Playing Originally published in Belgium and Holland by Clavis Uitgeverij Hasselt Amsterdam

  • Title: Playing
  • Author: Liesbet Slegers
  • ISBN: 9781605370910
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Board Book
  • Originally published in Belgium and Holland by Clavis Uitgeverij, Hasselt, Amsterdam, 2010.

    One thought on “Playing”

    1. This book is suppose to be for children less than 12 months. I don't think it makes that target and its for 12 month to 18 months. (This is from the back of the book.). The illustrations are good and brightly colored. I did not like the content much as it was more "boy" toys that the child played with and not many "girl" like toys. (I.e. they had car, ball -my daughter loves balls, blocks and wagon. Where is the doll for the car? Or what about a stuffed animal instead of the car? That's my only [...]

    2. This is a great board book for toddlers, not only are the bright colors engaging, but they'll be able to identify with the toys the little boy plays with through the short, simple story.

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