrations [...]

    8. What a joyful invitation to think and consider. So very well visually connected and presented. The whole concept is to compare very disparate objects, but Kolar makes sure the experience doesn't feel too disjointed. From the painter on the ladder in the endpapers to the ladder up the house, to the man in the window of the house with the newspaperen later we get a hint of the snake and a hint of the icebergs before the page turns. Plus the limited color palette also ties everything together. Ther [...]

    9. This will be fun to read aloud, because there is something in the text that really helps in the humor. And it would be fun to use in ST to help teach a bit about puffins. A nice filler and a good in-between kind of book since I've been getting younger preschoolers. 1/14/15 Fun opener for the Birds theme. (I often have late comers, so this one worked because you could join in late and still follow along.) I think the kids learned about puffins, and I think they also got a little bit of the humor. [...]

    10. The premise behind this book is that there's nothing quite as unique as a puffin. The author then introduces objects such as a ladder, a house, and a newspaper, all of which seem on the surface to have nothing in common with a puffin. But after considering them a little more carefully, it turns out they do have some things in common. While I applaud the author's efforts to challenge readers' assumptions about puffins through comparing and contrasting, that may be a big leap in logic for many you [...]

    11. The simple illustrations featuring, of course, a spirited puffin appealed to me enough to pull this one off the shelves. The premise of the story is that there is absolutely nothing like a puffin. Until, on closer inspection we see that a newspaper is like a puffin, because it is black and white. Or a helicopter because it can fly. I wanted to like this story more than I did. It's a good idea, but the text just did not flow for me. Not for a home library, but might be considered for part of a cl [...]

    12. This would be a fantastic book for teachers that are teaching similarities and differences between two people or things. I forget what that circle thing is called where 2 or more circles are drawn on a paper and some of the parts of the circle overlap. The things that are similar written in the overlapping part and the things that are not are written in the rest of the circle. (Each thing having their own circle). This simple but colorful story would be perfect for that lesson. Can a Puffin have [...]

    13. This one will be fun to read out loud trying to decide to which grades. Younger kids will appreciate the color and fun illustrations. Will take a bit older student to get "A shovel is a little something like a puffin. Who would have guessed?"But that is funny. And that is not even the funniest lines. Won't spoil them you just need to read this book.A little brain dead in terms of lesson material. Will come back and revise when I figure out if I'm going to use it for anything but (and hey! This [...]

    14. This book is a great example to us all, that no matter how different we seem to be, we are all similar is some way.The story starts out that there is nothing like a puffin, but as the reader discovers, almost everything that is compared,is something like a puffin.This includes everything from a newspaper to a penguin. Although there are many things that have similar features, nothing is exactly the same. We are all unique!

    15. Ages 3 and up Puffin goes around explaining how things are not like a puffin and how things are a tiny bit like a puffin. When Puffin meets a penguin he explains how puffin and penguins are alike, but have one big difference. This book goes to great detail about how things are alike and not alike. You could read this book with the child and then talk about other things that are not like a puffin and have them explain why.

    16. Very cute introduction to the concept of similarities and differences. There's nothing like a puffin. Certainly a newspaper is nothing like a puffin. Well, except it's black and white and so is a puffin, so maybe it's a *little* like a puffin. But a pair of jeans -- that's definitely nothing like a puffin. Jeans are blue and have pockets and two legs. But wait, a puffin has two legs, too! And so on. Gonna have to check this out for my girl.

    17. Puffin is compared to things. It's not like a ladder or a house but it is like a newspaper because both are black & white. Puffins are also like jeans because both have two legs, like goldfish because both swim, a shovel because both dig, like snakes & birds because they all hatch from eggs, like helicopters because both fly. Puffin met a penguin & made comparisons but Puffin can fly & Penguin can't.

    18. There isn't anything quite like a puffin. This cute little puffin gives a range of examples from other animals, to objects who aren't quite like him. In comparing himself to other things, he sees just how unique he is. There is nothing else quite like him. I like the message this story gives. The reader/the story's audience can easily relate themselves to the puffin, as there's no one else quite like them.

    19. Some see this book at a lesson in Math. I see it as a way to teach young kids (mine were 4 & 6yo when we 1st read it) that we can have things in common with all sorts of different creatures, while still maintaining our individuality. I love this book and recommended it to all my friends who have kids aged 6yo and under.Beautifully illustrated, fun, and unique. Definitely add this to your family's collection and consider it as a gift for the next kid's bday party you're invited to.

    20. There’s nothing like a puffin.Or is there?“ A newspaper, to be sure, is nothing like a puffin.A newspaper is shaped like a rectangle and made out of paper.A newspaper has pages. It’s black and white.But wait---A puffin is black and white, too!What are the chances?A newspaper is something like a puffin, after all.”A zany tale of the way we are all unique and all so much alike. Delightful!

    21. Grades Pre-K to 2. When I first picked up this book, I wasn't very excited about it-- but my son enjoyed it so much that I had to rethink my first impression. This is actually a GREAT compare and contrast book to use with young students. Now my son and I look at silly things like a pillow. It has feathers. It's like a puffin!

    22. Great book to read aloud. At first read, I read it to fast and didn't care for the book (Something I warn my students not to do). Then I read it slower and aloud to a group of 4th graders. They said (and I quote): " this is a good book to read aloud to lower classes. It would be good for inferencing and questioning" I would recommend this for nomination.

    23. A fun book for older preschoolers.There is nothing like a puffin. It starts by mentioning things that prove the point - a ladder is nothing like a puffin. But as the list grows - a newspaper is nothing like a puffin, a newspaper is black and white - hey a puffin is black and white! A newspaper is something like a puffin. A fun look at characteristics.

    24. A puffin is nothing like a ladder, house, newspaper, pair of jeans, helicopter or shovel. Or is it? A picture book that invites children to participate is always a good thing. This one is no exception. Children will feel encouraged to participate in question format.A recommended book for storytime.

    25. In this delightful tale, a puffin discovers the ways in which he is unique - and what he has in common with such items as a newspaper, a pair of jeans, and a shovel. The simple, colorful illustrations will pull children into this tale, and as a bonus they will learn a few facts about puffins. Would be wonderful for a discussion on similarities and differences among items.

    26. What a great book for kids! A wonderful picture book that combines reading skills, similes, comparisons, animal information, and could incorporate Venn diagrams even! Teachers will love the text and kids will love the text and illustrations. What comes across as a silly and fun book, would be a great classroom tool to engage young minds!

    27. Nothing like a puffin. They are unique in every way, right? Not according to Soltis. Newspapers are like puffins because they are black and white. Shovels are like puffins because they dig . Kind of clever, awkward text; digitally rendered illustrations, that while graphic and colorful didn't quite add up. I like puffins, but this book was nothing like a puffin.

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