Real Revision: Authors' Strategies to Share with Student Writers

Real Revision Authors Strategies to Share with Student Writers How do you show students that revision is than a classroom exercise to please the teacher Take them into the real world of writing for publication In Real Revision award winning author and teacher Ka

  • Title: Real Revision: Authors' Strategies to Share with Student Writers
  • Author: Kate Messner
  • ISBN: 9781571108562
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • How do you show students that revision is than a classroom exercise to please the teacher Take them into the real world of writing for publication In Real Revision, award winning author and teacher Kate Messner demystifies the revision process for teachers and students alike and provides tried and true revision strategies, field tested by students favorite authors.How do you show students that revision is than a classroom exercise to please the teacher Take them into the real world of writing for publication In Real Revision, award winning author and teacher Kate Messner demystifies the revision process for teachers and students alike and provides tried and true revision strategies, field tested by students favorite authors Kate takes us on a behind the scenes look at how than thirty five authors including Julie Berry, Watt Key, Loree Griffin Burns , Jane Yolen, Lisa Schroeder, Suzanne Selfors, Eric Luper, Danette Haworth, and Kathi Appelt revise their works, often many times over, before they appear on library and bookstore shelves Using successful strategies from her own classroom, Kate teaches how authors use research, brainstorming, and planning as revision tools how they revise to add detail and make characters stronger and how students can use those same techniques for all kinds of writing in the classroom Real Revision features dozens of reproducible mentor author pages, with quotes from the authors about their revision processes, and includes related classroom ready activities.For any teacher who wants to produce strong real world writers, Real Revision will infuse the classroom with new energy as students use mentor authors as models for their own revision and writing.

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    1. "Author's aren't writers, we're rewriters!" Kate Messner would pump her fists in agreement with Linda Sue Park's statement. This professional book gives readers a glimpse into the labor-intensive process of making books and revising them, as well as, scaffolded lessons that show steps to achieve the goal of writing a book or becoming a better writer. Mini-lessons and larger units are presented that individuals or teachers can use in the classroom. Messner teaches a middle school creative writing [...]

    2. Wow. I have always considered a reader and not a writer. I still remember as a kid the AGONY of this weekly show we would watch at school. It was something about a bug and it ended with a writing prompt and that night our homework would be to finish the story. I would get so nervous and upset! Procrastinated my writing up through college, getting everything done at the last minute.But it was so interesting reading about the writing processes of all of these authors whose books I know. Makes me e [...]

    3. I am loving this book. I have post its all over the place with little notes. I keep sharing tidbits with my family and thank goodness they look like they are listening. I am not done yet but if you are looking for a new approach to revision with your students this book is worth a read. I also love the way Kate writes!I have so many tabs that I had to give up and just realize that I will be using a great deal of the book throughout the year. Excellent resource, well written and a must for every w [...]

    4. Messner combines her experiences as a National Board certified teacher and as a children's author to give us many strategies to share with our students about revising writing (though primarily narrative). What's more, she asked dozens of her fellow authors ranging from Tom Angellberger of Origami Yoda fame to Jane Yolen to discuss their favorite revision techniques. It's terrific.Anyone know of something similar for non-fiction?

    5. Amazing book on revision. LOVE IT! Working on review to be posted on blog soon. So excited about this book!

    6. I loved this book!!If you help kids with their writing in any capacity, or are looking to improve your own writing skills, this is a must-read. Kate Messner is thoroughly engaging as she shares her own real-life experiences as both author and teacher. Along the way she introduces us to numerous other children's and young adult authors, who share their own insights into the joys and challenges of revising. The "try-its" that are inspired by each guest author's entry are not overly time-consuming [...]

    7. Kate Messner has written a fantastic practical book on teaching kids to revise their writing. She cautions that many of us are only teaching kids to edit instead of the big stuff - theme, organization, and content. Start with those revisions first, and then narrow it down to things like word choice and mechanics. I love the number of middle grade authors she's included - Linda Urban, Rebecca Stead, Tom Angleberger, Jennifer and Matthew Holm, to name a few - telling anecdotes about their own writ [...]

    8. Because Kate Messner is both a middle school teacher and an author herself, she knows what teachers need and writes with that focus in mind. Messner uses "mentor authors" throughout her instruction and not only shares her instructional approach in the classroom but also the insight of "real" authors and her process as well. Real writing. Real strategies. From real authors. For real teachers. To share with real students. Real Revision. Every middle-grade teacher (grades 3-9) must read this book.

    9. I read a lot of books about writing and a lot of books about education, and this title combines two of my favourite topics.There were many ideas in this book that I am already using with students and in my own writing, and that was highly validating. Some of these strategies include colour coding to notice target elements (so you know how to look at the piece and develop each element more fully, if necessary), or creating character profiles (even for minor characters), and use those details to i [...]

    10. Kate Messner's Real Revision is filled with ideas for motivating young writers to engage in meaningful revision. Many of the activities are focused on developing fiction pieces, but Kate clearly shows how to apply them to other genres. Both pencil-and-paper and more tech-savvy approaches are included. Using the ideas in this book will help students (and teachers) see revision as not just something a writer does artificially at the end of a writing project. Revision is how we clarify our own mean [...]

    11. Awesome! So great I don't think better ideas ever existed. I mean, so much feeling and imagination, well, I'm glad a writer finally thought of something like explaining how to write! Because, well: it's not just about revision! It's a great book, with charts and tables, sketches and lists, so many great ideas I started free writing an new book just to test the ideas out! Awesome book! Super creative! Thanks, mete Messner! You may revise messy, but your books are GOOD!

    12. There are some excellent strategies in this book to use when teaching students about writing and revision. It is also perfect for people who are stretching their own writing muscles. This was a great follow up to Kate's summer writing class for teachers Teachers Write katemessner/blog/.

    13. This was an awesome book! I've been using since school started and makes working on revision with my 5th graders so much more meaningful. Kate Messner is awesome with her approach and getting other authors to contribute. My students have already become fans of hers by reading her other novels, especially the Capture the Flag series.

    14. Full disclosure: Holly edited this book. Nepotism aside, this book stands on its own for a backstage look at how various writers revise and offers plans about how to adapt those techniques to student writing.

    15. Real Revision has provided the inspiration my writing instruction desperately needs every so often. After having it as my right-hand-man for the past eleven weeksI can say, thanks to Kate Messner, I am once again a revision evangelist!

    16. A lot of good ideas for me to use in class, though it felt more for younger students. I loved reading what authors themselves did for revision. It also make me think I need to spend more time in class teaching revision and writing in general.

    17. Full of practical activities that can be used as written or modified for early writers. I loved the emphasis on the writing classroom environment and the examples from the author's own manuscripts. The "Meet Mentor Author" are little gems that I can't wait to share with writers.

    18. Learning from published authors takes the idea of revision from theory to actual practice. I love how Kate has helped us see the process for many of our favorite authors.

    19. I wish Kate Messner was my teacher! So interesting to see how various authors approach revising (and how their strategies can apply to helping kids with their writing).

    20. This book is meant to teach children how to edit and revise and it's perfect for that. Adults could probably get a lot out of it too.

    21. Talks about the revision process that authors go through, and makes some connections back to the classroom. Most of the strategies were for stories and fiction text, but it sparked some ideas for me.

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